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"The priorities in our life ..."

April 19th

4 pm. Blue skies with a few birds singing, breaking an eerie but relaxing silence on a Sunday afternoon, these are the simple pleasures to life that cost nothing, if you can appreciate natural beauty. I heard the other day of a man in his fifties who was released from his nightmare of having this dreaded coronavirus say, when you come so close to the death your priorities in life take a drastic turn on what life is about. He said the thought of having a beautiful car and that annual holiday abroad were gone forever, saying life is not about such illusionary meaningless things. This is the music we will all enjoy and take part in the near future, where the newborn will embrace and thank this generation for changing its false materialistic dream that possessions bring you happiness. Many of the ills in the time we live in have occurred through being led to believe certain products are essential to your well being. This is the false myth and a god of many worships in these uncertain times. I guess with hearing all the bad news and the daily sharpening of criticism to our politicians in the U.K. it’s a tough time to hear of so many lives still being lost. Loss of lives wherever they are, need our prayers, and to those fighting on all fronts trying to save lives.

The last blog I ended with the inspirational story of the 99-year-old U.K. army veteran Captain Tom where the latest news shows he as now raised nearly twenty-two million pounds. What is the message this man's action gives to everyone? To have a beautiful thought which each of us can have, can touch millions if it’s for a good cause or the greater good of mankind. Captain Tom's beautiful thought also sent a message that no age barrier can stop you from releasing a dream to help others. It shows there is a power of good in everyone if we can believe first in ourselves. In the times we are living in, we need hope and individuals who do not read from the same script we’ve been taught to believe in. Change in how we can alter our lives is not impossible unless you still follow the same negative doubts and mantra that stifle dreams and destroys the life of new ideas. Changes for the better will grow and grow through this crisis, as it is now being shown in the U.K., the addiction to gambling as dropped by 75 percent because of no football and horse racing being seen in our country. That has to be positive news to reduce gambling that can hopefully reduce the oxygen to these large gambling companies who like vultures prey on the weak and vulnerable. In the future and the world, I’ve been given to see, such companies that encourage compulsive behaviour would be outlawed as a better philosophy will be heard and employed. The word PROFIT has to be used in another way to help others rather than just making money for no worthwhile purpose. It is said, MONEY HAS NO VALUE UNLESS GOOD IS DONE WITH IT. If someone’s sole objective in life is to keep making more money with no worthwhile reason, other than to say or show they have this big yacht or car, it would suggest this particular person has never discovered the real riches and wonders of life.

One of my future visions and predictions occurred over a lifetime ago which I believe soon will come true, purely because this virus has highlighted that care homes should not be used to exploit the elderly for profit. It’s been a stigma on moral values since it was introduced. Good homes for the elderly should be a natural right for everyone, accompanied by those special people who have a vocation and great loving instincts to help the helpless and old. Those who have reached a time in life where their own family can no longer give them the loving care they need, must by right have a government to provide their end days with love, comfort and care. No longer will we encourage others from the other side of the world without the right qualification to fill a vacancy at the lowest paid rates. We must train and give the right facilities and wages to equal the important task they are entrusted to do. Profit in monetary terms will be outlawed and cease to exist with the care of the elderly and it will not be only money that allows a certain few to secure comfortable care. At this moment the law wrongly allows for these care homes to forcibly have the right for families to sell their beloved family home, and in many cases to charge extortionate amounts of money for minimal care given. The evidence of this and more troubled care, is a multitude of wrongdoings and tragic stories of unloving care which is a catalogue deep. In the very near future, I have seen where these money based institutions will end. Today we have seen our present and previous governments uphold these care homes, because of a reluctance for the government to take on the cost for our elderly. One of the consequences of government for not having the care for the elderly has seen through this Coronavirus such homes metaphorically being thrown to the wolves. Our present government has not provided adequate and appropriate special clothing. They have not even carried out tests of the virus being with this vulnerable generation. The government has neither reported or had data showing evidence of related deaths in these care homes. It shouts out loud this pillar that should be one of our strengths in society will fall or will be pushed. I believe a New Democratic political system will be introduced to go forward with a better future.

In the last week we are trying to find unaffiliated football supporters fan bases or any newspaper to follow another prediction story that will be inevitable in the next few months. I have to believe there is not one true football supporter in the world who would disagree with this letter as we are now showing and will continue to show if we can still find the right email addresses.


Hello to all football supporters who love their club,

We are facing uncertain times that can bring great changes for good. The bubble has burst with the crazy and mad economics of how wealthy investors can just take a club from the heart and soul of their supporters. The real wealth of any club is with their supporters and their fan base. For generations their forefathers gave their heart and soul to their club, just like today’s supporters continue to do so. This pandemic virus could see clubs shut for months and longer. No gate revenue, no big media revenue, and at long last no more ridiculous money paying obscene salaries to top footballers. This is a moment when such times can bring more than a good surprise. If supporters want their club back, you could just send out a message to every supporter's club in the land, because this idea will engulf all football fans around the world. Events, as they are, will bring consequences to see clubs go bankrupt. Then supporters make their move as they hold the cards to their dream. TAKE CONTROL. Select good individuals whose passion and good sense could run a club for the good of their fans. A new league could be started, as this idea is formulated. The money will come through the gates and from the media giants too. Your supporter's numbers will triple. How and why? Now those supporters who could never afford to go to matches before would see ticket prices reduced dramatically. With an increase in your fan base you will find that you could allocate tickets more favorably. This is just the bones where more flesh would be seen when a new body of football will be born. Media money would then flow far better to smaller clubs, as this is where the young stars begin to flourish. All players will have wages restricted, as we are entering a new period where wealth will be distributed more equally. No longer will someone be able to come and buy your souls, your love, and your dreams. We are in times of great change. To know more of my philosophy, visit my message blogs on


Let’s believe we can make a more beautiful world for all the children. If not, what is the meaning and purpose of life?

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