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"Time of Change ..."

December the 12th. I nearly started this blog by stating, what I have said before, I don’t know what I’m to write. I start with a thought that comes from no where sometimes, but today as I write this at 1.50 pm it’s now different as you will read. Perhaps by now, if you have read a few of my blogs, everything thing I do, I go with my feelings, but for many this can be hard because of the circumstance you maybe in. Five days of the week, I speak to my lady friend E ... to continue the present project we are working on. The previous evening, I had a uncomfortable feeling about the journey E ... was going to make the following day to visit her mother, a drive of 45 minutes. The following morning, that’s today, I first had a quick look on my iPad at the newspaper news. It showed Boris Johnson’s vote in our country beginning to wobble. I thought, am I going have to change my mind to support him? I intended to go to the ballot station and spoil my vote and write my thoughts on the paper.Then I thought, if I support Boris Johnson it will go against my principles of going with your heart and feelings. I was hesitating wrongly, but for less than 30 seconds, as I knew I was being tested, yes, by those greater spiritual powers I believe in. So no I did not change my mind, and later in pouring rain I found I was being tested again as I’d walked a further mile to the ballot station only to find out they had changed the voting place to another place. I was carrying two very heavy shopping bags and this journey would have seen me nearer to my home. I hesitated thinking, you are not voting, but only a protest voting, another ten minutes would see me out of the pouring rain and at home. No, I’m being tested again. It’s so easy to think there is an easier way in life. With my belief there is no easy way if you truly want the right thing in life. I walked again as in my town, if you have a car, it’s impossible to park and takes twice as long in a car. I walked back to the other polling station and finally wrote what I wanted to say on my ballot paper, no simple cross. I wrote in big letters, No democracy in our country, No Brexit candidate to vote for, and No leadership in our country yet. Earlier before all this I spoke to my friend E ... and she said, she didn’t have to make the car journey to her mothers, as her brother was dropping a turkey off for her. I felt an enormous relief for her as she mentioned snow and ice might have been on the road. I did mention my feelings about the would be journey, but it was a great relief for me knowing, what I had been shown. With my predictions I can assure the reader we do have help from above and sometimes there is given unknown help we are not aware of. I tell this story of how I pick feelings up as it will lead to the next story a couple of hours later.

While with E ... we are presently working on a book being created from the first 77 blogs we have made. So this morning I’m checking these earlier blogs with a story that went back I think to blog seven. I spoke the words from a prophecy channelled through me, from the once previous Pope John Paul. This was given on the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012, which I’ve mentioned before. I clearly remember this day for it was a Wednesday and we had planned to book a flight to meet Pope Benedict, and now I had a letter from the Vatican approving our visit. No, it was not a one to one meeting, but a meeting with him and others. Given this chance I would not have stood quietly by without introducing myself, and giving him the message John Paul gave me to tell him. But with facts the world did not know then about Pope Benedict abdication, I was destined not to go to the Vatican with these ladies. As I was reading blog seven, I said to E..., Do you realise, it’s the twelfth day today, and of the twelfth month? I said, It’s seven years to this very day when we received so many prophecy messages. I then said, This is the beginning of a new seven year cycle where for everyone, if they believe in what their heart tells them, a new and better seven years is coming their way. E... then heard a bang in her home, as she found a jar holding beads of her daughters had fallen from a shelf. I instantly knew, it was not for no reason, but a validation, or conformation, that we are entering into that time of change. We await in the U.K. for change, what will be will be.

Pope John Paul II

After leaving E ..., I made my twelve minute walk through the park, passing the church which was built between 1042 -1066. I then walk through the town market square, that received its royal charter in 1214, as my town is steeped in history. It couldn’t have been a worse day for weather. Wind, rain and freezing cold too. I came out of the bank, a few minutes later, to cross the road to get my lottery tickets. My feelings were kicking in towards a young woman, who stood in the doorway of the adjoining shop. In this terrible weather, she stands holding magazines, hoping someone will purchase one. She must have stood there for years doing this. I’ve felt for her before, just standing in all sorts of awful weather. I went to her saying, How long have you been in Leek standing in this same position? She said, she had been coming to Leek for nine years . She now looked about 32 years old and she has always had a smile on her face. Then I said, knowing she was not from this area, Where do you come from? She said, Manchester, and told me her bus route, again I said, Wow, that’s a long journey. I was getting this strong feeling of giving her a date. Then she said to my surprise, You have done this before to me. Not remembering this moment I said, And what happened when I gave you this date? She said, You gave me my birth date. Something touched me powerfully hearing this. I just happened this morning to pick up a card showing our charity Kompas. Or was this a moment when those spiritual powers were telling me to do so? I gave her the card, saying by the date I gave her, You must ring me as I’m going to change your life in a way you will not believe. There was no pause or hesitation on my part to say this. I then gave her some money saying that, This for you as I don’t need your magazine, and wished her well. I’ve not said this before to anyone when giving a date, saying I will change your life. She said her name if I heard it right, Zariah. I looked it up on google as I’ve wrote this blog, and its origin is Hebrew and means HELPED BY GOD.

In the bank that day something else happened that has never happened before in five years of making transactions in euros. There was no costs attached for some reason, and the young woman just shrugged her shoulders saying that’s what it says. I went that day to my accountant expecting to pay £50.00 for their time to fill a long complicated business form, I’d received from the bank we use for our Kompas business. The accountant lady said, they couldn’t understand it and told me to forget it. I said to her, I’m picking up your feelings, and gave her a date. I laughed and said, I would forget this form now. Then the man at the reception desk gave me a look as much to say, “What about me?” I gave him a date too, he asked, what would he receive. I said, I’m never told. Then I said, if I gave you ten million pounds, that would not guarantee you having happiness.

When I got home now soaking wet, carrying two heavy bags of shopping. I was conscious of the time, it was seven minutes to twelve. I sorted myself out knowing I would receive a message at twelve midday. I was conscious I had to have a pen in my hand. The following message was given. CONTINUE TO KEEP ON GIVING, AS YOU’VE CHOSEN THE REAL PATH FOR LIVING, FOR VERY SOON ALL THOSE WHO BELIEVE LIKE YOU WILL SEE A NEW MOON, WHICH WILL CHANGE ALL YOUR SEA TIDES. A NEW RIDE YOU WILL BEGIN, FOR THERE ARE MANY ALREADY YOU KNOW, WHO ARE WAITING FOR A SIGN, THAT VERY SOON SHALL YOU PRESCRIBE.

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