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"Visionary thinking ..."

February the 9th.

It’s not a good day for weather in the UK, having seen today high winds crossing the country and at one moment this morning it appeared through my window of viewing unreal weather I’ve not seen before. There was fog, wind, rain, snow all at once, which appeared surreal as I’ve just mentioned, which lasted probably thirty minutes, and no one would have wished to have been outside. News was telling people not to travel, planes were cancelled, and football events too. Eight hours on and the wind and rain seems intent on staying. News has not been good anywhere, especially as we hear every hour about the Coronavirus that began in China. For me it seemed clear how impossible it is to remain outside this global village, we all live in and are part of. In other words humankind cannot divorce theirselves from the reality that what effects someone else thousands of miles away, as it will one way or another effect you sooner rather than later. I heard the Chinese Ambassador to London say this morning on a TV news programme that the word Crisis has two meanings in Chinese. He said Crisis can also be Opportunity, meaning positive situations can occur to any misfortune. I tend to agree with that way of thinking, as our plans can sometimes change in the way we don´t like it, which will only later show the positive aspect of it. There is presently a combined battle taking place from all nations and biotech companies to create a new vaccines and serum to prevent the Coronavirus taking further loss of human life. It seems as though it has to take a disaster for such cooperation to happen between countries. The question is why can’t we as human beings work together in sorting out the terrible consequences our planet faces with climate change. Also eradicating nuclear weapons, where by accidental mistake it could wipe out all human life on Earth. A combined effort of helping each other could see wars being eliminated, starvation disappear, and a long list of so many more benefits that could be harvested instead of trillions being spent on military weapons of destruction. Maybe this present Coronavirus out break will bring together some of these leading powers to cooperate more on working together.

I read a small article on Elon Musk, the visionary presently making the electric car, where he said he’s unconvinced that hydrogen cars are the way to the future and even calls the idea mind boggling stupid. I’m not one to categorically say he is wrong, but neither is he to say hydrogen will not one day be a big alternative energy. I remember receiving messages in my teenage years that one day Hydrogen will power cars in the future, today they are slowly moving in that direction, but maybe yet many more years of research to be done. I was amused to hear about Elon Musks creative mind, that he is adding negative thinking to those present day inventors. Let’s not forget Einstein and men like Edison, Louis Pasteur vaccinations, Alexander Fleming penicillin, Nikola Tesla inventing alternating currents, radar technology and a whole list of far reaching inventions. Then to add to this last list of visionaries Tim Berners-Lee, who is known as the man who invented the Internet the biggest break through of the late 20th century. We must never put a block on any creative and visionary thinking like Elon Musk has attributed too.

One name I’m sure this week must have been given many good thoughts by thousands to Kirk Douglas who passed away at 103 years of age. On seeing him in many great films, he was also a great giving human being too. Not only was he a great actor, but a man with a strong character who continually had ideas and dreams of making many films he loved to make. He was charismatic, humour-us and inspirational to many others, believing dreams could come true. He came from a poverty background and had to climb a difficult ladder to realise his dream of first being a theatre actor which saw him then progress into films. With his wife Anne they gave millions to many charitable causes. Kirk always remembered when as a child, they often did not have enough to eat. Then he said, “There would be a knock at the door and it would be a hobo wanting food, and his mother always gave them something.“ Kirk recalled his mother saying to him, “You must think of other people.” and that stayed with him all his life. I have to believe he lived to a great age as his wife Anne is 100 years old too, as he had dreams and never felt his age. I saw an interview with Michael Parkinson that showed Kirk in 1979 at the age of 62 years, he didn’t look his age and still had many films to make. He said he loved making films, and this coincided with Steve Jobs philosophy of DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. I can only believe he was given so many years to live, for he had many things still to give this world. I believe now he his with his past family and his son Eric who passed away in 2004. Kirk would also meet many of those past film star friends, Burt Lancaster being one of many. As I’ve mentioned before your spirit lives on, DEATH IS JUST A NEW BEGINNING.

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