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November the 13th. Three more signs received only thirty minutes ago. Yesterday I referred to number 11 being special, and in my last blog I spoke of 11 saying it’s associated to the higher enlightened spiritual powers. Well, the following day Tuesday of this week, I had an appointment to open a new savings account at a bank I’d not used for over twenty years. My appointment time turned out to be 11am and the person I was to see was not available, so another lady in her fifties came to me. This lady was at the bank counter the previous day and look terribly depressed, perhaps with her job or her life. I said to her trying to put a smile on her face, I was joking, “Please don’t look like that, I promise you I’m not going to rob the bank.” Some people don’t have my sense of humour. The next day she was the one to stand in for the man who was not available. I’ve said before this special power I have, I cannot always switch it on, nor am I in control with it at times. No sooner, when we were in this interview room, and she was asking a series of questions when I said, “I see number seven by your side, it means you are starting a new seven year life cycle and it’s going to be far better for you.” She said, thank god for that, and went on to talk about a number of topics in her life. She then had me watching a screen on advice, and then she began counting a series of numbers on the screen. I said, “How many numbers have you just counted?” She said, “11.” I smiled and said it’s a special number. Then I said to her, “I’m picking up Egyptology with you.” This brought her a great big smile. I said, “Have you visited there?” This question opened the door to what she truly loved. She said, “Twice”, then after the pyramids, she talked of the Cairo museum, Jordan and more. I told her, a king was making their way to her, then she began to reveal much more about herself. She spoke as though her job was just filling her day with no love attached. Then she mentioned her pension. I said, “Don’t worry about your pension this person that’s coming into your life will not allow you to think of such things, as he will have your dreams and passions and love of Egypt too.” We talked about a number of things. She said you will have to come again with your phone number. I said to the lady maybe I’m going through the wrong door. I had told her of the Kevin Costner story.

This afternoon I went back with my phone, and we carried on and she needed further personal details. For a saving account I said, “There is no way I can give you such details.” I smiled and said, “It’s a KEVIN COSTNER moment”, as he kept knocking on the wrong door to raise finance for his now famous film Dances with Wolves. She understood now with how I spoke previously as I said, “ You see, I’m not supposed to go through this bank door.” She smiled, and I think she believed and understood my philosophy.

I now walked out of the bank to place this money in my regular bank account, which was just a couple of minutes walk away. I’d only walked a few paces when I saw the man Tony who once worked for our company some thirty years ago. Years pass, and over the years when I occasionally saw him I’d seen his health decline, and his wellbeing too. I must have seen him last time in about April of this year, always shuffling along with a walking stick. He now stopped me with anxious excitement saying, “I’ve got to tell you Alan...”, I said smiling, “What Tony?”, as he was a bit of a character anyway, but harmless. “It’s that date you gave me ! ” I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog, I have another spiritual gift which is given to help people. I find myself sometimes giving a date to someone saying, “Please make a note of this date, something nice is going to occur for you.” I’m not given what it will be, and I try to dispel people its not about money. So Tony said, “You gave me August the 13th early in the year, after I told you my legs were to be amputated.” I now remembered this day in the town centre, as Tony told me, he had to go in hospital to have his legs amputated. I’ve found when someone’s life is in danger, I find an inner anger being created, as I have to disagree with such thoughts. I can say this because one of my daughters of twenty five, I’ve mentioned before in 2008 was told she had only thirty percent chance of living with the cancer. Hearing this, immediately I felt enormous anger building up within me. I was not going to accept that judgement or verdict from anyone. I believe my daughter was healed by one of my spiritual guides. In 2012, I was introduced to an attractive 42 year old lady in Banska Bystrica, who came to me for healing. She too had cancer, and she had been told the hospital could do no more for her. When I saw this lady for the first time, and I’d been told her age was only 42 years old, I had the same anger as I showed with my daughter four years previously. It was though something inside me was not going to let this lady lose her life. Six weeks later, in Banska Bystrica, I believe a miracle occurred, as this lady needed no more healing from me. Another lady in Banska Bystrica also received healing and I believe she too received a miracle. With both these ladies, I believe fully it was Pope John Paul 2nd channelling spiritual healing through me. I do not ever take it to be me, myself giving the healing. In my daughters position, it was Red Cloud channelling healing to my daughter, who is now one of my spiritual guides.

So on that day in 2019 when Tony told me of the life threatening news he had been given by the hospital, that same anger occurred with me again. I told him quiet firmly, he was not going to lose his legs, this was not going to happen. I was so angry, I repeated it again to make him believe this was not definitely going to happen. I was not conscious then what the date meant to him. He had not been given his appointment for the hospital then. Now he’s telling me he has not needed his legs amputated. The doctors said, they were going to put titanium in his legs and he was to lose more weight. THE DATE HE WAS GIVEN FROM ME, WHICH I HAVE TO BELIEVE IS CHANNELLED THROUGH ME, WAS AUGUST THE 13TH, THE DATE HE WENT TO THE HOSPITAL FEARING THE WORST.

When something as powerful as this occurs, you can only imagine this is a fantastic fulfilling feeling for me, and never ever to be expected. But in my mind, this is another sign of spirit, trying to help me. Another minute after hearing this good news, I went to deposit the money a few yards away in my regular bank. Within minutes the other customers in the bank had gone, leaving me with the lady manager and the other young woman, who knows of my psychic gift. I always make them laugh and lift their spirits and the manageress said, “Can you remember the date you gave me?” To be honest, I might recollect previously saying something, but never the dates as the message is not for me. Then with no one in the bank the manageress said, “You felt there was a change coming around me and you gave me a date.” She went on to say, she unexpectedly started to look for another house. After all the problems that occur with such situations, the date I had given her, saw the new house she has bought being completed, signed and sealed. She never believed such changes were coming into her life, as she was also saying, she will be remarrying later in the new year. When such situations occur as they have today, I read these as signs, and messages that are being given to me.

With these stories I tell of, especially with the man Tony, it clearly illustrates the power of spirit can remove the fear someone else has given them.

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