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"We need to succeed ... "

March 7th

Sunday 3.40pm. I mentioned and still believe, the sun will metaphorically shine again, although there are so many things fundamentally wrong in the U.K. Looking around the world many other countries have their own problems too, but that analogy is no comfort for your own nor the U.K.’s. problems. The U.K. belongs to group of countries called the G7 which represents 58 percent of all global net wealth. The U.K. has had one of the worlds biggest Covid 19 mortality rates, and taken the biggest economic hits within this group of powerful countries. Inescapable facts cannot remove this word SHAMBLES which has seen me use this unwelcome word throughout the last year, but the powerful media use this word more than me, maybe they are influenced in reading my blogs. Or maybe I believe great minds think alike. My humour takes hold of many of my thoughts, because without humour you will have a very dull and not a full life. Those who have lived to great ages all have had humour, which they say has got them through the hard parts of life. As they say, it takes two to tango, so I’m sure you need a partner who can see and respond to the brighter side to life, as the song says.

No humour can be seen or even thought of if you worked or are still working on the battle fronts in the N.H.S, hospitals. This army of working dedicated staff have tirelessly performed around the clock, doing their best to save lives. Masked every hour they work, with endless patients carrying symptoms of Covid 19. Hitler use to threaten his Generals who then fired their threat to their officers by saying, “Do you want to go to the Russian front?” Well now having seen the honeymoon inevitability over for the U.K.s Chancellor to the Exchequer Riki Sunak, his orchard of money trees are looking quite bare. So his Generals are each looking very nervous with their prospects as to where they will finish up soon. One only has to look into these Ministers eyes, and all are shell shocked, and a shadow of their former selves. Each Minister who puts his head above the parapet, these last couple of days, faces the same question, “Are you happy with the one percent pay rise you have offered all doctors, nurses, and ancillary hospital staff?” Each one I’m sure in a humorous way would have liked to have taken a cyanide capsule, laced with chocolate and a strong whiskey, as none could answer this question without telling a lie. They too know there is less fruit in the orchard. I hate to keep saying this, but if your neighbours family car wheel is wobbling, you tell them once then twice, then they still ignore you, what happens? When Riki Sunak has to make decisions and then pays only one percent pay rise to the hospital stuff, trouble lays ahead. This shows clearly, he has big problems with the money, he has given away.

The public knows we cannot go on borrowing and wasting billions as Boris’s government has done, and we all are having to face some home truths. To have helped the hospital staff in his budget would have been easy. We only had to increase alcohol prices in the superstores and else where, instead of seeing the consumption of drink grow. We could have seen some companies, especially food stores, who made enormous profits out of the Covid 19 virus taxed. We could have taken some of those vast profits back from giant companies like Amazon. There is another way and always has been. He should have laid down the facts and reality we were at war twelve months ago, but he appeased everyone by just giving money out believing just like the First World War, it will be all over in a few months. He allowed his Ministers to panic, and pay billions on worthless P.P.E that did not pass the right standards, and give contracts out like cakes to many favoured few. So how can everyone believe those who created this mess make the right decisions to put things right? Isn’t it like a child who has the habit of throwing his ball through the glass window everyday then keep giving him the same ball?

I find it painful, and frustrating as I’m a patriot to my country, and I cannot sit back and watch our country selfdestruct under this inept government. In today’s news we have the stark truth seeping out with headlines saying, “Has the N.H.S. got enough P.P.E.?“ What is going on with the government contracts?” “Another £122 million of protective equipment is found to be of no use.” A nurse tells, she cannot be allowed to wear higher grade masks when entering homes of Covid patients, knowing the present masks are not advanced enough to prevent a danger to their lives. She said, her employer insisted that they stick to government guide lines. There is now a mounting concern from many Health Care organisations that personal protective equipment is inadequate. A new report for the Royal College Of Nursing (RCN ) criticises the official guidelines saying, it is fundamentally flawed and twenty years out of date. A top professor warns this review is more than disappointed, and takes no notice of the latest science. Such news now reaching the front line services gives no confidence that this battle can be won by those in charge. In a war situation you supply those forces at the front line with the necessary tools or equipment they need to succeed, this is not happening.

The care workers section had nothing promised in the budget to help them with their pay. We cannot expect impossible situations to have increased pay, but hospital and the care system are facing Covid 19 each day, and cannot be forgotten. We start looking at where the real wealth is hidden outside the country, and stop tax avoidance which is a legal loop hole the wealthy use with clever accountants. We have to start saying, how can our country start making money and have a strategy to help businesses to grow and manufacture products for export in the global market?

Good news came from Washington DC. with a vaccine break through. U.S.regulators have seen a company’s first single- dose Covid vaccine to be approved. This vaccine is also 100% effective at preventing hospitalisation and death due to the virus. This vaccine is seen as a breakthrough because in addition to requiring just one dose it is relatively cheap and can be stored in a fridge rather than a freezer. Canada, the U.S., the U.K. and E.U, have all ordered doses, and 500 million doses will be given to poorer countries. This is the light at the end of the long tunnel as world science is fighting its own battle to beat this silent enemy.

There’s endless news you don’t want to hear which is a reality, and will not go away, but a good leader with the worst news can give hope and direction for a better way to live our lives. We have to believe and think like this, or despondency will set in, or hospital entries will increase.

Climate change is not going away, but Human Resources and good planning can reverse many problems we all know humankind is creating. The U.S. is generating many more disasters through climate change as they recognise they need to start preparing for them. One obvious way to divert resources, is the world to stop spending billions on weapons for war. Wishful thinking, I know, but there is no escaping this reality soon. In California, they know they have not invested in earth-quake resistant water pipes, despite the fact that Southern California relies on imported water that has to cross the San Andreas Fault to reach them. Scientists say, this is a disaster just waiting to happen. Voices are now being heard saying, the richest generation in history could afford to divert a little of its wealth into ensuring the security of its critical infrastructure. Another questioned posed is saying, “Its unlikely to happen, as the human race is unwilling to spend much of anything to prevent even a near certain threat that can be close to happening.

This is a negative force of thinking and this present young generation has to make changes occur. One of my prophecies told of these young children going to be a generation to bring about a SPIRITUAL REBIRTH. I’m waiting for the tools to see me back in Banska Bystrica, a place that was prophesied in 2012 as one of twelve portals, that are opening now around the world. I talk of the tools I need to paint the vision given to me in 2018 that New York will flood in 2035. I’ve been shown the scene to paint with certain people to give me help, as this canvas will be two metres square. I will not rest as the painting is to influence the government in the U.S. that 20 million lives are at stake. Each prophecy in my life has occurred and has shown in the last eight years another direction is possible and required, as four of these leaders are still in power that could change the course of history. These young children as with all new babies still being born, will see things with new eyes and mind, as they are the sunshine to bring new hope and peace for the world at large.


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