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"Waiting for the answers ..."

November 8th

4.15pm. My last message blog was called WAITING AND HOPING, and I have to believe millions of more people around the world felt exactly like myself and now we have a new President elect. A very black cloud has now been removed from a very dark stage of where there are still many more crisis zones that will not be extinguished for a long time yet. I have to believe with the gift I’ve been given that metaphorically the hand of this very spiritual power has stepped in to bring light and hope to the earth. One could say the Earth is like a star slowly collapsing and diminishing fast unless big changes are made to combat climate change, injustices and a vaccine found for the Coronavirus. In my previous message blog just as it was announced President Trump had won Florida. Immediately, there was fear, panic and intrepidation in the air regarding the Democrats in their race to Washington. I mentioned at the same time on November 3rd around 2.55am, I received vision where I saw British Spitfire planes in action against the German airforce. The analogy I was being shown with that scene of a battle in aerial combat, and also being told in 1940 this was the same position being faced against enormous odds, where all was nearly lost. This situation on the early hour of November 3rd saw, what many couldn’t imagine, the probable loss with this dog fight with President Trump, as he was winning more votes and states at that moment in time. Four hours later, there was a change of fortune for the Democrats, as Donald Trump in anger proclaimed he had won the election, and voter fraud was taking place. With the message I’d received saying the battle was not yet over in those earlier hours, this can now validate my claim.

When, as I just said a great dark cloud had been removed with President Trump losing office in the coming weeks, I alone can use my experience when I was being shown and told in a vision in the year 2000 that a terrible war was soon to be in the Middle East. Ten years later as I’ve said before, I was shown in a vision an historical square where with another vision saw me coming to that same square one year later in Banska Bystrica Slovakia. I was given to believe with creating the large painting showing children from both Palestine nd Israel, it would help to prevent this disastrous war between Palestine and Israel that was getting ever closer. I don’t consider myself to be mad or bad, but spending three years on a tower scaffold painting, where I was shown daily what to paint, knowing if I didn’t complete this task there will be an inevitable war between these two countries. The outcome of such a war would have catastrophic consequences for the entire world. For me to go and face such a challenge and spend more than I’d like to say, believing I could help to prevent such a war, some sceptics would say, I’m mad. But I’ve never been one, to listen to anyone, who says something is impossible. As NELSON MANDELA once said NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL THE POSSIBLE IS DONE, and this was from a great man who was jailed for 27 years on Robben’s Island. A man, who left jail, carrying no hatred and changed the barbaric system of segregation in South Africa. On December 16th in 2017, President Trump announced he was going to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv in Israel to Jerusalem, claiming this would be the capital of Israel. With sheer ignorance President Trump, knowing full well, this would break international law and disregarded what the Palestinians said or other Middle Eastern countries too. He possibly did not know that Jerusalem is one of the oldest holiest cities in the world, sharing three major Abrahamic Religions, JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, AND ISLAM.


To announce his intentions, then to proceed with having no diplomatic talks or any negotiations was equal to pouring petrol on an already inflamed situation that had seen conflict for seventy years. In one of my messages, I was told two years after my big painting was shown to every school of learning in Palestine and Israel, peace would be found. My opinions only come from my real experiences. I have to believe now the future administration of President Biden will dismiss this crazy formula President Trump had conceived, and from my perspective removed the prospect of reducing the planet into dust. I have the painting waiting for that moment when my story can be told, as the painting has a peace formula encoded within the painting. It shows Palestinian and Israeli children sharing the same barbed wire. Today, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians live in camps in Jordan, the Lebanon many with barbed wire fences. Eighty years ago, Jewish families suffered the terrible holocaust held in camps, facing genocide. IT IS CLEAR HOPE IS SOMETHING WE MUST ALL HOLD ON TO.

Hope is still needed with the Covid 19 virus, as differing opinions grow daily against having another lockdown that could create worse circumstances with seeing so many shops and businesses going into insolvency. In my small town, two shops, both part of major retail chains have gone into administration, having been part of the main shopping high street for the past 30 years. Multiply this around the country, and it’s like watching a game of skittles taking place where each skittle slowly falls over.

