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"The future vision for Iran and the world ..."

January the 8th. The New Year of 2020, and THE THEATRE OF CRISIS has begun in Iran. A theatre of crisis are not my words, they were given to me in in a prophecy I received in a small village in late 2012 outside Banska Bystrica in Slovakia. In late December of the past year where I spent two weeks of the Christmas period with one of my daughters, I continued to follow the latest world news on my iPad. For two or three days before the new year I was seeing on the news further trouble and tension building up outside the American Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. I had this uncomfortable feeling of apprehension building up, which grew into a sense of foreboding. The last time I had this strong feeling of foreboding was in June 1968, when I saw a gold and silver cross slowly appear from a black menacing sky. This was the exact time of the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. Again, this story appeared in a previous blog. At the time over Christmas, I kept such thoughts to myself, no one of my young family would have understood, what I was saying anyway. When the news broke on January the 3rd of the death of one Iran’s prominent leaders, I immediately thought as I’ve just mentioned the prophecy I was given in 2012. What did I receive then? I’ve mentioned before I was given five names of world leaders who if they followed the message I was given, could change the world for being a better place for all. Iran was the fifth name I was given, and with each of these individual world leader, these were the words I was given.

I knew the first three names were already in a crisis then, which progressed further in the next year and years ahead. So I did try to get a meeting with the first three. One 13 times, another 3 times, and the third a total of four times. The fourth name I was given, I knew in 2012 his theatre of crisis had not arrived, but his position as their leader his crisis came in 2016 and it still exists today. In 2017 I completed a book called THE MESSAGE and I sent a copy of the book to each leader. With Iran I sent this high figure a personal letter, with the book telling him of the message I received for him. He was told, he would have great help from many around the world, but much opposition from his political opponents. The message was from the powers above, and this is where his real help would come from. This was the message, I received for him ... He was to unite the two positions in the Muslim faith, the Sunni and Shiites. At this time I knew nothing of the great divide between the two Muslim States. Iran is Shia, and Saudi Arabia are Sunni Muslims. Around the world the Sunni religion represents 80 to 90 percent of the global Muslim population. I’m no scholar of this faith, but to put the origins of how they divided from each other, I just went on google and the following puts everything into a better understanding. PROPHET MUHAMMAD died in AD 632 the differences are related to these historical events. The issue was who would be the Caliph (The deputy of god) in the absence of the prophet. While the majority sided Abu Bakr one of the prophets closest companions, a minority opted for his son in law and cousin Ali. This group held that Ali was appointed by the prophet to be the political and spiritual leader of this fledgling Muslim community. Subsequently those Muslims who put faith in Abu Bakr came to be called Sunni (those who follow Sunnah) the sayings, deeds and traditions of the PROPHET MUHAMMAD, and those who trusted in Ali became to be to be known as Shia (a contraction of Shiat Ali meaning partisans of Ali). Abu Bakr became the first Caliph and Ali became the fourth Caliph. The Ali leadership was challenged by Aisha the prophets wife and daughter of Abu Bakr.

Prophet Muhammad

The rest of the message I was given said, that the fifth Iranian leading figure would bring about a unification with Iran and Saudi Arabia, and by 2030 Saudi Arabia and Iran would build together a spiritual city that would see the young of both countries becoming artisans and craftsmans, that was seen centuries ago. It would become the spiritual jewel of the Earth, where millions would visit the city, not just because of the faith, but to see the splendour and sheer beauty that would show the true abilities of mankind.

By this time the Nuclear Weapons had now disappeared, if one talks of power it will be no longer military power. Other countries would see their horizons growing higher because of being inspired by this new Saudi Iranian coalition of ideas of being one. The Middle East would see every country prosper as millions made their way to Egypt and Israel. Peace would come. Palestine would have their own state, and together with Israel they would thrive together in trade and commerce, having the best of relations with each other. The deserts would bloom with innovations and entrepreneurs, millions of trees would be grown throughout what was once deserts and arid land. No longer would vast amounts of money be spent on military hard wear and struggling countries would be given great help to build their economies. A new beginning would start with young generations of Germans giving their skills and talent to helping such countries. This would inspire other young talented people from other countries to follow the same path, for now there would be a new and greater understanding about the meaning of life.

This crisis we see in the Middle East could be solved, if the young were given the right to voice their hopes and realise their dreams. This is part of the message visually encoded in my vision painting called CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE, where I have tried many times to visit every school of learning in PALESTINE and ISRAEL. I would like to think I’ve taken action in these last couple of days with the help of Elena, Ivor and Annette great friends who believe in the greater good we can all together achieve together by GIVING. Hope we all need, dreams we should each have, that can make a difference to improve this world, and provide the new generations of children now being born to advance on what we can leave them today.

My big painting (6x4 m) called, CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE

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