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"To move forward ... "

April 22nd

4.45 pm. The news of the Coronavirus does not get any better for many countries, and we in the U.K. are being associated metaphorically as a patient who cannot find yet the right doctor. We hear all the time when will this lockdown finish, and how long can we afford to keep paying these gigantic sums of money to finance this ongoing pandemic. Economists don’t have any idea of our present position, just as the majority of these so-called experts did not predict the financial crash. We hear now of an economic depression, worse than the infamous 1929 Wall Street crash, happening, which was brought on then by corrupt bankers. Today bankers in the U.K. are having criticism of not lending enough money to help struggling firms and yet British banks along with American banks in 2008 were both bailed out with billions of pounds and dollars of taxpayers' money. So what am I saying? Nothing changes, even before this virus, the banks were getting into the same position to crash again, as they had not introduced the right mechanisms to prevent another catastrophe. These are the words of Mervyn King, former governor to the bank of England. So anyone who thinks when this virus is finished with, which now we don’t know when, and believes everything will return to how life once was will find that analysis wrong. We are at a time and place when it’s seen clearly that all countries should be cooperating together. With the scientific side to the virus this is happening. To move forward when all economies have got to lift themselves off the floor, it should hopefully be seen they sit down together and make sure smaller or poorer countries will not be left out of this greater plan. With so many visions, predictions, and prophecies I was shown eight years ago, this must be the opportune time to make these essential steps now. Many more prophecies I will mention in due course. We all want to live a life of peace and harmony, but it appears we have to wait until a catastrophe appears before the right action is taken. This pandemic is one such moment, but most countries are acting just for themselves, instead of all coordinating their actions against this virulent virus together helping each other out. Giving and helping can change our world, but this story which only a few days old is a shameful act of fact with Europe and the U.K.

We have all seen these desperate camps in Greece holding thousands way beyond the amount they were allocated for. A pleading message to help 5,500 children with no guardians all under 14 years of age to be given a chance to escape probable death when this Coronavirus breaks out in their camps. On March 13th Priti Patel, our Home Secretary in charge of immigration refused to accept more unaccompanied children from these notoriously overcrowded camps. In Germany the politicians in the governing C.D.U party refused to take these children on health grounds, as they said they were trying to contain the outbreak and keep their economy afloat. Yet, they allowed 40,000 seasonal workers to harvest the German crop of famed white asparagus, and they flew home 200,000 German holidaymakers, which contradicted its reasons to help such children. We the U.K. have flown home one million holidaymakers and our excuses are no better. I’m trying to say that with Europe and the U.K. it has no moral compass. To leave these children to probably die in my book is an abomination. What sort of society can allow this appalling act to happen, again we have to make great changes?

I’ve mentioned before in a vision I followed I was given to paint 500 children many who lived in dire circumstances. This experience lasted me nearly four years to complete this painting. Whilst painting this scene showing many children, I believe something very powerful happened. In this shopping mall, parents brought small children, babies, and teenagers, and students too came in their hundreds wanting to be in this evocative and moving painting. They didn’t question some of the disturbing scenes I’d painted showing children starving, in war zones, and some manacled as slave labour. They were desperate to have their child in this momentous painting illustrating, Children are the Future. I found myself in a position every hour and every day, as many had travelled long journeys just hoping their child could be part of this vision painting. I’ve mentioned before we had taken photographs at one point of 150 children, which were all pinned up to show the queue of children who were waiting to take their turn to be in this painting. I was finding it almost impossible to say no to the parents when I saw the look on their faces, wanting so much for their child to be in the painting. All the time I had to be clever how I wove them into this visionary scene, plus it took a full day to paint just one almost photographic portrait image of these children. Eventually the total of children, babies, teenagers, and students equalled 250 or more, but I made their dream come true. This may explain my position when reading such stories of children in these immigration camps, as I just feel I cannot forsake children. Eventually, parents could see I had no more space, then some said, Are you going to do another painting? If I had a canvas ten times the size, I’m sure half of Slovakia's children would want to be on such a scene. So with my country the U.K., I believe our present political system does not live in the world I’ve been given to see. I have to feel, I’m not alone in thinking how we can all give our help to children in disadvantaged situations.

One part of my big painting called CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE

If we don’t change our moral compass, further greater challenges will occur, for our children will be facing an unprecedented future. I believe that in life we all have to face important decisions and each step we make is like a test. If you don’t follow your heart, you will face the same decisions later, as you will not find that inner peace of not doing what you feel is the right thing. My experiences have been like this many times in life and I know when this occurs to make a major decision, I feel as though I’m being tested by these greater spiritual powers I talk of. Then a series of sequences and synchronistic events take place. It can be meeting new people in your life who give you great help or you meet people who accord with your own values and philosophy. But you feel happier having made such a decision, and you more than likely didn’t have to hesitate.

Help to each of us can occur if we believe in ourselves. It’s a mantra that won’t change for myself as this has been the path I’ve travelled. I believe there is help for everyone. We are in that time and place where humankind can and will change their way of thinking.

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