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"Using the moral compass ..."

June 7th

Sunday 3.30pm. There’s a change in the weather, from being hot to being much cooler. Does this relate in anyway from the previous week ? In many ways yes. The anger and revulsion of George Floyd’s death saw the flames in the U.S.A. touch close to the beginning of an insurrection. I believe providence stepped in to dampen this heat of anger with America itself, but like a deep wound it will not heal or go away for a long time until metaphorically the right medicine is given to this long suffering patient the African American. With the different feelings of emotions we all act in certain ways depending on whether you have been hurt, or a feeling you have to act with a wrong that’s been said or done. In the U.K. at the weekend in Bristol, once the home of Edward Colton a 17th century slave trader, his statue was pulled down by protesters and dragged through the streets and then thrown into the harbour. Most of his great wealth came from a company he owned for transporting slaves. His considerable wealth was used in a philanthropic way to improve the city of Bristol but wrongly a statue stood commemorating his evil deeds. THE MORAL COMPASS IS NOW BEGINNING TO BE USED AS THE TIDE OF OPINION IS NOW BEING OBSERVED. This situation occurred on Wednesday June 3rd with General Mattis one of America’s top Generals who once Donald Trump compared him to one of his hero’s, General Patton. He issued a blistering statement saying, Donald Trump is the first President in his life time who does not try to unite the American people - does not even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us. We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. This statement came after police on the Monday attacked peaceful protesters outside the White House with rubber bullets and noxious gas so Trump could have a photo op with a bible outside St Johns Church near the White House. Many in America believe this is the beginning of a dam that has been trying to burst throughout his presidency. Many other top Generals have made similar statements in the last couple of years, but with General Mattis it can come from no one higher in the armed forces. In my opinion Donald Trump has said and done many disturbing things for a world leader that has made many think with alarm of what consequences could follow. I feel we are at this defining point now where he has lost all credibility as the President of the United States. For great changes to occur I’ve quoted before Albert Einstein...WE CANNOT SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS WITH THE SAME THINKING WE USED WHEN WE CREATED THEM. President Trump cannot be the man to be part of the new thinking for our world to progress through the next four year term of presidential office. I will add to this prediction with the name of Benjamin Netanyahu where with this man peace between Palestine and Israel is impossible. He will not be in power after the Israeli election in March of 2021, as I’ve mentioned before this 70 year conflict is another extreme flash point of great danger.

This prediction of TIME FOR CHANGE has been the underlying message for many years in what I have been continually given. Twenty years ago I was given a powerful and profound prophesy which said these words. IT WILL BEGIN WITH A RIPPLE, THEN IT WILL GROW INTO WAVE, AND WILL EVENTUALLY ENGULF THE WORLD. There is a bigger meaning and philosophy in the way it was given to me, but I have to believe it can also refer to what we are witnessing in the world today. There are people in their hundreds of thousands who are acting on their emotions of how racism is still prevalent in many parts of the world outside America too. We have seen large protests in Berlin, London, Paris and in many other capital cities and countries around the world. All people have feelings and we do react when something touches your soul. This wrong with racism has proved unacceptable and has motivated millions to protest, this may be the beginning of the ripple of many things that need changing. It is this generation and their children who will be paying for all the wrongs that have occurred since the last financial crash, as debt mountains will not disappear without some pain. But with this change of times in the U.K. we will see the wealthy distributing more of their great wealth, and new affordable homes which presently don’t exist will see radical changes to how these new homes will be built.

At this moment in time in the U.K. 5,000 infections of Coronavirus are being reported each day, and we are still not in a place to isolate with a track and trace system that is not fully operative yet. Money is still the focus as football has been given the green light to begin again. Our Alice in Wonderland leadership continues to offer a faint prospect that an air corridor will be arranged with certain countries to bring about a dream of summer holidays abroad this year. At this moment today, an isolation system of two weeks will appear for those entering our country, although 80 milion people have already past through the airports in the past three months. This next year is going to be difficult around the world as great changes are occurring at this very moment in time, where there is no individual who is not touching the consequences of the Coronavirus. The human spirit though has a great resilience and many incredible facets to his armour of surviving and improving life. With predictions many people don’t want to hear or even think about anything that might change their present position in life. This is quite natural, but change there has always been, and will be. Everything in life changes because we are all on the same river of life, where turbulence and rapids metaphorically and randomly appear. Life though is more than difficult for some as we witness tragic circumstances around the world. These words were given one evening to me when I had a pen ready to take a message from a lady friend in Italy. Her message did not come, but I believe the powers that be in 2007 had prepared at this moment to receive the following message helping people to further understand life.

New ways of thinking with technology and every aspect of how we live our lives will continue to bring change. I believe we in the U.K. must adopt a radical new way of how we are governed. I’m not advocating a revolution, but an evolution of ideas that will benefit everyone. I pointed out a few weeks ago such individual thinking at tackling the Coronavirus was made by a small country Slovakia. They didn’t wait and see as the U.K. has done, but took their own initiative in progressing what they thought was the right direction for their own people. It also says you don’t always have to be a big fish in the sea to survive, a smaller fish can move faster and act accordingly. It might sound as though I’m always critical of my own country but there are times when we have to stand up and not accept that everything our government is doing is always right. Everyday I feel hardly anything is being done right in the U.K. and I’m not alone with this thinking. I believe as you go through life you gain more wisdom and can see more rights when seeing so many wrongs. The biggest thing that is missing is COMMON SENSE. Thomas Paine an out spoken Englishman of the ruling monarch had to make his escape to America and continued with his unacceptable thoughts by publishing a document in 1776 called Common Sense. He advocated independence from Great Britain, and with such thinking he wrote in persuasive prose lifting the spirit of George Washington and his forces. Their moral was low with lack of weapons and not having a fully trained army but this document changed the course of American history. This is where great individual innovators will continue to enter this changing world like Steve Jobs of Apple fame and Bill Gates and Paul Allen the founders of Microsoft. Such individuals can bring about changes in helping the world to be a better place. Changes in every sphere of how we live our lives is essential.

I read of a man named Chien Le who is the founder of SASA a marine animal rescue base in Vietnam and he said....One of the greatest problems facing mankind is the slow death of the worlds oceans. He went on to say, the oceans need us as they have been more than generous to us, but look at what we have been doing putting toxic substances, over fishing, and dropping litter and waste into these beautiful oceans. He repeated again the oceans are dying because of our greed and ignorance of how valuable the ocean life is to our earth, and it was our duty to preserve the natural beauty we have inherited. We all have something to give in the short while we live our lives on earth. Greater education for all around the world as new born children angels arrive every second on earth. WE MUST HAVE A CAN DO ATTITUDE THAT IS FUELLED BY LOVE, OUR CHILDREN ARE THE BENEFICIARIES OF OUR ACTIONS.

Further quotes from ALBERT EINSTEIN:

Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving forward.

Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.

Logic can get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere.

A ship is always safe at shore, but that is not what it is built for.

What is right, is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right.

Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.

There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.

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