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"The money tree was found..."

September 23rd

2.44pm. Let’s imagine you are travelling on a plane, and you are not sure where you are going but you are hearing from the Captain he’s changing his plans yet again. Then you hear him say fasten your seatbelts belts, and now that feeling returns where you hold your breath again and think what now. On August 29th forty years ago, a film was released in the U.K. called Airplane it was a comedy, a parody, a spoof but in this film a story which was humorously exaggerating everything. I remember having stomach ache through fits of laughter, but I noticed many others in the audience sat like rabbits dazzled by seeing a bright light and not appreciating the humour. I guess humour should not be associated with the present circumstances of the U.K. government, but it has a script that’s straight out of what was once known as The British Ealing Film Studio, famous for comedy films. We, the British, have a trait not to follow, but to lead, and we don’t take kindly to observing authoritarian rules especially when your inner voice disagrees. As a country we were told not to wear masks for six months although most other countries did, though most of us knew the truth we didn’t have enough masks for the general public. We didn’t follow other countries in treating Covid 19 very seriously as we are British, and we have been ruled these past hundred years by those who were afforded the luxury of the top private public school in the U.K. Eaton College. Many saw the future, but those in government didn’t see where on this magical mystery tour like the film Airplane what we would experience if we took the wrong direction.

We were told to isolate which proved to be to late, as hospitals were returning elderly patients back into care homes without any checks of them being infected with a virus. Like a comedy film script we saw all the characters cast in their rolls of taking responsibility for what was metaphorically coming down the railway track. We must not forget we had a Parliament that over ruled democracy under the leadership and deception of Theresa May who would not acknowledge a majority vote of the people who put them into parliament. All illnesses begin somewhere. We were, if possible, told to work from home which was a relief for thousands who commuted by train or tube who would stand for hours in some cases without seats. Then, not long ago, everyone must return like hamsters to their regulated work places. But change of thinking as many knew would only be a matter of time where this logic of returning to city centres would be reversed. We were told, but many were wise not to travel abroad for holidays where it was mandatory in some holiday countries to wear a mask. The government said holidays are needed and thousands went, believing it was safe to travel to destinations only to find they would be quarantined when they returned. We have a Chancellor of the Exchequer who saw clearly there was panic in the air as it was seen he would have to give money out quicly to the thousands facing the consequence of the government actions. The sheer panic began in this comedy farce which saw people queuing for toilet rolls, whether the fears of the virus was to debilitating for their stomachs with what they were eating, or they believed toilet rolls was a cure for this virus. We saw individuals and companies too profiteering, but no matter, panic buying was accepted and profiteering went unpunished, as many shoppers foresaw weeks before with government statements already bringing fear inducing the panic buying.

The money tree was found and billions were given to those who fitted into a particular group of workers where 80 percent of their wages would be provided for six months. No other work was made compulsory to receiving this money so many viewed this as a holiday, in fact you were allowed also to have another job and receive money. Many people with small businesses were given £10,000 to help them through although some would have gone bust without any virus. Billions were being given by banks to help companies, now having government approval, but it was clear as the treasury knew fraud would be committed, and its quietly estimated the government has been taken for a ride of losing over £3 billion. Many millions were paid to encourage people to go and eat out at restaurants at reduced food prices, as the government believed taxpayers money was better spent like that than to build new affordable homes. They also couldn’t believe it might have been better to invest in enterprising companies who could export creating further jobs. Millions were wasted on masks, we could have had made in the U.K. but millions of masks were imported and purchased that saw these masks not passing approval to wear. Money wasted seemed to be part of this script which was not funny, but leaving people nervously to think what is next. Holidays proved to be a bad idea, encouraging people to go out and eat is now seen to be fool hardy in spreading the virus. All this occured when we faced a crisis equal to a war, that’s now seen the U.K. debt reach over 2.4 trillion. Debt can be carried if we have invested for a more prosperous future, but this has not yet been seen and such plans of expansion for the future should have been made fifty years ago.

