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"The Message ..."

September 2nd

Wednesday 4.30pm. Another day in the on going troubled waters as the virus waves continue to reach not only many countries, but a whole way of life for many people. Optimism is a far more powerful wave to ride carrying the belief we can all reach a better shore. I can talk like this as so many times in my life when you think next of what you are to do, when an answer is given or an option appears you never imagined, then unexpectedly a door opens. Everyday someone is confronted with decisions where at that particular point in time you can think the worst, as many others do, and you can get sucked into a whirlpool of thinking that there is no other way out. Consequences can be that you get caught into the same thinking of hopelessness of many others, as you get carried down this metaphorical river of life. These are the consequences of giving up. This vibration is as contagious as any virus as hope appears to disappear, for then without hope what can keep one or you afloat?

I’ve mentioned before about one of my daughters who was just weeks away where her family might of expected her death due to cancer. But when you reach such places in life do you give up without a fight and use this word Ive mentioned before, which to me is unpalatable, ACCEPT. To accept the status quo of such problems that confront you in life is surrendering to circumstances that are usually not of your making, and you should say I’m not going to accept this. History has shown in so many situations when people give up they find theirselves in further despair and later regret they took such decisions, rather than being positive and believing you don’t roll over, but fight against this negative energy, believing there is no other way. I’ve lost count of such times when I’ve gone against the actions of others in how they think. I’m talking like this because so many people are giving up believing there is no other way to combat the position they presently find themselves in.

I remember so many times just in the period of being in Banska Bystrica from 2011 to 2015 that if I had listened to others, I don’t know what metaphorical shore I would have been washed upon. One or two such incidents did change my life, but in this instance I did pray, as I found myself committed to spending a lot of money and also financially supporting three friends to accompany me on this journey of what I believed to be a very important vision. In freezing rain on a tower scaffold with a piece of flimsy polythene trying to protect me, I was still trying to paint outside as the summer weather had now ended. I had no where else to take this large heavy canvas built on wheels to paint in doors. I had no plan B. To return home having failed was something I could not contemplate. I was told what to do in that prayer which was to write a letter, another story not to tell here, where three weeks later I found myself in a relatively new shopping mall I didn’t know even existed. Again circumstances occurred to me which others might not believe, but I found myself in a place I could not have chosen better in the whole of Slovakia or in the world.

Another situation occurred when with my friends, we had to move this Trojan type horse of a big canvas through the centre of this historical city onto a main road and up an enormous steep hill to the shopping mall. My Slovakian friend went to inquire whether we can move this onto a main road. He was soon back saying the police said, No you can’t. I’m stubborn at times but I carried this feeling we had to get my canvas on wheels to the shopping mall before it shuts. We did get to the shopping mall because I ignored this legal advice by the police, and yes again I prayed for help to be with us. I thought it to be wrong for circumstance to prevent this vision, I had been given, which was ultimately to show this painting in all schools of learning in Palestine and Israel. The vision and message given said two years after showing my painting in these countries there will be peace, where these last seventy years there had been conflict between each other. Somehow the four of us pushed this heavy canvas on wheels up the main road and then up this very steep hill, and one or two people came to our help by pushing with us. Later that night we had permission to set this enormous canvas up in the shopping mall at ten at night when the doors were closed to the public.

While in Banska Bystrica through this period, there were other situations what I considered to be life changing experiences where I could have said that’s it I’m returning to England. I knew a lady who was one of four women who helped to create our charity. I’m psychic and I’ve given spiritual healing years before. I knew this lady was suffering from more than one ailment, and as I was close to her I said through frustration of knowing more of her pains than she would admit, I said metaphorically to her, I will call on you. This spiritual force can have you say things that are not literally meant, as I said, knowing she was ill, I will call and knock every door down if she refused my healing. She literally believed I would do this, and said, I do not want to know you anymore. This was a shock, and I felt my spirit go right through the floor, an experience I’ve never had before. The next day at the painting, a woman approached me, I once met six months earlier, who I didn’t really know. She said she had a strange experience that morning saying she had to visit me with a message. Cutting short this story, she knew everything about the lady and said, Jesus is standing with me. There is a powerful spiritual force that can determine your path in life, but you have to carry this strong belief within yourself.

Another life changing moment occurred when I was to follow another vision in 2004 taking me to Oregon in North America, where I’d been repeatedly told in the last three years I had to go to the Wallowa Valley where my spiritual guide Chief Joseph once lived. Five days before my flight I had pulled a muscle in my back and I was in agony, and that weekend a friend who was going with me had channelled over a three month period incredible thoughts and messages from Ollokot, brother to Chief Joseph. He came to me on the Saturday, our flight was on the Wednesday, saying, not knowing I was unable to move, that his doctor had prescribed him antibiotics and he would not be able to drive. When he saw me in the pain I was in, he said, we will have to cancel the trip and go later. I said angrily, No! We have to go now even if I’m in a wheel chair. Again, stubborn or stupid some may say, but it’s my belief if you are meant to do something important in your life, you can’t hesitate unless you accept you will be placed on the wrong path in your life. That night my 13 year old daughter sat and watched me as I was on my knees in pain, collating my friends important channelled messages into forty page leaflet books. Someone was supposed to call and help me that night, but that help came from another direction or higher power. My young daughter, who I knew had psychic powers at that age, said, as though she was transfixed by a greater power, saying “Dad you have to take those two paintings of Chief Joseph with you.” I said, I can’t do that as they are framed and I’m afraid of them getting damaged. Then as though she was speaking words that were not her own said “Dad you must take those paintings of Joseph as you are going to meet very important people.” I looked amazed, but knew it was not my daughter talking. I decided to take the canvas from their frames as one painting was four foot square. On the Monday I made my way still in pain to the man who repaired our shoes, asking him if he had in material either leather or a waterproof canvas and make a tube with a sling to carry it on my shoulder.

