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November 29th

2.30 pm. I’ve started an hour earlier than usual. It’s a drab cold day, and again because of this lockdown you could probably hear the last leaf fall to the ground. I can assure you I don’t write these message blogs down in five minutes, most times I hear something that starts an alarm in my head. Sometimes which may be hard to understand, I hear a message given from above, or I’m prompted to say where others might think the same, but are reluctant to voice their opinions. Bad news there is plenty of, either to read or to hear, but today I wanted to start with a story which in my mind is uplifting, and inspirational for all young aspiring women.

Sixteen years ago I was given to write a small book, prophesying a New and Better Democracy the world has not yet seen. I wrote in this new democracy, there would be a woman at every table of decision making in this new form of government, equal to every man. In 2004, when I had a vision to travel to North America, on the last day of that journey a very bizarre set of circumstances occurred. With a friend, I found myself in a museum I should not have been in, where accidentally going into a room full of many small Russian icon pictures depicting an halo around the head of Christ. In this time and space I heard clearly a message being given to me where part of it said, WHEN JESUS CAME TO THE EARTH PLANE HIS MESSAGE WAS SIMPLE. HE TOLD PEOPLE THAT THE SPIRIT OF WOMAN IS EQUAL TO THAT OF MAN. Think in those times of 2,000 years ago these were thoughts of a mad man, but even today we are still a distance away from actioning such beliefs and thinking. A book followed this unusual journey I made called, My Journey with Joseph. Now to the story I got pleasure from hearing and seeing. First, I have four daughters who I taught to never think someone is better than yourself ever. I heard and saw on TV that in Finland they have a remarkable young woman Sanna Mirella Marin who is only 35 years of age, and is their Prime Minister.

More incredible she has four other young women of a similar age one only 32yrs, all in very important posts of her government, totalling twelve women in all. I have to believe my predictions do eventually come true, as in this case it gets very close to the message Jesus passed to me all those years ago. If only this could happen around the world, I believe we could see a far better world for everyone. It is said of this young woman Prime Minister that she had steely stoicism and courage. She said, she wanted to build a society, where every child can become anything and every person can live and grow in dignity. A Nordic model of equality, both economically and socially, sees young people demand change. Surely seeing these young women confidently run a government as they are, must be a good omen for all young clever aspiring women around the world.

My next story is the opposite and fits into my predictions which is part of the possible, but thankfully the sooner President Trump is out of office the better. An Iranian Nuclear scientist was assassinated on November 27th, the fifth scientist to lose theirs lives in the past ten years working in Iran’s nuclear industry. Each time Iran has pointed the finger at Israel as Israel fears Iran having a nuclear weapon to be used against them. It must be said, Israel cannot do anything without the approval of the U.S.A., so it’s said by many authoritative journalists, this action could not go ahead, unless it was given by President Trump. My messages have clearly shown the black cloud of President Trump had to be removed, but also for the last fifteen years while Benjamin Netanyahu has been in power in Israel, I’ve been given a message saying, there could be no peaceful accord with Palestine while he is in power. He’s a man facing corruption charges, knowing a new President elect will over turn President Trump’s decision to allow Israel take land on the West Bank from the Palestinians. So with this assassination, and I’m no defender of Iran to have a nuclear weapon, it appears as the newspapers suggests, they are trying to create a war hoping the response from Iran will go in that direction. This shows how President Trump will go to any length to drag his country into another Middle East conflict, before he hands over power. He still has 79 days in Office, before the inauguration of President Biden takes place, and at this moment Joe Biden must feel he’s sitting on a keg of gunpowder while the unpredictable Trump might blow his trumpet again jeopardising world peace.

Another uncomfortable story occurs where Priti Patel, the U.K. Home Secretary, has agreed to pay the French £28 million pounds to double the number of police officers, to patrol their beaches in a bid to stop migrants making dangerous crossings over the English Channel. Over 8,500 migrants have luckily escaped death with families and children this year arriving on British shores. With £28 million pounds surely we could have asked Canada with their enormous country, to help out and gave them the millions to take a large proportion of these desperate people who have lost everything. It’s not the real answer as people living in these deplorable camps will still risk their lives for a better future they seek. The real answer is for the more powerful and richer countries to address the situations in these poverty and war torn countries they are fleeing from. In the last few weeks many migrant deaths have occurred with children and their families trying desperately to cross from Libya to the Maltese and Italian territories. The story of thousands being returned to Libya is too awful and harrowing to tell of as the truth is not being fully disclosed to the outside world. They are fleeing and trying to escape for a better life, and we would each do the same if we found ourselves in such dire circumstances.

