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"The winds of change ..."

March 22nd

6.55 pm. THE WORLD IS IN ALMOST TOTAL LOCKDOWN EVERYWHERE. This is a phrase that could have been in a futuristic novel by the once-famous H.G.Wells born 1860 to 1946. He was known as the father of science fiction. His fame came from novels such as THE TIME MACHINE, WAR OF THE WORLDS and more. His last novel had a prophetic title called A DREAM WORLD. We are all hearing new words such as SOCIAL DISTANCING, a message from epidemiologists are using to refer to a conscious effect to reduce close contact between people and hopefully preventing community transmissions.

I can like anyone else talk of stories of friends, family and people you have heard of stories that are unreal and some surreal. I have to say we are entering a completely new dimension or reality no one has experienced before. Why could I say this phrase is also a contradiction of the truth? We have witnessed extremes like the human barbarity towards each other in the first and second world wars. Was it acceptable for human beings to slaughter one another? This was a surreal reality for some who can recall parents and grandparents being part of or actively experiencing such awful situations. The lists of extremes are not just of the past but are of our present-day too. I mentioned in my last blog children in extreme poverty die every three seconds, wars continue, starvation and a mass exodus of people fleeing from such surreal and appalling realities are seen and reported every second of the day. Wrongly we accept such situations. We accept that there are more than enough nuclear weapons to obliterate the very existence of human life on earth. We accept after centuries of seeing profound injustices towards the weakest in our society continue. Our governments are not strong enough to say and act towards what is right and wrong according to your moral value or our society's moral values. Now though there is a whirlwind that is facing millions where our way of life and how we live is being challenged in a way never seen before by this present generation.

I wonder what H.G.WELLS or my friend ALBERT EINSTEIN would have said today. I can now hear Albert saying quite calmly I TOLD YOU SO. Albert would not have said this in a smug way, but speaking the truth which is not acceptable to those governing powers knowing it would threaten their power base and their rules in how the world we live in should be. Anyone who would have read my first book MY JOURNEY WITH JOSEPH may have said this guy is crazy. His beliefs don’t belong to this world, or skeptics would dismiss such thoughts of my actual experiences as being weird, just unacceptable. I remember painting two of four Madonnas which came in a message and vision as far back as 1974. I was given this beautiful feeling from these Madonnas I painted with a message which was so simple to accept. THE SPIRIT OF WOMAN IS EQUAL TO THAT OF MAN. I visited top cathedrals showing these prints of my Madonna paintings. When they asked in these church shops what do the prints mean, they looked baffled and puzzled when I told them, the church showed me the door. The Vatican has shown me the door four times when I sent my beautiful prints showing Pope John Paul with a message they did not want to hear because of their FEAR OF THE TRUTH. The doors to all churches are controlled by not accepting anything but their own ideology. I sent my book called THE MESSAGE to six different members of the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE committee and had no reply. They can’t accept what they don’t understand or believe. I sent over thirty beautiful postcards to UNESCO, the UNITED NATIONS showing children from around the world, many in disadvantaged situations. They did not like the message nor did I even have a reply. I sent a message showing my painting CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE to the Minister of Education in Israel and the Palestinian Ambassador in Austria as I was in Slovakia four years. I was just asking could I visit all schools of learning? Again, FEAR was at this door.

I believe young people should be allowed to have another view or to be shown hope, peace and a future that would allow their dreams to come true. I have climbed mountains to try and open a door that is closed by many governments and churches because of FEAR and hearing the truth which goes against their interests. Now though the world is in a place where their control will become harder to hold, as the world faces consequences they have not seen before which is from a biblical perspective. I have to believe all the messages, visions predictions, prophecies I’ve received through my life are not fantasy or fiction, but to be a fact. Who can stand and say in this present vortex of the Coronavirus Pandemic and say such thinking of mine is not believable? Who can argue against the many messages I’ve channelled from ALBERT EINSTEIN when in one message he said, There are not the resources on Earth to maintain and satisfy the materialistic appetite and consumption your world presently possesses. TIMES HAVE TO CHANGE AND THEY WILL ...We can no longer ignore the perilous climate change our Earth experiences. We will not allow this next young generation to inherit the follies of the present day, for through many technological advances we have let further truths be known into our children’s world, some of which are not acceptable. This new generation will not accept the present realities, and this was the same message when Jesus, Mohammed and many other messengers came showing enlightened thinking. I will return to a couple of experiences that happened in my world in the past few days. To me, these stories prove there is powerful spiritual energy evident for everyone to experience.

My days don’t have enough time to do all I try to do. Nearing the end of editing the first 77 blogs from our website with my good friend Elena who has many other items to deal with, I said I’m leaving her totally in charge of designing the book cover. Also Elena came up with the synopsis idea. Elena is not a designer by nature, nor has she edited and published books before meeting me, but I know and believe she has great help from the spirit world to help her. Today she has artistic gifts that have always been with her all through her life, but now that door has been opened for her to use those special gifts. I have to add she has edited and illustrated several books with me until today. Last Wednesday evening at 8.00 pm Elena sent me a message suggesting I look at her design for our book, she chose the title too. I’d just finished which is sometimes a marathon of time, to complete the blog and the many other things I do during the day. Her design was so great in my opinion, and I’ve been a designer for over twenty years of my life, creating designs from pottery, fabrics, wallpapers, and more. I was flying with sheer excitement. I have to believe in my thinking to produce this design in the short time given to Elena, that she was having a great spiritual power working with her. To satisfy me with a design, I have the highest expectation to achieve the very best. Elena did this.

Another experience on Saturday morning while painting, I had a powerful spiritual energy field come to me with a message I had to pass on to a friend. A friend who through his work in the film and TV world found himself out of work like so many in the theatre companies. He has though an artist side to his nature where in the past he has chosen large pieces of beautiful timber to create coffee tables. His talent for using colours and a secret way of putting a glass-like finish to them create a beautiful object which is desirable to many. I sent him a message saying if his time now permits, he should take advantage and do as Steve a Jobs said, DO WHAT YOU LOVE. He sent a message back showing surprise, saying the day before he went to collect three of these two-meter pieces of wood he previously stored with a friend. Again, another story showing my powers of seeing into the future of what can be. With my friend I cannot determine his future, he will follow his feelings. This is the message for all of us, follow our feelings, as we enter the challenges of what I believe can be a better world for all of us.

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