The other day when I was making a journey through the park, I met only one man with his dog. I joked saying, Are we the only two left on the planet? In the town centre at 11 am I could count no more people on the street than the fingers I have on my hand. This lockdown for many is demoralising, especially if their time and day is not filled with something to do, and worse still if they have lost their jobs. The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has found himself making one of the famous U Turns his government are now renown for. He has had to drop his intended financial plans and introduce the same furlough scheme again until next March, giving 80 percent of someones wage, if they have been laid off again by their company. This time he is not the darling of his party, but one contributing to this financial Armageddon that is fast approaching unless a vaccine is introduced. With Prime Minister Boris Johnson he too has long past his shelf life and sell by date where together their term will expire sooner rather than later.

Another U Turn by Boris, after repeatedly saying in Parliament, no further money towards school dinners through winter, spring and summer time for children. Under fierce pressure these past few weeks from every political party and public too, Boris saw offers of help coming from everywhere to see that these disadvantaged children would have help with school meals. The young football star of Manchester United, Marcus Rashford, led another charge at the government to reverse for the second time their plan to give no more financial help to children. Another U turn occurred this weekend seeing Boris having to grovel to the football star and showing he his hopelessly out of his depth in being the leader of the U.K. The amount of hopeless decisions and reversals the government make are now daily, and still no one stands in Parliament to say they have a better way. Eventually the dam will burst and the pressures will begin to build for those few who are privy to be included in this bunker mentality in 10 Downing St, the residence and heart of the government in London U.K. When a young footballer who once himself experienced his childhood of having free meals at school, can take on a Prime Minister and humiliate him twice because of weak leadership, and showing no empathy for children in a different reality, shows clearly he has no vision, no direction of where we are heading. You don’t need psychic senses or anything else, but just plain ordinary common sense which presently can’t be found or seen.

If a call could be made for the return of THOMAS PAINE, an English man who escaped to America, with his life and ideas to gravitate, where fate pulled him on January 9th 1776, to write a pamphlet called COMMON SENSE. Providence saw his arguments in favour of AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE which caught the attention of George Washington and his Generals. Their spirits were at a low ebb, but Thomas Paine’s pamphlet lifted the entire core of officers and Generals to George Washington to fight on in the belief they could win. Such a pamphlet is needed now, not the advise of the Prime Ministers Svengali advisor Dominic Cummings, who also has lost the plot. There are now so many varying opinions from scientists who seem adamant that to collapse the economy is a better way forward.

We live in times, we would not believe, if this was a film for entertainment. Now eight months on and the government still argues about giving the responsibility of tracking and tracing to local authorities and believe everything can come from a centralised government body. This body is soon to have the oxygen switched off, hoping a new body of ideas can bring new life to the U.K. In history many such reversals of fortune have been made by events and consequences. Napoleon once said, he didn’t pick the crown up to France, it just lay there in the gutter.

Providence, fate and destiny can step in as we have seen with the quiet man Joe Biden taking charge, who will bring stability to America after a while. He has to look at every option with the virus pandemic, to try and prevent further deaths. He has an enormous task to try and unite the seventy million who voted for Trump who believed also they were robbed with postal votes.

We must believe all is not lost, but believe soon a new and better chapter is to be written which may be by the hand of this powerful spiritual energy I talk off so often. My niece rung me the other night to say she was having a shower and thought whether a relative had received a monetary birthday present she had sent, never hearing anything for a while. As soon as she got out of the shower the phone rang and the relative rang to say thank you. I told her this was a synchronicity of thoughts, a spiritual power that can give you answers you seek. I said now many people will have such experiences, because the lockdown has seen them taken away from workday problems and their minds are now free to receive such thoughts. Answers we all seek, and this higher power can give you messages and answers you need. They can happen as I have mentioned, and with prayer too, but you don’t have to be attached to any manmade religion. YOU ONLY HAVE TO BELIEVE FIRST IN YOURSELF, Thomas Paine’s leaflet was printed on JANUARY 9th which brought answers to George Washington. Watch for answers in the coming year on this date, if you can believe.

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