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"Waiting and hoping ...

November 4th

5.30pm. A day, when Covid 19 did not take centre stage with the news in the world, but the consequences and events have brought this pandemic to a point where in the U.S.A. democracy itself has been at a state of threat. I guess my day began with the events of the American election debate at 2.45 am this morning. A white heavy frost surrounded my home, and later the daylight revealed a landscape where with extreme cold it could have suggested being in Siberia. The first feeling I felt was very clear as the American political scene was sending out a vibration associated with being pensive and attached to nervousness in the air. The political barometer was showing and hearing news that was filtering through that Donald Trump had captured Florida the main prize Joe Biden wanted. Shock for Joe Biden and the Democrats must have given their party to look at their seismometer to register the first tremor of the day, hoping no more would come. The electoral polls had wrongly forecast the last election results in 2016 and now it was being seen that history was being repeated again. Critics were now saying these polls are not worth the paper they are written on. It was said if Joe Biden had won Florida which was worth 29 seats in their electoral college, it could suggest he’d win the Presidency. All states in a America carry these electoral seats depending on their size. California the biggest state which is predominantly Democratic carries 55 seats, and before the day is out many historians and professors say, their constitution needs changing as this format of voting as been going on this last 200 years and more. This shock announcement of Florida being won by Trump touched me, as I personally would like to see a landslide victory result for Joe Biden. I believe America needed to be put back into the real world that’s hurtling in my opinion to further trouble if Trump remained in power. No! I had not made this a prediction as its my believe my predictions are not from me personally, but are channelled through me by the higher spiritual power I talk of, which I recognise as a gift to do good.

As hearing this news there was no tremor in my body or head, but at this early hour I was given a scene that was clearly saying in the American election their democracy is under threat which posed further tremors to appear later in the day. I was shown a vision of spitfire pilots facing the German Luftwaffe airforce during the Battle of Britain in 1940. At that time the German airforce did not know the British airforce was down to their last ten planes as they had no more reserves. This message and scene was saying to me this battle with Trump and Joe Biden is at a similar stage now, but the democrats are not down and out yet. Only later in the day this message I had received would prove to be right. At this point in time as I’m writing this message blog, counting the votes is still taking place as everyone waits for the results to show who is going to be President. Later today would tell how close the American democracy would come under threat from the madness of Donald Trump.

At 4.00am this morning as I sit listening and watching the elections on my iPad, I’m conscious of this moment, as I’m painting the thorns on the head of Jesus Christ. I mentioned in my last message blog, I was given to paint three portrait images of Jesus. I thought at that time there must be a powerful reason why I’m painting such a scene at this present time. I know the world is in dangerous place, and at this early hour I would not know what would happen in four hours time, which would compound the danger that was hoovering in this tense American election. The deep and difficult divide in the U.S.A. is like a dark cloud hanging over their country, but with the U.S.A. holding power in this world, any wrong outcome can reach and touch the rest of the world. Events like a tsunami can quickly escalate just as we presently see in almost every country with the Coronavirus taking so many lives. I guess more tremors were now appearing for the Democrats as Donald Trump began to gain better results at 8.00am U.K. time. President Donald Trump announced he had won the election, and said voter fraud was occurring. He went on to, say he would take this issue of fraud to the Supreme Court, and he continued to go into an abyss of accusations, that had never been heard before from an American President. These dark thoughts he’s shown before, if he was to lose power, and I have spoken months ago he was already then setting a scene where he was encouraging his supporters to subvert democracy and not to accept the vote if it didn’t go his way. Some commenters repeated what I’ve just said, as he’s trying to change the present constitution of democracy in America which would demean all democracies around the world if he was allowed to go so far.

