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"The Change is in the wind ..."

March 14th

Sunday 11 am. Days fly by, weeks and months too, and if you have any children, they change almost daily. Events bring change. Just one incident can bring about what in many areas of life stays dormant, and quiet to what should change. Strike just one match and you can burn down an enormous building. The wrong turning the driver took, taking the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie led to their assassination, which led to millions losing their life in a war with no end.

Yesterday, in London, saw an idiotic decision made by the Metropolitan police not allowing women to have a vigil of mourning for a young woman abducted, and brutally murdered. Consequences saw police brutally using force against women who wanted to collectively mourn this young woman. One bad decision by the police showed how 1,000 women can react to a male dominated police force who carried no empathy, and understanding by forcing them to disperse. Women in the U.K. suffer great abuse in their homes, and all feel unsafe, while walking on their own. There was 55,130 reports to police about rape last year, with only 1,439 being charged and sentenced. Then add another 100 percent of women to this 55,000 reports as this was just a fraction, who have seen so many cases fail and are afraid to report such situations. The spark I talk of is easy to see, how quickly in the near future in the U.K., if change does not occur soon. THE WIND OF CHANGE will ignite metaphorically flames of frustration in all parts of society.

I’ve mentioned so often about affordable housing which throughout every section of the U.K. each new generation is caught in a net of despair. If you have had a university education this has not qualified you to escape this spiralling trap the present system of housing shortage this government supports. The lack of newly built homes for the ordinary person has pushed rents, and house prices up even more, which brings the future with further more pressing problems which will create a social unrest never seen before. This alliance with previous governments in the past 60 yrs has never had a vision for anything and are not bothered if people don’t have adequate homes to raise their families. Exploitation by house developers sitting on land can make profits by not building at all. All these are signs for great future discontent. Governments have and still do walk hand in hand with such policies unashamedly.

Without getting into the personalities of the U.K. Monarchy, my message blogs have said before, we have been witnessing the final nails being hammered into their royal coffin by the royal family theirselves. The sand in the egg timer is each day getting closer to seeing, no eggs being boiled at all. The big changes in this dysfunctional, and hereditary system are clearly seen that changes now, not later will have be made. The voice of Australia is heard again by many to remove the royal head of state to be made a Republic. The Caribbean islands hears a voice now, calling for change of removing the royal connection with the U.K. You don’t need a revolution which I don’t advocate, it’s an evolution of circumstances and events that bring dramatic changes. This virus is one such event, which is world wide, but on bigger issues of looming famines throughout the world it seems it’s going to need more than a breeze or a wind as no real action is taking place. When a financial crash came in 2008 which I was given to predict in 2005, it finally saw no one going to jail. Fraud was conducted on a massive scale by investment firms, and bankers around the world. No lessons have been learned by any government because they continue with the same old policies of using tax payers money to bail them out of any problems, they have.

I don’t sit thinking of what to write, I just have to wait an hour before I start, and an avalanche of problems fall like another rainy day. I heard these words being spoken this morning, “As normal as possible,” then another phrase, “Some sort of normality.” No one can actually describe what normal is as we all have differing views and standards. The essence of what most people want is to be, where they were before. Some people might have been in a comfortable place, others may have been in dire straights. It will be said, this is the way of the world which is true, but do we accept the status-quo in life and pretend all on this planet have a decent life. Some say you can’t change things, but history has shown certain individuals have done good to change this world.

We live in a culture where if you hear someone is a millionaire, or even a billionaire, people immediately look up to such figures, because materialism is at the top of the tree. There are a great many such figures who then do good in the world, and one is Bill Gates and his wife, who help thousands with water and better sanitation in poor countries. There are many though who just want to accumulate more wealth and live a life ignoring the poverty and squalor millions of children are born into. What’s the answer? In the West, many like in the U.K., have to change their culture and show children to have wealth is not the aim in life. Such thinking that surrounds this celebrity idolising is wrong, when we have real heroes who devote their lives to helping others.

We look at some of the architectural buildings that have been thrown up, with enormously high tower blocks, where governments have approved and said, these are alright for families to live in. Yet, they themselves would never entertain living there. Just a pin prick of what is wrong, and what has to be changed. There are so many people, who stubbornly don’t want to change their metaphorical chairs to be moved as they presently are.

If one reads of Covid 19 in other countries we see poorer countries have no vaccines at all. In the U.K., there is some light, where the lockdown will soon finish, as figures are falling with infections and with enteries into the hospitals too. Even these large Nightingale hospitals that were set up, and never used having no staff, are now being closed. These are all good signs, but we are not out of this storm yet. If we look around the world, protests are occurring in many countries due to the Internet, which provides greater information than ever before. We see many young people not accepting what their parents endured before. Life is going faster and faster as we live in a world, where so many are controlled and have no other choice than to be on this materialism and capitalistic river. This sort of living is not what life is about. There is another way as these new generations will rightly question why do we do this, and why don’t we do some different?

Another dawn will rise which could be in another hour that might capture every bodies imagination who is not happy with their life style. Changes are occurring silently and inevitably the question is, Can they become far faster then presently seen? Well the U.K. government has lost count of the U turns they have made, where they lose every time against public opinion. There is a majority of people, who can see quite clearly, the U.K. is leaderless, and history showed in 1945, when people reversed their opinions of Winston Churchill being the next leader. Optimism and hope mixed together can make dreams come true, and this is a tonic most people will relish once finding and enjoying this new taste for a better life.

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