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"Think positive and be afraid of nothing ..."

April 28th

Wednesday 3.26pm. One can’t escape the news that’s coming from India with the catastrophic position the Indian government finds themselves in, with this deadly virus that’s growing to monstrous proportions. When we see people dying in the streets, and no hospital beds nor oxygen to help those now desperate to stay alive, this must surely be a wake up call for the world. Again, it’s clear with so many mistakes that can happen with this virus, when someone in authority believes the virus is now disappearing, we see the worst of scenarios appear. India is one of the world’s biggest producers of oxygen. Oxygen used in industry is now being diverted to help those people dying in India, but they have a transport problem, due to the great distances between different states, and major cities who are suffering the most. The world is acting and listening, seeing a major catastrophe before everyone eyes. The burning of bodies in their thousands that are dying, is a scene even to those who carry out such work who say, they have never seen or experienced such terrible things before. It’s being said, they are running out of wood for the fires, as this shows the extent of the undertaking they are facing. Reports from some correspondents suggest the official death figure is more than double than what’s being quoted, which must be making alarm bells sound around the world.

Brazil as we read is another country, fighting to restrict this virus spreading anymore, but it’s been clear to see their President never took the virus seriously in the first place. Everyone can say hindsight is easy when such things occur. The question is can the world unite with their philosophy and go forward together with a vaccine strategy that can help all countries more equally.

President Biden is telling America, those that are vaccinated do not have to wear masks when they are outside, but must do when crowds gather or at entertainment venues. The U.S. knows it’s impossible to enforce but hope people act correctly.

There is a step being made to go forward also in the U.K. when we are seeing people shopping again. Outside of city centres there is not the same footfall of shoppers, because five million are on furlough, and small businesses will take at least another year to get back to where their profits once stood. Progress will be slow for many, but in the U.K. questions are being asked if foreign holidays will be alright. No answers, but how can anyone say everything is alright now? Lessons must be learned with other countries where many do not have vaccines for their populations. Until all countries are made secure, it’s not wise in my opinion to believe everything will resume as it once was for a long while yet. The death rate from this virus has fallen dramatically in the U.K., so vaccines are beating this new scourge of our times, but much of what we do must come from our own common sense. Nothing is certain in the world we live in, and never has been, but we must be hopeful for the future and think positive and be afraid of nothing.

In the U.K. if one viewed politics as a barometer, and hoped to read good weather ahead, they would be disappointed. The weather forecast on our island and political ocean would see further violent storms ahead. For months now the navigation of the U.K. ship as been metaphorically taking water aboard, and we should have been throwing items overboard such as controversy. The alleged words used by Boris in a heated argument about him saying, “He’d rather see bodies pile up than have another lockdown,” will not go away when thousands needlessly died. In parliament at question time today, I’ve never seen such a barrage of questions about who initially paid for his flat in Downing Street to be refurbished. A week has passed and neither him or any of his Ministers provide the answer to a simple question. To watch the opposition leader Keir Starmer, a barrister and former head of the Crown Prosecution Service, place six questions today concerning who paid for his flat. This was like watching the prolonged assassination of Julius Caesar. I don’t think, I’ve ever seen such an agonising scene in Parliament before. The spokesman for Scotland and woman for Wales, each put knives into Boris. The attack on sleaze and all the other issues won’t go away. Boris’s remark to say, “The public don’t give a monkey’s about such issues,” only make the public think, does he take the voters as fools? If we look at this being the U.K. ship, one can ask how long can this assault go on with a Captain who is losing support every hour. A well known former reporter, and now historian who once knew Boris well said, ”I can’t understand why he should want to go on, when if he walked away he could make millions as a entertainer.” He then went on to say, “David Cameron gets £100,000 for an invited talk.” What message does this send out to the young? To be crowning failure in politics with no integrity will see you make a fortune.

Changes will appear like a beautiful rainbow that will touch everyone, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will see a fountain of giving to help others with far less in life. This is the future thinking the young will bring, as they will see their parents past has perhaps not trying harder to seek a better road.

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