Once the politician Winston Churchill could see into the future, ten years before anyone else in parliament noticed, the evil intent of Hitler beginning to expand his armed forces. We all have certain powers to see our futures, but as I’ve said before imagination is not taught or stimulated in schools, because we are confined to so many rules and not taught the truth with our history. Enlightened thinking still belongs to the few, but it is my belief all children are given a certain gift, some not academic but skills for building, carpentry, the arts, horticultural activities and more. Such gifts should be encouraged to grow at an earlier age.

Now we see today, everyone who can work at home, should stay at home because there has been another reversal by the government, which does not send a message of confidence to business or anyone else. Yesterday, we hear the army will be called upon to help the police as this is clear message the government does see a bit more into the future which we don’t want to discuss yet. October, where I’ve said from the beginning of the year, is a month to be wary of, as it’s been clear this government has not got hold of the reality they have created for many people. I’ve said before you can change disasters if you can think differently with a positive attitude and believe you can alter the present circumstances. But it means change, and as we know many people don’t like change or cannot accept even the thought of any change. Four years ago the U.K. was ready for change as they voted for the return of their sovereignty, but the people were deceived by Theresa May, an ardent supporter of Europe and Bruxelles. The reality has seen this ruling elite still holding the power in the U.K. I’ve always been positive in my own beliefs and if anyone said you can’t do this, my character never listened and followed what I believed to be right for myself. Confidence with people and business is at a low ebb as we are not being navigated in the best way. Uncertainties lie ahead for many people, some facing bankruptcies, and some are losing their homes, because of lost jobs, but many have lost unfortunately their loved ones to this pandemic too. I believe the treasury are now belatedly believing, it’s wrong to give 80 percent of peoples former income and not see any work given back by those who have found theirselves unemployed. Idle minds and bodies can create unwanted circumstances. We have an opposition party in the U.K. that still does acknowledge the peoples voting wishes to leave Europe, so how can they contribute anything of substance to go forward.

I heard today many children from poorer homes don’t have laptops which is a tool like a book for learning today. The government have or are providing over 200,000 laptops for such homes which is good. I believe a better idea would be to provide a job for those out of work, who know how to use a laptop as they could help children to extend their learning after school time, because many children cannot sit comfortable in an unhappy homes and concentrate on learning. We could lay down a plan to benefit all parts of the U.K., investing in northern Britain, where growth has not been seen for years. None of this is rocket science as we have as a country with some of the best brains in the world. We just need confidence and belief in our abilities and someone to lead with fresh thinking. Uncomfortable circumstances prevail and a helping hand has to be given to those in need, but one lesson has to be learned in life, you can give and give to someone and they don’t return anything for the kindness given which is morally wrong.

We have encouraged a culture in the U.K., where for the last fifty years if you had more children the state gave more to such a family than a family that actually worked. Change has to be. If you are a tenant, some on benefits are given their monthly rent first to themselves to pay their landlord, but some just spend it. Consequently they are then removed by the local authority and rehouse some families into expensive hotels. The list of wrongs could reach from the shores of Cornwall to those silver sand beaches secretly hidden away in Scotland. Its time for change. There is more I could predict, but I’m seeing what has been already for-told. I’ve even named the man qualified to change and lead our now Sovereign Country into a new future trading with the world.

We see President Trump demonising China and Russia too not far behind. Today it was heard, President Xi Jinping of China say, we should all sit down to work together in solving this virus crissis. That to enlightened leaders should see a door being opened to sit and discuss such matters although there is disagreement on many other levels. President Putin as offered their vaccine which might be approved first in the world free to the U.N. and voluntary services. Again although Russia is demonised, we would be foolish to not accept some light of new thinking, although some opinions can always say this is a political move on Russia’s part. Surely, is it not better to talk than create another path towards a feeling of war? There is light at the end of this tunnel if we are not afraid to walk down this narrow path. A previous enlightened leader Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, SO FIRST OF ALL, LET ME ASSERT MY FIRM BELIEF THAT THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF - NAMELESS UNREASONING, UNJUSTIFIED TERROR WHICH PARALYSES NEEDED EFFORTS TO CONVERT RETREAT INTO ADVANCE.

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