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"The messages "

November the 30th. Sometimes my day starts early. I’ve mentioned before, at 4am I can receive messages that have to be activated the same today. The message came in the guise of four young spirits being with me, who I believed I have tried to help before. The first part of this story occurred in 2006 that can testify I believe, there is an afterlife, and can open a door for those who have lost close loved ones. To me, with the later part of this story, it proves again conclusively, there is the greater power of spirit I always talk of, and this higher power can touch everyone. The story began, when my brother dropped a news paper off showing me an image of a young man who had been stabbed to death in the town I lived in. I didn’t know him or his family. He was only 27years old. It was quiet a large photograph of this tragic young man, and immediately seeing this photo I felt his spirit making contact with me. He was not really distressed about himself, but he was about his mother, as he was her only son, and they lived together on their own. The young man wanted me to get a message to his mother, and now with two of my spiritual guides, the once famous French artists Boucher and Fragonard, I believe they would help me to paint this young unfortunate man, and relay his comforting thoughts to his mother. At first, I felt from his photograph image, I was seeing him in sea water. I had a strong feeling he loved wind surfing, and all water sports. I painted him with his head and shoulders above the sea level, with these water sport activities in the background behind him. At the bottom of the painting amongst the sea weed I felt he was communicating a poignant and reassuring message telling his mother, EACH TIME YOU THINK OF ME, I’M BY YOUR SIDE. The painting took me a number of weeks, and again by fate I had met someone who knew his mother and mentioned, he did indeed like water sports as I’d painted in his picture. I then found out where his mother lived. I’d wrapped and parcelled the painting delivering it to the ladies door. When his mother opened the door I just said “ I’ve been given this for you to have,” and just left. I didn’t explain anything, as I felt maybe this story cannot be excepted by this lady. Again my feelings later proved to be correct. Later this ladie’s sister found me at the small church I attended, as I had signed the painting with my name. I told her the story of what happened. A few days later this same lady found out where I lived, and I was not surprised with the words she brought for me, as I heard a torrent of abuse, saying never to call at her sister’s again. I can say ignorance is bliss for some, but the thought of me giving her freely this beautiful painting of her son, and trying to help her with her grief counted for nothing. That’s why her son seeing his mother’s grieving state of mind knew, she would not be able to cope with his loss of life. Again I was right to just drop the parcel off saying nothing what was in it. Later their elderly mother came to my home, saying the complete opposite almost apologising for both her daughters towards me, as she believed in everything I said, and done. She said her daughter looks at the painting of her son and the message everyday. For me, I had done what her son requested of me, I had not failed in what I’d been given to do. This story you will see returned to me six years later.

Only a week had passed, and one evening at this small church I attended I saw a lady looking at me. I already knew what was going to happen next, as I can sometimes telepathically read someone’s mind and thoughts. I was correct, I had never seen this lady before, and she too had lost her 14 year old son in a road accident, as he got off his school bus. The driver to the car that killed her son had no insurance, and no road tax, and was driving at nearly twice the speed allowed. The mother wanted me to paint a picture of her son, as she knew perhaps of my previous experience and wanted to know if I could communicate with her son. The young boy, when he died, wore a Mohican haircut and she gave me his photograph. Immediately seeing his photograph I could see standing by his side Mohican warriors giving him support and confidence in his new life in the spirit world. When I began his painting, I included some of these Mohican warriors standing behind him, as his love of the Mohican hair style attracted those Indians he loved. His mother would visit me most days of the week, while I painted this scene of her son, and she was taking comfort from the short messages her son passed to her. Included in the painting, I painted three of his sisters, his mother, and a little brother he had. There was no father figure in the family. I also painted a small bike in this scene, believing it was from a grandfather figure. This also proved to be true. When this colourful painting was completed after several weeks, I finally passed the painting freely to his mother, believing I had eased some of her pain too. His mother then said, the cycle I had painted into the scene was a gift from his grandfather at seven years of age, and she wished I’d painted her grandfather into picture. Then she noticed the completion date on the painting, and said, I can’t believe it. The finished date of my painting was the birth date of her sons grandfather, so really the grand father had left his mark on the painting. Again, this story too is not over, as both these paintings of the young man and boy, and the way they both died appeared to be synchronised with a bigger story that would unfold six years later. I have to say now unfortunately, I never took a photograph of either of these two paintings, but believe me each painting was very beautiful. I’m sure both the sons to these ladies felt their communication and their images would help the parents many times in the future. I hope with the lady who only had bad thoughts of me, would realise one day her sons spirit was next to her, and his spirit and love was always there for her. The other lady drew strength in believing everything her son gave, which was a continuing love for his mother.

