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"The Wave of change ..."

June 10th

3.15pm. A quiet time of the day where I live, but not a quiet time in the world for where anyone lives, as changes are taking place that are unstoppable. I want you to try imagine you too feel you are on this river of life, just like I mentioned in my previous message blog. Try to sit in silence just for a few seconds and think about where your life is at this moment in time. Then if it’s love try to feel where you are in this present vibration as though you are floating down this river I mention. Are you just bobbing along and accepting its like the previous day? Do you feel uncertainty of where you want your love to go, or do you have greater passions and dreams you want to experience of love and life itself? Why do I pose such a question? Because we are entering changing times of a magnitude where to stay calm and have that inner belief in yourself and faith too that great changes are coming for the better. We’ve been thrown into a consciousness and a belief to a greater degree that climate change has made everyone more aware of how we have not treated the earth in a revered way like the NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN PHILOSOPHY. Their spirituality spoke of the earth as their mother to give respect and love and only take what you need and then replenish the earth.

We have all experienced the consequences of this pandemic of the Coronavirus, where each country has reacted metaphorically to their circumstances to prevent loss of life. The world as seen the pain and suffering of one man die called George Floyd, and are seeing the consequences of his death. His niece at his funeral yesterday spoke with great emotion and heartache for the loss of her uncle where she said these words “IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE” We are all on this river of life where such change is already occurring. In the U.S.A. great waves of changes are already occurring because when the river flows fast you have to take the right steps or this great river will show greater rapids appear. So enormous was the wave of emotion that swept around the world. It touched the U.K. with a powerful force of revulsion making thousands see how our country played a big part in the past with slavery. But we must not forget other major European countries acted in the same barbaric way of abducting families, and whole villages from Africa. This though does not absolve my country because other countries committed terrible crimes against humanity. We cannot absolve the fact and truth that most school children in the U.K. were never taught of what we consider now a shame of the past. So as though the world by almost biblical proportions is being shaken into taking a better path concerning how we go forward. There is a need to change certain structures, laws and seeing the the surge in the gap between the wealthy and the poor which must be but into a reverse. This wave from the river of life has seen in the U.K. the statue of a slave trader in Bristol pulled down and thrown into the harbour. But this wave has not stopped for outside a museum of London docklands, the present mayor of London has had a crane to remove a statue of a man call Robert Millingham. This man owned two sugar plantations in Jamaica with 526 slaves. His statue had sat there comfortably for a very long time. This wave continues to gather momentum, for at the same time at an Oxford Collage thousands cheered hearing this news of the Millingham statue taken down. Why? Because for years another controversial figure of Cecil Rhodes a man who colonised large parts of Africa has defied opposition to take him down for what he represented. The mayor of London is to review all street names and further questionable figures that are contrary to this change in our moral compass.

The slave trader Edward Colston

This wave though will not disappear, because this generation who’ve had a university education have been left with enormous debts from it. I’ve mentioned before, there is a bubble to burst about a lack of housing and affordability to even think of purchasing such a home. This wave will eventually sweep away this cabal of private builders who control land and building prices with a system that reduces people with large mortgages into being almost slaves to a system of capitalism. We are seeing as I’ve said before in previous message blogs, our present leadership and government have not acted wisely against the Coronavirus. Consequences have shown today in our parliament we have more wrongs in action than right decisions. This river of change will see the present president of the U.S.A. washed away, for he cannot be the future for America. In the U.K. there is another leader in waiting who will guide metaphorically our ship in the direction the majority of voters required. Changes as I’ve mentioned and predicted many years ago are unstoppable, as this wave will carry a higher moral force and awareness with young people creating enlightened ideas completely to progress life itself.

Another wave that is presently sweeping the world is going viral which is that Pope Francis is being asked to resign as the Pope. This wave began when he took office, because like all other Popes that have been for previous centuries they cannot reveal the truth. To know more what Cardinal Maria Vigano is saying go on google and put these words on: The Vigano Testimony Edward Pentin with Raymond Arroyo, which reveals the money laundering that’s taken place with the Vatican Bank, orgies of sexual deviancy within the Vatican, and known child abuse with a Cardinal. All known of by Pope Benedict and by Pope Francis. This though isn’t nothing new, my book called the Message reveals a far greater story than this, which was at first unknowingly related to one of the reasons why my vision message took me to Banska Bystrica, in Slovakia, in 2011. I’ve mentioned before the prophesies given to me from the spirit of John Paul in 2012, where he gave me a message to visit Pope Benedict. A visit was arranged but I feel this is not the time or place to talk of it now. The same message from John Paul was given to me three more times, to visit Pope Francis, but all to no avail as fear stalked this Pope regarding the message he would receive.

The Catholic Church, I wrote in my book was in the end game if the church did not face and tell the truth. Pope John Paul’s spirit was with me from the first day I arrived and until the last day I left Banska Bystrica. Today, I believe his spirit is still with me in giving spiritual healing. When John Paul saw I had finished painting these 500 and more children after three years and with his spiritual healing performed two miracles through me, something extraordinary occurred. I finished this large painting on my birthday, and you would expect when finishing the painting and putting my name on it, I would have sat down and celebrated. After all I believe there is no comparable painting in the world that has an encoded message painted within the scene that can bring peace between Palestine and Israel.

My big painting called CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE

As I put my paint brush down, I was told to pick it up again by John Paul. He wanted me to start another painting straight away, saying he wanted me to paint him five times and conveying his own personal message about peace between Palestine and Israel,and showing the love he had for children. The painting and its title is shown below.

Healing, Hope & Help for Everyone

This wave of change where truth and a higher consciousness that is beginning to filter into people around the world is not a coincidence as this ripple of change will grow. No one can make Pope Francis leave his possition, only his death will see him resign. But unless if he is not strong enough to speak the truth and save the Catholic Church with the message from John Paul, his body will not be strong enough for him to survive. The deception the Catholic Church is trying to retain is impossible to hold. It’s the same with racism it can no longer be accepted. The sexual abuse towards children by anyone in the church defiles the name of a higher spiritual realm. My predictions carry no meaning to many, until they actually happen. Appear they have, and this dark force that continues to prevent the truth being told will not survive much longer.

When I tried to get my book The Message published, I sent it to six of the biggest publishers in America. If it was published, It’s my believe, it would bring down banks, some governments that would not accept change and the consequences I’ve mentioned to the Catholic church. Yet that 15 minute message I was given from John Paul would resurrect the faith in the Catholic church and see millions around the world return to their faith. As the young niece of George Floyd said, IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE.

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