I was now understanding the threat of my vision and message, which was showing earlier this morning. Those British spitfire pilots in the Battle of Britain were fighting to protect the democracy of the world then, but Britain in 1940 was fighting on their own. Critics said of Trump, hearing him rant of election fraud and having no evidence, it was the action of an autocratic Emperor who didn’t want to lose power. Donald Trump was giving expectations to his supporters that they could subvert and reverse the Democrats vote if they won. This was dark and dangerous thinking, which is sowing seeds of fear, which explained why so many restaurants, shops, and bars are being boarded up in city centres. So consequences would see the military being requested to bring about law and order. Once a civil war was brought about, when such divides appeared between polarised thinking. It has been said this election had seen 136 million people vote, and it has been the highest turn out of people in one hundred years. Postal votes represented 65 million people and this meant further time in counting procedures. Just before I started writing this message blog, it was saying Joe Biden has won the election, but this is still speculation until the results are announced. Many commentators were asking what is going on in the White House now, hearing this news of Joe Biden winning. Most media pundits say Trump would have won this election easily if there had been no virus, but the virus has put stop to his political ambitions. Trump had earlier said, he hates losing and now many think what will he do if he’s beaten. It’s almost as though his actions can blackmail a nation, but he believes he has millions supporting him. Until these counts have been made, there is this dark cloud of uncertainty hanging over everyone in America. In those early moments of this morning, listening to the election news, my imagination created a scene showing a bus full of people, where the bus was swaying like a pendulum over a cliff edge. Daft as it may seem, those in the Democratic Party in these early hours of this morning must have thought, they are in very precarious times. A minute ago, it’s just flashed across my iPad the time is 9.28 pm U.K., saying Joe Biden has said he’s going to win.

Ironic too, that at midnight in the U.K. a lockdown begins where shops selling unessential items will be closed until December 2nd. Yesterday I got two birthday cards for two of my daughters who have their birthdays in November. The shop was quite full as I’d forgot about any lockdown, but like other businesses now having to close, there is a combustible energy building up at loss of income and fear of what if the lockdown continues. I have a niece, who has worked hard in the past four years with a salon working long hours and sometimes seven days a week. Like thousands of others, who may have taken business loans to start up and twice now having to close this year through no fault of their own, one can empathise with their plight. There is a growing revolt from not just those with businesses but with so many losing their jobs and thinking, how are they going to survive.

The Chancellor of the U.K. Rishi Sunak sat in parliament earlier this week and the look on his face told a thousand stories. He’s human, but how does he sleep at night, probably not, as he knows more money is required from the government orchard of money trees. With winter approaching he knows he can’t keep turning five fish into feeding thousands. It’s my belief, where we have seen for years with climate change the dramatic change with the weather, fires, melting icecaps the list is long where for the last fifty years the world has largely ignored climate change. Now we have a virus that will bring change hopefully, to the way we live with greater equality to be seen in all societies throughout the world.

We see this abrasive man Donald Trump with no empathy for those who don’t have his view, and he’s been given such power as being the President of America. Is a day of reckoning coming? Maybe in the morning, when with my friend Elena, we edit this message blog I will be adding a post script with further news of this election. Without hope or belief as I’ve said before we have nothing. So I finish now and see whether the message I spoke of earlier, saying the battle is not lost, as many in America and the world fear the presence of another four years with President Trump. Using the words again of President Franklyn D. Roosevelt, SO FIRST OF ALL LET ME ASSERT MY FIRM BELIEF THAT THE ONLY THING WE HAVE TO FEAR ... IS FEAR ITSELF - NAMELESS, UNREASONING, UNJUSTIFIED TERROR WHICH PARALYSES NEEDED EFFORTS TO CONVERT RETREAT INTO ADVANCE.

I believe and hope, we see a President Joe Biden. I also believe, the coming days will bring much unrest and uncertainty to the American public with Trump instigating a crisis. His son Eric is on the American media, saying fraud and corruption is actually taking place with the postal voting. I can only hope shortly an announcement will be made saying, there is a new president. Let’s believe better times are coming and the virus will be by March a time when a vaccine will be found.

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