The image of a Mohicane warrior.

In 2012, I received a message while working on my vision painting in the Europa Shopping Mall in Banska Bystrica. The message was that I was to contact two very good spiritual friends in England IVOR, and ANNETTE, who were already helping greatly with our newly formed Charity Kompas. I asked them if they could go to the homes of those two mothers who had received my paintings 2006, and ask if I could borrow their paintings, just for one month. Then they would be returned safely, as their paintings could help other such parents in Banska Bystrica, who were in the same position as they were once. The answer, my friends received from the two mothers was an empathetic NO. Both mothers could not find it in their hearts to help others in the same distress they were once in. But now you will see with this incredible story how the power of spirit and love proceeded, to use the two gifts I’d been given of painting and channelling psychic messages from the spirit realms. In less than a week of receiving a not surprising no answer from these two ladies, something remarkable occurred. At this time, while I was in Banska Bystrica, I started this journey with four friends, but the size and commitment of this painting saw me staying there four times longer than the initial year, I thought. One friend stayed the full length of time, and one of his helps was to take photos of all those who daily increased wanting to be in the painting. I have to say, we were talking in the hundreds of those who wanted to be in this painting, as on one occasion I had 150 photo images hung up of babies, children, teenagers, and students. Some adults were even trying to bribe me for them to be in the painting too, but there was a magnetism and great spiritual feeling inducing certain people to the painting. I remember one Saturday afternoon a marathon race was taking place in the shopping mall on a running machine on the lower floor. One of the contestants kept running up to the top level where I was, with his arms wide open saying repeatedly, There is a fantastic energy in your painting. One day a man approached me saying, could his son be in this painting. I was finding it hard to say no to so many, as it was a feeling like I had a life boat and people just wanted to get aboard. This man seemed series with his intentions, as I could read the man’s eyes and mind, saying could my son be on the painting? This man spoke good English, and I said could you bring your son into the shopping mall, and we can have his photograph taken. He then said, in a poignant and sad way his 15 year old son has been stabbed to death in Banska Bystrica. I immediately thought, this is uncanny his son had been stabbed to death. It felt as though a prophecy was almost taking place, especially as my request for the other two paintings had been refused just a week earlier. He showed his son’s photo a lad of fifteen. His name was Peter and he looked smart and highly intelligent as though he was the head boy of his school. This tragedy and sense of great loss was palpable, as I could see and sense a great deal from his sons photo wearing his smart school blazer. Immediately, I placed Peter in the centre of the painting, giving me a feeling as though the centre stage had already been specially reserved for him.

Peter and a young girl, who he wanted to be on the big painting by his side.

As I painted his image, I was receiving a message from Peter, saying how much he loved being with all these children on the painting from around the world. I thought then Peter will be there in the spirit world helping many such children, he is now with in the painting. It was a beautiful and powerful feeling of love I sensed from Peters presence. Then Peter gave me a message, saying he wanted me to paint a separate image of him wearing a T-shirt, showing his favourite Rock group METALLICA. This I did, as his father brought a photograph showing Peter wearing his T-shirt of Metallica. I worked on this painting of Peter for many weeks at night after each day in the shopping mall until midnight. The painting proved to be very emotional for me to paint, because I was feeling very close to him by now. Eventually it turned out to be a very beautiful painting of Peter, and it was given freely to his parents. Again, spirit were using my gift to help the bereaved parents of Peter. I later heard, this painting had been a god send for their family and friends, and especially for their small daughter who loved Peter dearly. I later saw the painting of Peter with other paintings I had created, in an exhibition I later held in the Europa Shopping Mall. I still found this painting of Peter extraordinarily beautiful and emotional, as the colours and Peter himself had a vibrancy that suggested his spirit was still alive and connected to his family. One day, as I was just finishing the painting of Peter’s image with his school uniform on a beautiful looking young woman, perhaps a student of 17 or 18 years stood watching me. She said smiling in good English, I’ve travelled over 90 kilometres to see your painting, then saying, it’s as though I’ve had this feeling that I’ve had to visit you. Instantly she said this, I received a message from Peter, saying telepathically to me, please ask the young woman would she like her portrait to be by his side. I said this to the young woman saying exactly what Peter had just said, and she agreed without hesitation, giving a big smile. Was this why she was brought on this long journey that day? So many questions can be asked about this story, but again in my mind I could not help but to believe, this was predestined as everything was unfolding.

