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"The way, we can walk ..."

December the 4th, 3 pm. I’ve had a bout of flue today. It’s the first time, I’ve not completed the rigorous gym routine, I put myself through three times a week, as I went to the gym on a ice freezing morning today at 6.50 am. Half way through my training that inner voice said enough is enough, and said it is time to finish training today. How many times has that inner voice told you what to do? I’m sure with each of us we are strongly told, what to do and what not to do. Only when you hesitate over a decision, you can lose the momentum to do the right thing. Can one believe if you follow your gut instincts everything can turn out alright? It may not turn out right straight away, or bring you what you want immediately. But how often do you say maybe a lot later, thank god you made that decision when you did? On the other side of the metaphorical coin, you know equally when you’ve made the wrong decision, as ultimately you will look back and wish you followed your first basic instinct.

One decision I once made, and I knew from the moment I made it, proved exactly wrong, as I was being told not to do something. I had a brother who wanted me to put a large amount of money into creating a chain of retail shops, and that inner voice said no. Because it was my brother’s dream, I felt obligated and he needed me to put my energy and effort into this project. I made a decision to help him, yet deeply knowing it would prove as my inner voice said, it was a wrong thing to do. We bought a large once industrial mill for warehousing and offices, and the first shop we created in the centre of a busy shopping area forty miles away made an enormous profit. But I’m not a fool, because I knew that profit was down to me working horrendous hours, seven days a week, and knowing I’m good with communicating with people, which is essential with customers and staff. With that first shop as a model for others to be created, my brother thought this was a winning formula. I said not, as I knew other managers would not work the hours I put in to make this happen. Again my brothers dream of making millions put his thoughts first, which were opposite to mine and proceeded. By now my share of the capital was stuck into a failed project. So twice now my inner voice had warned me. Five years later, after using huge amounts of money we had gone beyond a million of borrowed capital, and it failed. As a consequence, hundreds of people lost their jobs. I though had lost five years of being with my young family and following my own dream of one day painting. I knew though it was doomed from the start. Everything in life is a lesson, and hopefully to be learned from. We can all recall when we look back on life, what maybe wished for and it didn’t happen in the way it did. Maybe through life or previous lives we’ve made the same mistakes before, and we return to try and not make the same mistake again. We all know when we have entered a relationship, and we see those initial dreams you once had, then never seeing them materialise. I saw this with my own parents, where my mother who had great dreams believed, she could fulfil them, if only my father could have believed in them too. My mother had four children and in those days she could not just jump out of her metaphorical boat. Only in later years, my mother regreted deeply in not being able to make that escape and fulfil more of her dreams. Later in life, I did help my mother to achieve some of her dreams with my father’s passing.

History though does repeat itself, as I too had four children and my wife never wanted my dreams, but fate can step in. I believe, there are times, when faith can step into your life and allow your metaphorical boat to sail in a new direction. I was able to sail away with my four daughters seeing my dreams of painting become a reality. In my very first blog, I spoke of a man I met in a town called JOSEPH in Oregon, North America, where after running his own ranch for 36 years, he told me, he had a dream to build his own log cabin. I can only say, Wow, a thousand times, when I stayed in his Bed and Breakfast a few days days which was the log cabin he built. He told me how him and his son built this log cabin on their own. He said, IF YOU DON’T HAVE A DREAM, YOU WILL DIE SOONER THAN YOU THINK. This man was in his seventies, when he built this beautiful log cabin, but it was his wife’s dream too, and with the help of his son their dream came true. But he said, WHEN YOU HAVE COMPLETED YOUR DREAM YOU MUST CREATE ANOTHER. His next dream, he was now 76 years old, he said with friends they would voluntary repair their small town airport and make it look something special. I’ve found with life their are special people in this world who are more than good friends. There are people, I believe, I’ve met in previous lives, where maybe once I helped them. In this life, they can appear, when it is sometimes needed, and your journey needs help too in where you are to go.

