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"The stories that can’t be hidden ... "

January 13th

Wednesday 4.08 pm. Not a happy start to another day on planet Earth. We are now getting used to hearing the word a variant virus which is accelerating this contagious infection now in many countries.

South Africa has a reputation of being one of the most violent and dangerous countries in the world, and is now hearing its name being called with the South African variant virus. This virus has spread to a number of countries, one being the U.K. and another Germany and is now causing far greater concern in both countries. Germany has 15% of its population which are anti vaxxers, which presents problems if you are trying to vaccinate eventually the whole country. As I write this, another variant is being disclosed in Brazil, which will prevent flights and people travelling to other parts of the world, bringing a further escalation to this terrible virus. I’ve just seen a flash on my iPad saying that 1,564 people died yesterday in the U.K., and it’s the highest recorded number with this invisible enemy. Further restrictions are being put into place, bringing more hardships to many, but we are where we are, with the many mistakes and still are being made by this present government. Suggestions of closing nurseries keep abounding through the BBC media. I have said before, they bring so much gloom with their news casting. Despondency, despair, doubt, negativity, just keeps on flowing each day through this media channell, which to some spells the end of life as we know it in the U.K.. Nurseries are essential to any mother who is dependant on these care centres for their children, which allows them to work and keep their finances afloat. To remove them now, would sink the spirit of many mothers. I’ve said before about the BBC organisation that it needs to be broken up, as it’s made up of liberal elitists who pay theirselves enormous salaries to make the ordinary public think they know what is right.

There is though another group with a long list of important people who are critical of the government and are not given adequate air time to voice their opinions. One is Lord Sumption a former Supreme Court judge, another a cancer specialist professor Karol Sikora, Oxford epidemiologist professor Sunetra Gupta who was part of the Barrington Agreement. She believes there is another and better way forward in dealing with this virus. They believe the government pandemic policy of closures of businesses, cancellation of surgical operations, restrictions of Liberty are causing far more cumulative damage than the virus its self. Curbing liberty and essential freedoms to a large part of the population they believe many will suffer long term consequences, as isolation can be a killer for many. It is said, the financial cost to the U.K. is 2.5 billion a day and rising. Each day further liberty has been taken away which was once seen during the five year reign of Oliver Cromwell from 1653 to 1658 untill his death.

The virus, as bad as it is in the U.S.A. seems secondary to the present events and consequences that are still occurring on Capital Hill in Washington. I believe, their Democracy still lies under threat with Donald Trump. I listened to Michael Moore’s message on a facebook talk. He is a documentary film maker, and an investigative journalist who in his message spoke of unescapable truths that happened on January 6 th, when an insurrection was inspired by the manic and mad Donald Trump. Some synchs may dismiss Michael Moore, but he revealed on that day when over 50,000 protestors descended on Washington from all parts of America, that the 2,500 police attached to Capital Hill for security, only 500 were on duty. Knowing such an event would bring trouble with many extreme Trump supporters attending, no police horses or force to control such a knowable situation occurred. Even many of the staff on Capital Hill were told not to attend work that day.

Michael Moore

It was clear to the world to see many had climbing ropes, guns and further equipment to scale walls and to break in. They even had the secret of where the Nancy Pelosi office was. She is the most powerful woman in America as the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. A coup had been planned and Trump would not send in the National guard to help those on Capital Hill, so reinforcements were called from from Virginia. Several deaths occurred, two policemen, one killed with a fire extinguisher being thrown, hitting his head. Flags were dropped to half mast, for the policemen who died. Trump would not lower the flag at the White House. At this moment today, a second impeachment against him is trying to be enforced, holding Trump responsible. Already Trump is having contracts in New York, taken from the Trump organisation, with many other big Republican donors refusing to contribute any further money. The F.B.I. say many gun attacks are planned in 50 capital states for the inauguration of Joe Biden Presidency on January 20th. Windows are being boarded up in Washington, and now 15,000 National Guard are presently in and around Capital Hill itself. This is a time that presents fear for Americans in these unprecedented times, as there are more arms held in the USA than the Russian Army. When George Floyd was brutally killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25 th, last year, I was given a dark flash, instigating civil war or great civil unrest witnessing the brutal death of George. I brushed this thought straight away, as I did not want to accept it. The thought of such events I couldn’t even dare to contemplate. That was then, but in various conversations heard in the news media civil war comments are being mentioned more in a casual but alarming way. I’ve said before, I believed A DIVINE INTERVENTION happened when Trump lost office, because without a shadow of doubt, he would have created a Third World War with the agreement he made with Benjamin Netanyahu. A storm could not have come at a worse time for the U.S.A. with a virus pandemic on such a scale, again prayers are needed to get through these desperate times now facing America.

The White House

While taking a break I saw on TV the senators giving their minute and half time to speak and call their vote on whether impeachment takes place for this second time. To watch the impasse of diverse opposite views between these senators, sent a shudder through my bones. The opinion poll shows 55% for impeachment and 45% against. A moment in history, where once the strongest democracy has held a beacon for peace. Yes, when times are with the pandemic in the world and what we witness in Washington, Divine Intervention is needed now.

Another story you can’t hide under the carpet was revealed yesterday. The head lines read IRELANDS BRUTAL MISOGYNISTIC CULTURE SAW THE DEATH OF 9,000 CHIlDREN IN MOTHER AND BABY HOMES. A land mark report from Ireland disclosed the horrific, brutal and abhorrent details of the death of 9,000 babies in care of Catholic Church homes between 1922 to 1998. These church institutions were places, where unmarried women were sent to deliver their babies in secret, often against their will. Before 1960, mother and baby homes did not save the lives of illegitimate children, in fact they appear to have significantly reduced their prospect of survival. Their stories showed brutal cruelty, where it’s hard even to write further of the evil that was committed by nuns. I said in my book of 2017 called THE MESSAGE, the Catholic Church will collapse within 25 yrs, unless the message I was given by POPE JOHN PAUL was received at the Vatican. I tried physically to go to the Vatican four times between 2012 and 2015, first before the pope Benedict abdicated. But fear stalks the Vatican and again these terrible stories of abuse towards babies and children will not go away as new substantiated facts emerge. Through fear and being ashamed of what the Catholic Church has further committed against children, I’ve heard no message of apology or repentance from POPE FRANCIS. Such abuse against children by the Catholic church can never be brushed aside as Jesus said to his disciples, ALL CHILDREN ARE SACRED.

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Justin Brockway
Justin Brockway
15 janv. 2021

Divine Intervention or a mass wake up of humanity to stop this absurdity and choose another direction is what is needed. As a great Indian Chief stated "Tyranny and the first world war started when Christopher Columbus landed...................."

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