My painting of Peter

Less than a week later another twist occurred in this story. I was painting on my tower scaffold every day, and continued to do so for two and a half years. I remember in my early twenties, I always felt I had Michelangelo’s spirit with me and many other famous artists too. Probably, Michelangelo was saying to me, later in your life you will find yourself on a scaffold for a few years just as he had done. A young man of a strong build, about 32 years age came to my painting. He wore a very striking powerful Native American Indian motive on his black T-shirt. I felt immediately drawn to this young man’s T-shirt and climbed down from my tower scaffold to talk to him. He could not speak any English, but I soon had someone, who was passing by to translate my thoughts. This was later to prove another destined, and synchronised moment for our meeting to occur. I was now thinking again, this whole story was preplanned by those enlightened spirits from the higher realms. His name was Tomas and he came regularly to look at the painting, and for some reason, I asked through translation, could we take his photograph and put him in the painting. This was going against my thoughts, as I was trying to refuse adults, who were continually wanting to be a part of this painting. A couple of weeks later a lady approached me, who I had not seen with Tomas before. This new lady who now appeared told me she was Tomas’s wife, and gave me the terrible news of Tomas’s death that shocked and stunned me completely. She said, Tomas has been killed in a road crash. I was staggered and appalled hearing this news. Only later, I did realise why he was deeply looking at this painting of mine. You can imagine what was going through my mind now, those two young people from England I’d painted in 2006, had passed over to the spirit world through a stabbing and a road death. Now because I could not get their paintings, spirit intended this story to be told and to go forward in a way I knew not. Both Peter and Tomas had died of identical deaths, and this was not a word of coincidence that could be used. Another lady approached me, telling me more about Tomas’s tragic death. She said, Tomas has been diagnosed with cancer and been told he had only thirty percent chance of living. These comments echoed like a sound of lightening, as these were the exact words my eldest daughter received about her cancer in August of 2008 from consultants and doctors. This lady, a friend of Tomas, I never really knew or had seen before, who went on to say Tomas was a keen motorbike man. She believed, he committed suicide on his motorbike after hearing this negative news. I felt terrible, as I strongly felt having had this experience with my eldest daughter and staying positive, we saw a miracle occur. I believed I could have really helped Tomas and motivated him to stay positive and battle against these not impossible odds. I believed with his love of the Native American Indians, just like the young boy of 14 years who had his Mohican haircut they were both now in a good loving spiritual sphere. Again, this synchronisation of events of both dying in road crash’s, both loving the Indian culture of life. Then this lady explained, why he kept visiting my painting, as he wanted desperately to be in this scene with all these children, probably knowing he was going to die and did not want to be forgotten. This lady said, Tomas had a son by his wife, but they lived apart from one another. I painted Tomas close to Peter in the centre of the big painting, but afterwards I felt I had to paint another separate painting of Tomas, just like I did of Peter. I hoped his painting could have been passed on to his son freely, telling him his father was a great man and a warrior. This did not happen, as we could not trace where Tomas came from or anyone who new him or associated to him. For weeks we had a picture of Tomas shown by my painting, asking if anyone knew of him. No replies came. His painting I still have, and I have to believe one day his only son will approach me, and I will give this painting to him, saying his father was a good true man and father.

My painting of Tomas

One man came with a photograph of losing their baby of seven months, another persuaded me to paint their grand father into the scene. This story could go on. What spirit had shown me in their bigger picture, following these incidents, was there could be a wall of remembrance, where those who had lost a young child could place a photograph of their loved ones on a series of beautiful skies I had painted. The idea being, a fee would be charged for their photograph of their child choosing a particular beautiful sky. There would be an illuminated candle above their child with a yearly fee of twenty euros. Then all of the profits accrued would go towards our charity Kompas for disadvantaged children. This idea would grow everywhere, and our Kompas charity would support this idea in which ever country it prospered. This was a message I believe, was instigated by these four young souls, I had painted. To see your loved one on an illuminated wall in spiritual place would draw thousands to see that these young people are not dead, but spiritually alive, as they were activating thoughts to help other young children in need of help. This message would show the world we, ourselves are all spiritual beings who react to love. We do not die, and our bodies are reborn again with our souls taking another step forward to enlighten our soul and step forward to an even richer life. This revelation was created in Banska Bystrica through the spirit world, as it appeared to be a seed that had been planted, because I believe, so many people are not open to such thinking yet. As I’ve said in previous blogs, a thought is a spark of divine energy that can grow and do good, if the intentions are just that, to do good. Three of my paintings helped their bereaved parents, one day Tomas’s story and painting will reach his family, and especially his son. This is yet another story of how my gifts are used, but some of the these stories are about helping to bring peace too which will come with a greater giving ,which is love. Such thoughts this story tells is simple. If you believe in a higher power, explanations are not necessary, if you don’t believe in such thoughts, explanations are impossible.

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