Today, I can say two friends and name them, Ivor and Annette, came into my life when I was to go forward with what I’m given to do, and they were always there to help. They are both very giving spiritual people. Once they came to my home to be in a meditative circle I ran, when I saw a Samurai War Lord sitting next to Ivor. So powerful was this image, I had paint Ivor imposing his head and features to make him appear as I believed Ivor to be once, this strong powerful and wise Samurai War Lord. Maybe we knew each other from a long time ago, but I believe his wisdom is here today, with Annette his partner as they both help me an awful lot. Annette too is psychic, but also very generous with everyone she meets. Again I feel our paths have met before in a period, when Jesus was on the Earth plane.

My friend Ivor, as Samurai War Lord

Today, me and my lady friend E..., who helps to edit and illustrates my blogs, and much more have put together a letter with my last blog to send to Oprah Winfrey. This is about trying to get this last true powerful blog heard and seen to a wider audience, and within hours Ivor has printed the last blog in colour and given me three copies of Oprah’s letter so we can send it to three hopeful addresses. Help when needed to do good can be there for anyone if they have a dream that’s meaningful to help others. I’ve said before there are several ladies in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia who have greatly helped to further our charity and this continuing journey. I believe each of them to be part of far greater emerging picture. Again, I’ve felt very close to each of these ladies, as I felt they had been a part in my previous lives.

Oprah Winfrey

I’ve mentioned perhaps this thought before. I know it’s in my book, My Journey with Joseph, where I received a powerful message, directing me and my friend on our last day, at a place called Spokane in Oregon. We were in a hotel and something was almost magnetically pulling me to a place in their hotel foyer. There was a board showing certain attractions in the area to visit, but I saw a museum which I believed showed North American Indian artefacts. This was saying to me and my friend, where we should go. It was supposed to be a short drive, but time past and we nearly gave up going, as we couldn’t find the museum. Eventually, we pulled up and I said, this is the last person I’m going to ask for directions. It turned out the museum was across the road where we had parked behind a copse of trees. As we entered the museum, I thought this is not what I expected and nothing caught my eye or imagination, as I was walking through every room in minutes. Then we came to a room, where many small paintings of iconic pictures which seemed to be of Russian orthodox and Mexican images of Christ. I was being drawn not to the paintings but to their halos around the head of Christ on each painting. Then I heard a voice say, THE MESSAGE CHRIST GAVE WAS SIMPLE, THE SPIRIT OF WOMAN IS EQUAL TO THAT OF MAN. Then my friend was given a message, which I heard telling him one day, he will channel the words from Chief Joseph’s brother OLLOKOT. It would take him three years to channel these words from Ollokot and it would eventually replace the bible. My friend heard these messages clearly too. He had already channelled powerful and meaningful thoughts from Ollokot, which ironically had brought us incredibly to meet descendants of Chief Joseph and Ollokot. Descendants we never knew existed, but this spiritual power we believed, was directing us each day of our journey. I was told by a message one day to visit their reservation, we never heard of. This spiritual power I talk of, had me ringing their reservation and I was being told, because there was a large burial ceremony going on, they could not see us. But spirit were telling me to go. This we did, and extraordinarily, we were invited to stay in their casino hotel, and join every Nez Perce member of their tribe at the burial ceremony. What opened the key to the heart of their scared sanctuary? It was the two paintings I took of Joseph, and of equal importance many pages of channelled spiritual thoughts from Ollokot, channelled by my friend. We met also the great, great grand daughter of Ollokot too, and Gary my friend was able to present these profound and precious thoughts to this great lady. I might add, I was told four times by different mediums in the year 2000 I would visit North America. This was the year, my wife left, which proved providence was helping me in many ways for future situations to occur. It was though in 2004 when the journey began to visit the homelands of Chief Joseph. It was only later I found out it was the centenary year of JOSEPH’S passing. With each of us I believe our lives are almost planned out IF WE FOLLOW OUR INNER FEELINGS.

My painting of Chief Joseph called "Joseph´s power of love"

My painting of Chief Joseph´s brother Ollokot called "The Sun always shines"

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