These are situations with terrible stories which will not go away, as governments prevaricate and play deaf to the plight of these poor souls, as we don’t hear any loud noises coming from the churches either. We, the U.K., along with all the European Countries just believe by ignoring this problem it will go away. The U.K. shows how empty it is of having no better ideas to resolve this terrible tragedy other than to pay further millions for the French police to deploy more officers on their beaches. If the future poses no answers, what are the consequences? Anyone with children who dare to look into the future must think what lies ahead for them, with the problems they will inherit. I foresee many things into the future, but not to tell of in a short message blog.

My first story offers the greatest hope of women taking control far more than the present shows. Vaccines are promised, and they will appear which in many ways is a miracle, as it’s said usually it can take ten years to produce such a vaccine. The more you hear of the actual time when people can take advantage of these vaccines extends daily, from the spring until this time next year. There is no quick fix as Boris, the U.K. Prime Minister, with his optimism keeps quoting, the cavalry will arrive soon.

The Bank of England is holding nearly one trillion of debts for the U.K., and this must be keeping many awake at night who know more of such amounts of money owed. Over £220 million pounds has been spent on building temporary N.H.S. Nightingale hospitals, creating more bed spaces in the event of further virus infections. In East London it became world news as one hospital space was created in nine days that could hold 4,000 beds along with others around the U.K. holding thousands of more beds. But they never gave the staffing figures to accommodate so many more beds. Consequently these large Nightingale hospitals have never been hardly used.

We have just heard from Michael Gove, the government minister, giving a government fear threat, saying to rebel Conservative M.P.s, if they don’t back the government on Tuesday with their new tier system they will see hospitals over flowing with patients. What they can’t answer and don’t mention is, why have we spent 220 million on extra beds when as he say’s hospitals will be over flowing? Some politicians talk with forked tongues just like rattle snakes and again regard the public as fools. So I say, why bother to build such large facilities for thousands of new beds? Big ideas with no practical visions of what is needed with staff, illustrates that all their decisions are being made in a panic without following through with factual requirements. This is just like when the U.K. nation were told masks are of no use, only because we didn’t have enough for hospital staff, meaning forget about the public.

The high street shopping businesses are tottering and falling down, and that’s without the coronavirus now seeing many closing. The Top Shop chain goes into administration on Monday and could see 13,000 lose their jobs as more people are buying almost everything these days through Amazon. The writing has been on the wall for a few years for most shops, where governments and Landlords of commercial properties failed to reduce business rates and rents for these large chains of shops who are dying as fast the dinosaurs disappeared. No wonder Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame holds the title of being the richest man in the world with money. So many scientists in the U.K. are now warning not to visit your families at Christmas, and not to hug each other. Also not to sit too long eating your Christmas meal together. Not to playing board games, not to do any singing and having on the freezing nights plenty of ventilation in your home. Meaning leave your windows and doors open this Christmas. Everyone must not travel from a tier three area to a family in the South or in another part of the country. Also scientists are saying infections will double over the festive season. Again Common Sense should prevail, because if you listen to all these scientists, many who have proved to be so wrong, it suggests all your liberties have been taken away wrongly.

Can anyone in the U.K. trust this government or the opposition party we have? Well I can only believe if you have a good intuitive senses, and you follow your gut feeling, you will do what you feel is right. We are not into the real winter months yet, and the patience of many has truly held out through these difficult times. So many are being touched by this virus and I believe metaphorically we have been steered needlessly onto so many rocks by this blundering Parliament. I few parliamentarians will stand firm on Tuesday with their opposition to the government, but the majority don’t have the courage of their convictions. This is why buffoons and fools get into these comfortably paid jobs and don’t see how others are trying to survive through these uncertain times. I have to believe as I do, that to build a new and better world it would seem we have to witness these entrenched positions taken by the elite to completely collapse. Am I wrong to believe those young women politicians will have better answers for Finland? They are the young, I’ve been given to believe, that will bring change, and this with them is just a ripple which eventually will grow into a wave. Yes, I believe women can make a better job than men of ruling our countries, because we only have to look how well a woman has done in running Germany, New Zealand, Taiwan and now Finland. Let’s not forget the message Jesus passed to me. THE SPIRIT OF WOMAN IS EQUAL TO THAT OF MAN.

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