The painting of Chief Joseph I took to America in 2004.

My flight was two days away. He first said I don’t think so, then on a top shelf he found some black waterproof canvas and made it for me by 5.00pm. Also that night two elderly ladies from the local spiritual church had heard of me being in pain. They came the next night too giving me spiritual healing on my back. On the plane I then felt the pain disappear, and the message my youngest daughter gave me changed my whole life and made my belief what it is today. It is my belief in many ways where the visions and messages that are given to me, are not for me, but to help others, as there is a path we can all walk. Your soul cannot find that inner happiness unless you follow and do what has already taken you on a path to where you presently are. You will all face adversity and challenges where you think you can go no further, but you know, to give up will see you later in life having regrets. It’s my belief, we all come to that waterfall on the river of life, but you all have a compass which is within your heart and soul, and your strength lies in your belief that can help you all reach that idilic silver sand beach. Do not give up on any dream you have, as you will have repercussions throughout your life where you will constantly think, I wish I had followed my dream.

So many people have come to my door for help and I’ve said, “Don’t worry I will get you across the river.” I can do that with those who can believe in me and more importantly harness this special energy that is free to all IF THEY CAN BELIEVE IN THEIRSELVES.

This morning before I made contact with Elena my friend in Banska Bystrica at 8.00am, in less than 15 minutes I was making notes having heard certain news topics. I quickly wrote them on the back of an envelope, then at midday I watched the Prime Minister at Question time in Parliament. It was pitiful, and embarrassing seeing him again being unable to answer a straight question. The opposition leader who is not charismatic, but has a clever legal and articulate brain. I’ve called him in the past like a deadly assassin, as he hits Boris time again between the eyes with his sharpe and accurate questions. He’s an honourable man too, although he does not follow me as a brexiteer. After my lunch, I read the money column in the Daily Mail on my iPad and saw again all what I’ve said before and predicted, which may create further stories I’m to tell. Then, a few minutes before I was too start the message blog, certain things had already rattled my cage. One being the unfortunate circumstances that have hit thousands, where some finding out too late if you had gone out for a meal, then the restaurant said at the end of the meal they would not accept cash. This is another story perhaps for the next blog. So almost seconds away, I had a message from my friend Elena. I found myself then praying, and forgetting all what I was to say into today’s message blog. This story I’ve told is all true, and I know there are many today in great pain with loss of loved ones, and others through the loss of theirs jobs where their careers they dearly loved have gone forever. Loss of homes rented or other wise, God forbid, as this wave of adversity can sweep you away if you don’t stand firm and be positive. Others in the same boat should share their hopes and belief, because the tide is turning, and many who once supported Boris in the U.K. even his own M.Ps are losing faith that he or his government are not in control of our great ship.

I’ve talked of change for years even a painting I was given to do in 2008 showing a prophecy all of which is coming true. That painting showed Jesus Christ and I’ve said before I belong to no religion, but I do say, “WHAT IS THE COMMON DENOMINATOR OF ALL RELIGIONS?” No one of any faith can say they are not a spiritual human being which in my book means Giving. We all belong to whatever faith we believe in as we are all of the same tree of understanding. I mentioned Jesus in 2008, but three and four times and probably more I had this powerful feeling, Jesus was with me in Banska Bystrica. This was an experience I had not had before, as it was a clear and palpable feeling I could not dismiss. For those of other faiths, their messengers too are equal to Jesus, as I cannot with my belief say any other. We are all on this river of life and each one of us is being tested. Don’t let go of your dream, don’t let go of your own belief in yourself, this word hope can and will touch us all soon, as there will be a vaccine to prevent the virus going further. But there will be great changes where so many of us are taken to the cliff edge with our circumstances. Societies and governments will change because this present young generation will not accept what is, and what represented yesterday’s thinking.

Today on the news we were told of two colossal black holes that had collided creating a force far greater than the sun by a hundred and more times, where the vibration as taken billions of years to reach earth. The universe has powers and different galaxies, our imagination can never presently understand. It’s vastness is incomprehensible in size and you can not exclude these higher realms of spiritual energy whose core is the creation of love. Love is seen in every living thing on our beautiful planet. Mankind is far away from being the true loving guardian of this incredible Earth, we have been given to find our true spiritual path. So just believe in what you truly want from life, and believe in yourself, for others may not believe in you as you do in yourself. This waterfall moment will not allow you to lose your dream, as there is a greater power by your side, so don’t be negative, as no one is a failure.

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