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"The Power of Truth"

November the 6th. With each of us changes are occurring around us all the time, and sometimes we may not even notice anything any different. We would be wrong though.

I have seven grandchildren, one baby girl of nine weeks, another a thirteenth month old girl, twin boys nearly two, and two boys more of 4, 11, and a girl of seven. I may go over a week without seeing any image of them on Tinybeans a website for photos of your children. Each time I see a change within them, more so with babies and real young ones. Anyone with children would probably agree. But what about ourselves and circumstances. One wrong word from someone can change your feeling about your job or friend or family. But also a good word can lift your spirit, your hopes, your dreams, and change your way of thinking, or even your life.

I took my youngest daughter to a small spiritual church on Sunday night, I’d never been through the door for nine years. It was her request to go. No, I have never pressed my beliefs on any of my children, as I’ve believed they will eventually find there own way, but they can take your values and principles you have given them. I’ve told all five of my children, No one in this world is better than you. They may have more experience in a job or career, but you can pass them by, if you can believe in yourself. Presently with politics in the U.K. you cannot find anyone you can believe in, or on another hand even those you can trust. We are all hearing and on our TV screens the crisis of climate change, and seeing consequences of smog in Delhi India, where breathing is clearly difficult without wearing a protection mask.

When I began this blog at six pm tonight, I hadn’t a clue what I’d write about, but I picked up the vibration of Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was an Hindu, but he saw all religions as equal, all trying to seek and express the same eternal truths and wisdom. At the core of his belief he believed in the power of truth, and compassion for others, and none violence to achieve justice and equality for all. When I thought of Hindu, I remember five years ago my lady friend E ... brought a beautiful spiritual lady to meet me, when I resided in a small village called Jacub for healing.

That morning I’d been try been trying to ring a man in Banska Bystrica, who I’d met at the shopping mall, where for the last three years I’d been creating my vision painting. He was in his mid thirties, and he had worked in England for eight years. He regularly stopped to chat and have a laugh, as he said he had returned to Banska Bystrica, because he had inherited his Auntie’s bakery business. He supplied many shops with assorted cakes and bread, and this particular morning I was trying to reach to see, if he could have made a metal impression of an image I’d painted of Pope John Paul II.

Pope John Paul´s image that is going to be used on the small loaf of bread.

Why? Because within the circle of spiritual energy with the four ladies I’ve spoke of before, after creating a painting of John Paul, I began receiving many messages from him. One was that he wanted his image placed on a small loaf of bread, and then placed in a small box with a message saying, within the loaf will be his healing powers. All profit made will be to help children starting through our Kompas charity. Healing powers was already within our circle of friends. So the story that day unfolded with this spiritual lady being brought to myself for healing. As soon as I saw the lady, there was an impact, as I could see psychically a red dot on her forehead, which can imply the third eye in Hindu religion. I also got the immediate feeling I’d known her before as a Hindu Queen, and I was to paint this image of how she once was. After giving this lady healing, she then showed a bag she brought, giving me bread and some cakes she had made herself. But this was the start of the synchronicity that was developing. Her baking was her passion and great love, but it went further than this. She told me through translation with my lady friend E ... she baked decorative cakes for birthdays and many other occasions for people. But before she would bake for someone, she would employ her psychic gift to view the recipient’s vibration, first to pick a feeling up of the person who the cake was for. Here I was, only an hour before trying to ring and reach the baker man, to see if he could accommodate the small loaf with the image of John Paul on. Now, this beautiful spiritual lady comes bringing her own made bread, and of course the answer to this future message I had received from John Paul. It was not a coincidence, her mother was very gifted in spiritual psychic matters too, but had a beautiful spirit, as she helped and introduced our Kompas charity to a home for disadvantaged children. Such happenings do occur, which can be viewed depending on your belief.

I spoke at the beginning of this story of Mahatma Gandhi a truly remarkable human being. Just on receiving his vibration, this story has unfolded about this lady who I saw as a once Hindu Queen. I believe when I return to Banska Bystrica this lady I will have to paint as this Hindu Queen showing her, how I perceived her in a previous life time. Mahatma Gandhi recalled providence is provided when the circumstances are right not just for yourself, but also to touch the souls of many who know of your experience.

These are a few quotes from Mahatma Gandhi ...

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and in harmony ... Live as though you were to die tomorrow ... You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing there will be no results ... Strength does not come from winning, your struggles develop your strengths when you go through hardships, and decide not to surrender. That is strength ... An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind ... Change yourself you are in control ... The weak can never forgive ... The best way to lose yourself is in the service of others ... A man or woman is but the product of their thoughts, What they think and become ... Where there is love there is life ... Those who know how to think need no teachers ... Poverty is the worst sort of violence ... First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win ... In a gentle way you can shake the world ...

Mahatma Gandhi

A couple of days ago my lady friend E ... told me of a new film that will be free to watch. It’s called Time of the Sixth Sun. The link is as follows ...

As my friend E ... told me this, I had written down on paper saying exactly the same message at the same time for her. Synchronicity ... I believe we are all connected together with this spark of divine energy.

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