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"We can do better ..."

November 25 th

2.45pm. Another day of decisions and uncertainties, but most of all we must have hope and belief that we will all wake up soon and find we have all been in a deep sleep, with a dream neither of us want to keep. Why have these words appeared in a rhyme? I have to believe something soon is to happen that’s profound and kind to all, as this virus has more than touched each country and continues to cause more problems that cannot be easily defused quickly or soon. Hope though there is a power, where at times in our lives we have all found, we have had to pray hard whether we believe in a greater power or not. With this present crisis, I’ve been more than critical with the leadership, because I’m one of those who’s always found it difficult to stand by and just accept what is. To accept the status quo the word that has appeared many times throughout history is APATHY. I believe, we all have an instinct to say within ourselves,”I know I can do better.” A thousand times in my life, I’ve faced confrontation, where someone has told me, you can’t do that or don’t even think about it. Even at school, where I totally disliked the teachers, who were in the majority as I believed most had entered a profession, they definitely did not enjoy. So even to this day I experience many of the same situations, where I know, better can be achieved by everyone. I’m saying, if you have a strong feeling towards anyone which maybe love or someone around you who is negative towards your thinking, express your feelings and don’t walk by, because we are all passing through this short passage of time with life.

Perhaps I’m explaining why I cannot accept this present government under no circumstances, as I know our country the U.K. deserves better as we have some of the finest brains in the world. At this moment I can see throught my window a glorious sun setting, illuminating a pallet of beautiful colours the past Renaissance artists would have been memorised with. Such distractions can show you another world we live in, where we forget there is a paradise of beauty everywhere if our circumstances allow us just for a second or two, to stop and think in another way about our lives. Again, we can all hope and believe this life and planet can harvest beautiful dreams if we can each add a little colour to this rainbow of expectations, and believe the children arriving in our world will find and enjoy a better life.

At midday I was watching Parliament in the U.K. as the Prime Minister tried to reply to the opposition leader Keir Starmer. He asked Boris Johnson his quota of six questions, and the answers Boris gave, would not have encouraged a dog to accept his best bone. Addressing the question about the billions and millions spent and wasted on P.P.E. came across as an abysmal answer. There are hundreds of pallets holding boxes standing in a warehouse as a giant reminder of the enormous quantity of all manor of P.P.E. equipment that cannot be used. The answers Boris gave again was appalling, and there must have been thousands of TV viewers asking the question, when is he going to be set a drift in a boat just like the once infamous Captain Bligh of the ship Bounty. His performance towards answering the six questions posed today, made you to take a deep breath in disgust. It made me think and see almost simultaneously, I saw the remaining 706 people who were lucky and able to get in a life boat on the Titanic. Those unfortunate souls saw the ship Titanic go down. The opposition and TV viewers today saw the Captain on the deck and must surely of thought this ship is going down. The word revolt is being sounded all the time as the numbers of discontented M.P.s continually grow from the Prime Ministers own party. The latest numbers being broadcast have now reached 100 who could rebel on the current lockdown and tier system that may be introduced. This could provide the final knockout blow for those businesses in the hospitality sector.

With some of the facts I showed in my previous blog more continue to unfold as other scientists and professors join a long list and add their names to this ever growing list of discontent. One such eminent statistician Sir David Spiegelhalter said, ministers had broken pretty much every code of conduct by choosing only to show the worst data of scenarios, which were often based on out of date data. This article went on to say, Number 10 Downing Street picked spurious coronavirus data to justify England’s second lockdown and may have intended to frighten the public according to one of Britain’s top experts. Reports being used by Downing Street using this terminology called DOOM - MONGERING graphs predicted 50,000 cases by mid October and 4,000 deaths a day by late November were being used to justify the latest lockdown. It is being said these sort of tactics were equal to the controversial dossier that sent Britain to war with Iraq. These questions are now being posed and asked about the trustworthiness of this Boris Johnson led government, who are trying to manipulate a situation to hide their complete incompetence and lack of command and direction. His legacy up to now is witnessing the heart felt appalling statistics of thousands of needless deaths of the elderly. A mountain of debts that now exceeds the Second World War debt, and seeing the economy fall and collapse to a situation not seen or experienced in 300 years. Businesses big and small are falling like dominoes as they face a tsunami of gargantuan blunders. This ever growing list is not unexpected, as I’ve said in January of this year, “Would you buy a car from a salesman like Boris? I’ve also posed a question, if you were in war like situation in a First World War trench, and Boris blew a whistle would you follow him? Only if you already had a hole in your head and you were chasing him for the lose of your life.

I’ve heard now, a couple of times where the previous health Minister Jeremy Hunt has mentioned Slovakia, who had a three million mass virus infection tests for their population in the last few weeks. I mentioned in my blog in March, why haven’t they checked on countries like Slovakia, who at that time had only 29 deaths? I ask again, we, the U.K., with all our resources, why have we not carried out large scale testing for our population. They have tried in a smaller way in Liverpool and the latest reports suggest the less wealthier parts of Liverpool is not seeing any promising results appearing. One can think again, where a timely inquiry is presently needed to ask questions which was put forward in Parliament today, wanting to know more of these crony contracts. One such contract worth billions was handed to the company called Serco, run by Winston Churchill’s grandson Robert Soames. This is a typical case of giving the track and trace to a company, who had no previous experience which has failed abysmally.

Such a festering of consequences can only see this present body of politic’s in the U.K. of having soon a post-mortem and declaring the body and the brain was not malfunctioning to save the U.K. economy.

Date, February 14th. 2021. Looking and forecasting the on going story of the still President Trump, this metaphorical cloud still surrounds him and the U.S.A will not disappear. He will continue to undermine the incoming government each day of the coming months, and will find it hard not to start a new political Trumpism party to savage the democrats throughout 2021. No rocket science prediction here, as leopards don’t change their spots.

To finish this message blog on a higher positive note, there are more operational vaccines coming to fruition, as hope and belief will reach people around the world soon. But this present system now being put forward in the U.K. for the Christmas break with a Alice in Wonderland description saying, three households can have a Christmas bubble, is already being attacked by scientists, who say, to lift restrictions now will create another wave of the virus with deaths. We saw in the summer where holidays and travel were encouraged, and vouchers given to eat out. Earlier this year, I said appeasement politics is a folly, and later months will prove this to be so true again. The question now to be asked, because of poor communication from the government, many people believe that vaccines are soon to be available, and they believe, there is no risk attached to the virus now. I’m finishing by repeating again, and asking for the return of the spirit belonging to Thomas Paine, the man who once wrote the pamphlet COMMON SENSE, and turned the tide for George Washington, to win the long battle for American Independence. Common sense is needed now more than ever before, as we are not out of this metaphorical wood for another six months. My youngest daughter sent me a P.S. with her letter as she fights her own personal battle, which she will win, by saying to me, NEVER STOP BEING YOU. If you have beliefs and dreams don’t let anyone try to change who you are, because such beautiful dreams can come true.

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