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"We can achieve the impossible ... "

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

April 15th

3.15 pm. The day began at 6.15 am with me pulling my waste bin down my drive. It was so cold, I wore two jumpers and a ski hat. By midday the sun had struggled through and I found time to sunbathe outside as though I was in Corfu. The sun can lift our spirits, and everywhere in the U.K we can see a palette of colours just like an artist's brush painting fresh viridian green on every tree. The day before I walked under a heavily laden pink blossom tree, and being a romantic for a moment, I could imagine being in Japan as a samurai warrior courting the flower beauty of the emperor's daughter. Well Albert Einstein once said, show me a man with wisdom, show me a man with all the knowledge in the world. BUT GIVE ME A MAN WITH IMAGINATION. This is what is needed now to reverse the hourly and daily news concerning Coronavirus. With all the answers and scenes I’ve been given to see, I must truly believe new enlightened thinking will come about, just like after having had a bad winter the new colours of spring emerge. I know it’s inevitable big changes have to take place, as this has been a message and a mantra I’ve been given by the spirit world throughout my entire life. I’ve mentioned previously in many blogs before where with the gift of insight I’ve been given to see the future which has always contradicted the reality I lived in. When the brutality of the Vietnam war was taking place, I saw clear scenes of the U.S.A trading with Vietnam, this was perplexing to me then when every day thousands of people were dying. I remember quite clearly in the late sixties a scene showing large amounts of barrels that appeared to be oil. I saw civilian Americans negotiating with the Vietnamese as though they were purchasing these products. Thirty years later I was shocked to see the same scene I’d seen so many years ago. Today Vietnam is the 17th biggest trading partner with the U.S.A. and one of its biggest exports is crude oil. Thousands today travel to Vietnam on holiday, and two of my daughters when holidaying there said, the Vietnamese are the most beautiful and kind people they had ever met.

I mentioned in the previous blog the urgency of building affordable homes in every part of the U.K. Failure to address this major concern I was given to see great social unrest for the children born in the 1980’s known as the Millennials or Generation Y. I will go as far as to say crisis and chaos will prevail unless more affordable houses are built soon. Over 40 years earlier I was shown most major cities would have their own volunteer National Guard presence, just like the USA have. To right, this wrong came to me in 2005 and I have given talks on this topic before. The present system for building homes in the U.K.has failed abysmally over the last sixty years. Responsibility lay with successive governments with no vision or imagination through this period. Today large building companies sit on large tracts of building land and have made money in the past by not building, as they just watch their profits grow as land prices rise. The consequences are that no affordable houses have been built for the millennial generation. The only young people being able to think about purchasing a home are those who have been lucky to have what's been commonly called a family bank, where those parents have been able to afford and help their children. So what action is desperately needed. Most young people especially in cities pay exorbitant rents for flats that are not fit to raise a family of children. So radical changes are needed, for we live in extreme times where hundreds of thousands of new homes are required. To stop an advancing explosion of unrest, we must except politicians have always been out of their depths in promising homes, YOU IMMEDIATELY REDUCE RENTS BY THIRD. This would allow those young people to save a deposit for a home that WILL BE BUILT FOR FAR LESS MONEY. No sympathy for landlords, they have profited by the fact of there not being enough homes for the young people. NEXT STEP. Building companies have one word why they exist. PROFIT. They maximise profit where in many cases they build inferior homes with inferior standards to what was built before the 1960s. In this new world the word profit will take on a new meaning. Government companies will start requiring land at a lot lower prices that exist today. Bricklayers will not be paid for how quickly they can presently lay a thousand bricks, as that motivation for their building career will change. If governments are held to ransom by brick making companies, they will have their own companies. Houses can be built in many new ways far more efficiently than the present. It’s already occurring in other counties where new systems of building homes far faster with new methods. The word profit by this new enlightened government will change and recognise the profit is to families and country who will see a good home provides the right foundation for people to have a happy life. This new thinking would have a building team to be first introduced to each new family waiting for their home. There would be a completely new meaning and motivation for builders to give the best of their talents. Their reward can be to see how happy a family could be to have their own home which at present is an impossible dream. New homeowners would not be allowed to profit on their homes.

Individual private building companies would then cater to those who could afford more individual homes, then we would see house prices fall. Immediately the wealthy would not be allowed to purchase second homes, which already deny and force the young to move from the area of their birth. I will use this terminology again, this is just the bare bones of this big change that will take place, as mortgages will fit everyone’s income. With a blog I’m limited to tell how much I can say, but in these distressing times change can bring new hope and dreams in a more equal way. I’ve not been given such gifts to let them float away. I have to believe, the world has to believe, humankind can and does have a powerful spirit to bring peace and harmony for the world. Time is precious for everyone, we are all here to leave our mark of helping to make this world a better place for our children.

We have heard today in these dark hours of a former British army veteran Captain of 99 years of age who was inspired to walk around his garden with the aid of a frame. He aimed to try and raise £1,000 to help the U.K. N.H.S. hospitals in this hour of need. He said in the past he had received the best of treatment for cancer and a broken hip. His story and spirit have touched the nation, as the figure he raised went to a startling one million pounds, but when a wave and a momentum begins to try and do good, this special spiritual power I talk of takes control. The figure for money he was raising by continuing his long walk kept growing by the million. When I began writing this blog he had reached and raised seven million pounds, later in the day I heard it had reached 17 million. This story squashes negative thinking and prevents skeptics to say anything. Never must we give up hope as there is a spiritual power there to help all of us if we can believe in ourselves first.

Hearing this story who can say we can’t achieve our dreams. WE CAN, BECAUSE THE HUMAN SPIRIT IS INDOMITABLE, AND WE CAN ACHIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE.

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