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"The sun will shine again ..."

February 28 th

Sunday, the last day of February, 2.40 pm, and the sun was out. That sounds like a freedom call, which in many ways would be right, as the U.K. and many other countries have experienced lockdowns. Many people throughout the world have suffered the loss of loved ones, loss of careers and jobs, loss of businesses, where many have taken years of hard labour and much time was given to those who had a dream of having their own business. We have witnessed a tidal wave of a pandemic that has touched every part of the globe. We have seen so many brave people silently facing this invisible enemy called the Coronavirus that has brought so many deaths around the world. All staff, whether doctors, nurses, paramedics, and all ancillary staff played their part. Let’s not forget food store staff, facing the public all day long. The list is long with police all doing their part in this battle that is not yet over.

I referred to the sun a few sentences ago. I sat outside for an hour in the sun at the mid-day, and earlier saw two homes of my children, down in the southern part of the U.K.. One, my daughter with three children played as though it was summertime in their garden. There was a cerulean blue sky, reminiscent of the South of France in high summertime. There was optimism in the air too about the coming months as they had already booked a holiday as my son-in-law was going to start a new business. These are some signs from the younger generation that they will not allow to let a doubt cloud change the future. The young are optimistic and they know, they can create their dreams.

The sun though does not shine on everyone, and a shadow will hang heavily over many, but these blue skies of optimism must be allowed to touch everyone. The world is divided wrongly at this moment in time, even greater than ever before, where there are two, three, and four camps of those who have, and those who have little. Optimism with proper planning and vision is paramount to each and every country, no matter where they are on this global map. This younger generation will accept nothing less than having the hope of a better future. Today’s younger society is more educated than ever before, and accepting what’s gone before will not happen, especially if there is no sight of a decent home, which is affordable and at this moment it cannot be even seen on the horizon. We will not see the young saying, “IS THIS IT ?” They have expectations and dreams. These autocratic rulers may feel all will continue as before, but their policy of subjugation combined with fear will not be allowed to exist. Events will see change as it’s inevitable, through the centuries change always appears, but often through great violence, when all options have broken the final straw. We can hope that the silent majority has been underestimated, and like all good men and women will rise when challenges are to be met.

For the first time in the U.K. since the ex-prime minister David Cameron resigned, his voice was heard a day ago saying, “We are in a wartime situation.” He was referring to the U.K.’s mountain of debt, and looking to the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s speech next week to not start raising taxes. This is the first time, I’ve heard a politician, through this virus epidemic mention, we are in a wartime position. Obviously, like all other politicians they don’t read my message blog. I said from day one, we must believe this is a war to fight and adopt a policy of combating a war, because this virus has further implications, and it’s not just here for a couple of months. The U.K. Chancellor Riki Sunak believed, when he found his orchard of money trees, and gave billions away, letting his ministers have full control to spend whatever it takes, is now finding, he was absolutely wrong. I have to repeat what I’ve said before as I watch our metaphorical ship The Fighting Temeraire painted by Turner, a famous U.K. artist, where the ship sailed to a breaker's yard.

The Fighting Temeraire painted by Joseph Mallord William Turner

In the U.K., our present policy is still failing to see holes, and have no clear strategy. On Wednesday, I hope the Chancellor can put some wind into the sails of our great U.K. ship with his budget speech, because as I’ve mentioned, the young want hope of a better future. This message applies to all regions in the U.K. who feel they have been left behind these last fifty years, promises given at the last election will want results and signs now. I wrote in my last message blog about the starving in Yemen. That dark cloud gets darker each hour as we pray for the sun that may bring food and hope, that peace and some normality will return soon. The latest news passes by many in the world as problems grip all countries. The war in Yemen though has intensified in the past few days, and the country is heading towards the worst famine, the world has seen in decades. The last U.N. report told the council 16 million people in Yemen are going hungry, and five million are just one step away from famine. Some 400,000 children are in their last weeks and months. THEY ARE STARVING TO DEATH.

I’ve talked before there are no great leaders today that carry that crown. It’s hard to believe when such horrific stories are happening at this very moment, and no government leader from whatever country or ideology can bang together some emergency action to help these children and their people. The present U.S. president Joe Biden no matter what he faces at home or any other leader can’t say, we cannot permit this any longer. If they have to threaten Saudi Arabia or Iran so be it. To live with this, and no strong action is taken, humanity is walking backwards, and not to the bright future.

Today, there are no great panaceas for all problems to be solved, but as I started the sun can shine and return again. It’s my belief, through all the problems that beset this world, there is a greater spiritual power that I believe carries the hope that all will be better soon. When we allow that awful vibration called doubt to appear, and it intrudes on all our positive, and loving thoughts, it’s the sun that lifts our spirits, which then nourishes our souls.

I’ve just seen a flash of news on my iPad that a virus variant from a place in Brazil has been found in Scotland. Such news of many things, we don’t want to read or hear continue. As long as the sun comes out like today, when I saw my grandchildren playing happily together, we have to think better days are coming as the green leaves will soon appear again, just like the year before. Life is a circle, just as the Native American Indians believed. The seasons come around, just like the clock finger. The day is followed by night, and we see at times when all falls down, either a relationship or losing your job or losing a loved one, everything turns out there is a reason, a time and place and later you will be shown a full reason of WHY. We can all say through our own experiences if this or that had not happened, we would not perhaps be in this better place. If someone has lost a child early in life, or a loved one, again I believe life is a circle, and you will meet your loved ones again. That's for sure, just as the sun will shine again. The grand old gentleman Sir Captain Tom who raised 33 million pounds at 100 yrs of age for the N.H.S. would always say, TOMORROW WILL BE A BETTER DAY.

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