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"There are no failures in this life ..."

November 23rd, the previous day saw me visit my second daughter in Manchester, and I find myself standing in for a couple hours each day helping out, as my son in laws French mother has had to return to Paris for a week. I have to believe each of us have lives that are synchronised for certain things we are given to do, and my stay already at my daughters has allowed me to have that peace and quite for a large part of the day. Yesterday saw me putting together a synopsis for the next vision painting I’m wanting to complete in Banska Bystrica, which saw me looking at the possibility of a streaming channel taking interest in what will occur and what has occurred in the past. I deliberated for three hours and more last evening trying to find the right way forward, for I was consciously thinking I’m racing against a universe spiritual clock. A clock, where I’ve always thought through most of my life is constantly ticking and I’m not to waste any precious time. From an early age I’ve always tried to set targets for the coming year, and try to achieve a certain goal. I remember in June of 2010 as part of the message I received in the historical square of Banska Bystrica, that I must as I was spiritually told to visit the head quarters of the Palestinians in London. I was also told in this message I would receive help from them in creating this vision painting, so I did just go down to London without any appointment with a friend who I wanted as a witness. The Palestinians did make me welcome, even offering me the chance to visit their refugee camps in Jordan. In 2012 these camps in Jordan were registered with nearly five million Palestinian patrilineal descendants from the war in 1948. But with this offer then, this clock I talk of, was telling me time would not permit this journey to occur, as my time was synchronised to start this painting as soon as possible. The Palestinians did give me help though as the message told me, by allowing me the full facility of the photo library, showing images of their children in war torn Gazza and other palaces. I’m here again today in this time zone of believing I cannot spend my time going down a long road of finding a film option that could perhaps take months without a positive reply. Try to believe this metaphorical river of life we are all on does not stop, as life it self brings many twist and turns.

The images of Palestinian and Jewish children, taken from my big painting called "Children are the Future."

This Saturday morning I find myself talking to my son in law, as he’s just moved to a new position with a scientific magazine publisher. He’s to use his experience and knowledge in expanding the companie’s present position with new thinking and thoughts, a company that’s only seven years old in its birth. I’m always interested in people who have had a go to start a new business after having a thought that has probably been fermenting in their minds perhaps for years. My son in law then told me of an interesting story a colleague at his work place had told him. Outside their offices, a retired prison officer had decided to start a new business selling tea, coffees and other snacks to the many businesses in the area. My son in law’s colleague had mentioned he was entering a two hundred mile cycle race, but was constantly thinking he was not going to complete this race. One day the ex prison officer told him a story of when he was in charge of many prisoners. He said, there were so many occasions when prisoners gave up hope of ever getting out of jail, as many thought of taking their lives, believing suicide was an escape. This ex prison officer said, he would tell these prisoners, write down ten reasons why you would like to live. My son in laws colleague thought to himself, it’s easy to say and do, that he was not going to enter this cycle race, so just write down all the pluses, if he entered the race. It’s not about winning the race, it’s about proving to yourself you can finish the race which you first believed you could not do. It’s about having that feeling you could do better than you thought. It’s also a feeling of YOU CAN DO, a feeling that enhances your life, a feeling where you passed your own personal expectations, a feeling that can give you a pride in yourself. A feeling of later in your life, where you will have no regrets in thinking, Could I have finished that race? You would have that spur again to face a challenge later, where you would say I’m going to do what I feel I should do. Even if my son in laws colleague had not finished the race, he was still a winner compared to those, who are afraid to take the steps, when metaphorically a ship or chance in life sails by. There are no failures in this life IF YOU ARE NOT AFRAID TO DO WHAT YOU HEART IS TELLING YOU TO DO.

You are the failure if you know you have ability or credentials to do something you know you can do, and then never bother to follow what you know you could have done. This applies to love when fear makes you take the wrong decisions. Thomas Edison once said after succeeding in creating the light bulb, I have not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Edison was famous for never giving up in his search for the construction of the electric light bulb. Without his tenacity and belief in himself his idea might never have come into fruition.

This story my son in law told me, I believe was specifically in that moment of time for myself as I’ve been climbing a mountain all my life, but this analogy applies to everyone.

Thomas Alva Edison

I’m facing many difficulties to put this present vision painting into operation, but I have the belief I can do whatever I’ve been given to do, although on this metaphorical mountain I’m having boulders reigned down on me to try and prevent this painting from happening. Life is not easy, but do you suddenly say, “ Oh I’ll forget it,” and let your life just roll along in the same old way, never question anything, then continue to listen to those negative thoughts from others. I’ve found so many people just except their life as it is, and I’ve seen in my younger years when I’ve made a decision to leave a work place, then know and see those who worked around me are still in the same metaphorical box for many years ahead. I’ve even found this in a relationship when you knew it was never going to be right, if you continued to stay in the same position. Then you see a friend as I did, where his wife was totally opposite to everything he did or wanted from life, and he suffered ten years of hell. Later, I found out this friend of mine who had trained weightlifting with me for more than ten years, finally made that break where he found happiness, and a total new life with someone who loved him and his dreams.

That story of the ex prison officer who retired and started a business to fulfil his dream, can give hope to others if we can all sit down when making a decision, and write down ten positive beautiful thoughts that saw you being happy in the decision you made and what you would like from life. BELIEVE WE CAN ALL DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE OUR LIVES, IF YOU ARE NOT CONTENT, AND BELIEVE AS I DO, WE CAN ALL HAVE HELP FROM ABOVE WHEN WE FEEL WE WANT SOMETHING MORE FROM LIFE, ESPECIALLY IF WE CAN ENRICH THE LIVES OF OTHERS TOO.

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