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"The Message ... "

March 29th

4.50 pm. Sunday was once quoted in the bible as a day of peace, that was a philosophy held for centuries even when I was a child. Shops shut on Sunday, sometimes a day of rest for my parents, but as a child a time to play outside with plenty of other children. A different era for children as it is for every new generation. Today's young ones are known as digital children where it is suggested their games have a controlling influence over them which does not encourage the use of their imagination. But as I’ve said before my vision and prophecy show this young generation will bring love and a new light into this much needed dark world. We are where we are, in a world where it’s an inescapable fact that a pandemic virus is at this moment in time one step ahead of our present technology.

It’s not the first time this has happened, Bubonic plagues have hit countries in past centuries, and where leprosy, polio and many other deceases have taken the lives of many people in the past. I quoted in one other blog how in 2015 Bill Gates a long time great philanthropist who is helping to eradicate this world of poverty. He said, “ We are not putting enough resources into finding vaccines to combat further epidemics”. This has now been proved to be so true. I was sent a link that is travelling around the world,which is not being openly reported. It shows a Spanish doctor in Madrid in anger, tears and complete despair. The doctor said these unfortunate victims of Coronavirus 65 years and over, are being denied a ventilator with a chance to live, as there are not enough to go around. This Spanish doctor quoted the Hippocratic Oath which many doctors still swear too, as its principle is in saving life which is scared. The doctor blamed its government's slow reaction in not diverting enough funds to combat this pandemic. Another problem lies ahead when the uncertain future is faced by Italy, as many reports are now saying that ITALY wants a giant Marshall aid plan. The U.S.A provided over 13 billion in aid to Great Britain and over 14 other Western European countries after the Second World War to rebuild their economies. Spain would be on this list. It's now reporting that Germany’s refusal to embrace Corona bonds to help out could threaten the very survival of the European Union. Such a scenario I’ve given fifteen years ago, but in my vision there is a better way for all which I will be tell at the right time. This equates also to my message TIME FOR CHANGE. Our blog has shown before the vision painting I was given to create in 2008 called Time For Change, which came in an unusual way, unexpected, as this has been my experience all my life. I was given to paint the polar ice cap melting, the banks crashing and more. Having had a lifetime of experiences from an age as early as 12 years, I’ve questioned many times WHY HAVE I BEEN GIVEN THIS GIFT TO PAINT AND SEE THE FUTURE CORRECTLY. I’ve said a hundred times all my predictions come true.

My painting called TIME FOR CHANGE

Early on Saturday morning March 28th, just as other messages, predictions, and visions have been given to me in the past, I received two messages. One was to pass a message to a lady friend I mentioned in my previous blog who I had not seen for a long while. The next message came saying clearly “ YOU ARE THE MESSENGER “ Did I receive this as a shock? NO, because as I’ve said before, my whole life has been given to carry a message, and it has been hard at times when you cannot express all you’ve been given. I’ve received the phrase a thousand times “EVERYTHING OF GREAT IMPORTANCE WILL HAPPEN AT THE RIGHT AND PLACE.” I’ve had for the last twenty-five years and more another quote I was given when anyone who came to me for help, I’ve said many times “I WILL GET YOU ACROSS THE RIVER.” But if someone does not or cannot want to believe in what I say, then it’s almost impossible to give help. Is it not the same if someone is drowning in the sea and you throw a rope and they refuse help. Does it frighten me to have this message? NO, I’ve been given answers to all major problems. Why did I try as I’ve said before to try and make contact with Vladimir Putin 13 times, Angela Merkel three times, the Pope 4 times. I would fly out tomorrow to visit XI JINPING, as my prophecy showed and told me he will be the greatest leader China has ever had. So what was behind that message? Something that could change the world for the better. My confidence is such, because of the path I’ve been given to walk and the experiences I've had. This is not arrogance or ego, in fact it’s a relief for me to now know the real meaning and purpose of what I’ve been given to do. I can now see part of this metaphorical jigsaw where everyone’s life is special and we can all give help to someone. We are all in this time, now experiencing unbelievable events. So now is the time for part of this message to be gradually heard. Knowing now what this latest message is, I can now reveal a little more in the right time and place. But understanding and believing for people has taken over 2,000 years and still we don’t understand the full meaning to life. Let’s believe a great wake up time is going to occur, and remember the message I was given before the year 2,000. IT WILL START WITH A RIPPLE, AND WILL GROW INTO A WAVE, WHERE EVENTUALLY THIS MESSAGE WILL ENGULF THE WORLD.

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