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"Another step backwards ..."

March 17th

2.40 pm. The sun is shining at last through these long dull and cold days, and I believe with my positive views and thoughts we need such desperate enlightened thinking today. With my thoughts, prophecies, messages, and everything else I’m being given, I pray such powers can begin a new day where we presently are. I showed a title for my message blog only a week ago called Dr Strange Love. Crazy? No, all my predictions come true and the powers above, I’m sure are desperately trying to change this path, we are on from heading into a disaster. Anyone who is not familiar with this film, would if they saw it see the strange parallel of where the same mad thinking is going on now today. I think of the newborn babies, young children coming into this world where there is no leader who has the vision of where this planet of ours should be going. All the mad characters of those in power today fit almost exactly with Stanley Kubrick’s film of 1964. Then it was hilarious, now it’s seriously frightening. I’ve spoken long and hard of how I’m given to believe great changes must be made, not just in the U.K. because we have in our present leadership as one of the main characters from this film, who gets everything wrong.

Yesterday Boris with many of mad generals try to figure out the next dangerous chess move, with coming up with the insane idea, we spend £10 billion on forty percent more nuclear warheads. I’m sure in his head, he can see all the mothers of this world throwing roses petals at his feet, and praising him like the Nero of old. The U.K. with its crazy gang of ministers, as I’ve said so many times before have squandered billions with Covid 19 virus, and they believe by not revealing the truth they can get away with it. We cannot provide new homes for the mass of the population without a radical overthrow of their ideological ideas. We cannot pay some goodwill offer to all those who’ve fought on the front line with this virus, because of the debt mess our former U.S investment banker of Goldman Sachs, Chancellor Rishi Sunak, has placed the U.K. in. Now, this mad bunch of nodding donkeys go along with this mantra, nuclear weapons bring peace. WRONG. This is a doomsday scenario.

I saw the other day, how our scientific technology can place cameras flying around planet Mars, showing the most depressing planet with no sign of life or beauty. Billions are being spent as though we have found a paradise, rather than seeing a planet of billions of years ago that was once a beautiful heavenly place like our own. All the brains of scientific knowledge believe, they are making great progress by venturing into space, how wrong they are. We have our own beautiful planet, seeing wars, famines, great poverty, and millions living in the darkest of spheres we’ve allowed to be. I was once given a message where many will disagree, that Mars was once in the exact same place where their civilisation had advanced to, where we are today having great inner-qualities too on their planet. Consequently, they destroyed Mars with their advanced technologies, just as we on planet Earth are heading in the same direction. We see billions being invested that man could live on Mars, what a fallacy of crazy thoughts when we don’t know how to live in this beautiful heaven sphere. We do not gradually make things worse with our climate problem, we move faster towards future problems which were pointed out over fifty years ago would appear if we did not change. Am I extreme in such thinking or someone has given to continually raise alarms of what can be and keep saying there is a better way forward?

I saw the other evening a two-part programme on Russia and it showed you in the Kremlin with what must be one of the must be beautifully designed palaces in the world. They have multiple resources in the ground, scientists of great thinking, and people who want to share and enjoy a better life than they presently have. I thought, I just wish I could spend a couple of days with Vladimir Putin and tell of what I’ve been given to see for Russia that would enrich also Europe and the world. Then I think, I’d tried between 2012 and 2015 thirteen times to see him. I have to believe it was not the right time and place.

The catastrophe of millions of children and people starving to death in Yemen as in Syria the entire destruction of their country and economy continues, as it does in a list of other places in the world. How advanced are we and have we progressed as human beings? Well, we are in another nuclear arms race, where eventually one crazy fool or a human mistake can take our Earth to be another derelict dustbin like Mars, where I’m given to believe it was once part of a beautiful heaven of planets.

I read the other day, about ten million tonnes of food is thrown away in the U.K. each year. Seventy percent of it comes from households. What does this say about our planet as half of the world lives on less than a dollar a day? It’s hard to be an optimist when you see in the U.K. and the outside world, the virus situation is not over yet. The progress has been seen by scientists creating vaccines that are not ready available in many countries. We see in Italy another lockdown appearing which is disastrous for further loss of life, and businesses who are trying to stay alive with not being able to trade. We see Germany and France agree that the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine is not safe. Yet, we see no evidence that the vaccine is wrong. Blood clots have appeared, but there have only been forty cases throughout the world, out of 17 million AstraZeneca vaccines that have been used. It has now cast doubt and leaves thousands having to wait a long time, before saving further lives. Has this occurred in Germany because Angela Merkel has been accused by other German politicians? She is responsible for giving the vaccine rollout to Brussels. President Macron too has great political problems with how he has handled the virus epidemic in France. They have made the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine a political football because of the mishandling of their own country's misfortunes. I just think of these young children being born into a world that’s lost its way, but I know that power above will step in and we know there is a better path to walk as human beings have the capabilities to do the right thing.

In the U.K. there is a smoking gun with the countless thousands of rape cases in the U.K. where 98 percent of cases see no court actions made. Every woman in the U.K. is afraid to walk on their own at certain times of the day. We are now reaching a point where these politicians are worth less than a bean in putting right that is manifestly so wrong in our country. Change is occurring already in many areas, but it has to start racing fast or social unrest will occur again and again. Yes, the sun shines on this day. Let’s believe better weather in all areas of life can begin.

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