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April 7th, and Easter has past, but for me eleven am on Friday morning, I believe this was the time Jesus was crucified. I’ve mentioned before, I belong to no specific religious order. I know and believe, a number of messengers have come to the Earth plane to try and make changes at their appointed time on earth. If ever a spiritual figure was needed to unify people, countries, bringing peace and order to this dysfunctional beautiful planet we inhabit, it must be now. Is there ever a day where you don’t hear of how our climate is dramatically changing before our very eyes?

Just before Easter in the U.K., we had glorious hot weather which saw people sunbathing, and everyone felt more energised and happier for this welcome experience. The past few days over Easter snow was seen. Yesterday brought even colder Artic weather, where through my window in less than an hour a snow scene appeared like a Christmas card. Then the most beautiful cloudless sunshine blue sky appeared and like switching a light off the snow scene disappeared. Severe Artic cold remains, and no matter what weather men might say, these are not normal times with weather or with this world pandemic virus that reports disturbing news from Brazil. Yesterday, Brazil reported 4000 deaths, making a total of over 250,000 with hospitals being overwhelmed. More disturbing news from Brazil mentioned, there are more variant strains of the virus occurring which can and are spreading further. Much blame is attached to poor leadership in Brazil where this virus was not taken seriously, and to me, this is a parallel position of poor leadership, I constantly talk of in to the U.K.

Another report shows the opposite is now occurring in the U.S. where they are vaccinating four million people a day. In many states, they are now operating without any lockdown enforcement as large crowds are seen at ballgames and people are beginning to enjoy life again. The U.S. has faced crisis situations before, but they have a CAN DO spirit which boosts adrenaline and gives people a greater hope about their future. They have also given all adults with an income below 75,000 dollars, 1,400 dollars and to children 500 dollars each, to boost their economy, encouraging people to spend. Such thinking allows small businesses to begin again and employ more people which brings back confidence not seen in the past twelve months. This sort of news we must hope encourages other governments not to be so cautious. There are reports, called in the U.K., The doomsday thoughts, showing so many differing scientific opinions and differing data reports. One suggestion in the U.K. is that everyone should have two weekly vaccines tests done in your own home, where another top professor says exactly the opposite. This particular lady professor, I have spoken of before, where I would have recommended her as a Prime minister. She now says, millions of pounds will be wasted if this project was to go ahead. Uncertainty can bring depression, and other mental situations to different individuals, which shouldn’t be. It’s very hard for me to escape the present actions this government takes. In April, financial support is being taken from those who may owe money with mortgages or rents. Is this the place a government leaves you in? Of course not. Fear brings ill health, a troubled household touches children, creating a mass feeling of sheer worry and discontent.

These message blogs give just my opinion, but being interested in politics since I was thirteen, I’d like to think wisdom plays a big part in the ideas I give. To be honest, I’ve used the word shambles so often with this government of Boris. It’s like having a electric tag on your leg, where you can’t go far without having an electric shock that warns of another big mistake Boris, and his government have made. This metaphorical electric shock would appear more than several times an hour if the full truth was revealed of how government is run. The worst part of this thinking, I can actually say and believe, each new government has carried the same sort of shambles for the past 70 yrs. Nobody must believe, when some of these politicians get into power, they are wise, experienced and far clever than yourself. They are not. Many have never faced adversity, never had to try and pay for increasing heating costs, or had to decide whether they can afford to feed their family first.

So many well run businesses now face their best customers going bust through no fault of your own, and then find themselves sinking with the debts of others. There is another story behind the consequences of this coronavirus which is never told or shown, but there is a reality that many politicians not all, who may have good intentions, but do not possess the right qualities to give people hope. There are many millions struggling through this pandemic today in the U.K. but I’m sure it’s the same in every country where many similar stories prevail or remain hidden with the pretence it doesn’t exist. Holidays are being discussed in the U.K. but there is a slogan saying, attached to such thoughts, DREAM IT NOW, VISIT IT LATER.

To analyse where we are today with this pandemic, I believe confusion is still everywhere. You hear the news from Europe where Angela Merkel had to apologise to her country that she was wrong to suggest a severe lockdown was needed. That decision was made from pressure within her own political party. Now, Chancellor Merkel is following her own gut feeling again and suggesting measures she had to reject a week ago. This illustrates how scientists differ in their opinions with data, that are not possible to be always correct. Now data is showing, 79 unfortunate people have suffered blood clots out of 20 million, who’ve had the vaccine AstraZeneca. Doubt has been cast about the drug, but is there anything in life that is perfect? No vaccine created can be one hundred percent certain. Again, confusion regains its unwanted place in this continuing fight to eradicate this virus that’s taken so many lives. The answer emerges time and again when a crisis threatens the world we live in.

To combat such menaces, whether it’s to remove nuclear weapons from the face of the Earth, to stop this pandemic, starvation, poverty, wars, and injustices, we ultimately as a human species have to sit down all together. Unity of all, is now a place that is impossible to disguise, as climate change faces the entire world. The world can no longer proceed down these past roads of believing everyone can be an island, and be untouched, where others suffer through having no stable government and economy. I began this message blog saying that this Easter Sunday was more important than ever before, because if human attitudes don’t change, A DIVINE INTERVENTION IS NEEDED NOW. Let’s hope individuals like the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, and a long list of others are not assassinated when bringing new ideas about peace. We don’t want an epitaph reading, THE EARTH WAS A HEAVENLY PARADISE, BUT HUMAN KIND DID NOT KNOW THAT GIVING WAS THE ESSENCE OF PURE LOVE.

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