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"We want to get back to normal ..."

September 20th

Sunday 3.15pm.The sun is shining in the U.K. It’s warm. I can hear but not see many people in the park next to me, as I’m shielded by many trees. Shielding is needed from the COVID 19 virus for the vulnerable in society, and many of the elderly, and those who suffer from respiratory illnesses that includes influenza, asthma, pneumonia and more. Lockdown is active again in many parts of the U.K. where figures suggest one in seven are affected. Confusion creates a crisis for most people, because we are witnessing a big range of differing views from many who are supposed to be an authority on such issues. The divide grows wider each day, and I heard recently you have more chance of being involved in a car crash with death than actually dying from the virus.This statement is not to belittle the virus, as it’s serious and no one fully understands this infection of when and how the present situation will end. We all have our own feelings regarding this virus, but not the same opinions or views of what is right or wrong with the present actions which seem to differ in every country. The truth about anything is rarely heard, for those in power will use every instrument at their disposal to defend their present position, which has been evident throughout history.

There was once in the early days of the Second World War a famous lady psychic medium giving messages to help the bereaved families of loved ones, who had been lost at sea during the war. This particular spiritualist church in Plymouth, where the naval base was in the U.K., would be filled to the roof with people each Sunday as the medium was giving messages from those poor souls who had died at sea. No one or even the public received or heard the truth at that time about major war ships being sunk, as it would lower the moral in the country if such information was given. But some people were baffled if they did not believe your spirit lives on, and thought how could this medium know of such things. Plymouth and Portsmouth being a top naval base began to hear such stories and sent navel intelligence officers to witness this lady, only to be astounded with the facts she was saying with sailor’s names who served on such war ships that had been lost but kept secret. She was locked up for the duration of the war in the Tower of London because she was revealing the truth they could not allow the public to hear. The truth is not being disclosed with many decisions being made with the circumstances we are in the U.K..

It’s becoming clear to the majority that our government is not fully in control and there is no sign the present opposition party has any clear answer either. I raised this question in my last blog of how many people after being told they have the virus actually return to good health and how many are unfortunately dying. These figures seem slow on being released, just as the real reason the public was not to wear masks because the government had so few stocks available and those on the front line needed them. I’ve mentioned boringly so often about having no real leadershIp, and you don’t have to be psychic like myself to know there is a great feeling of panic and fear in the air with present decisions now being made in the U.K. A programme on TV called Any Question on Thursday evening witnessed a billionaire and philanthropist John Caudwell, and a well known lady Professor a Theoretical Epiologist from Oxford University, both agreed views to the opposition to having further lockdowns. The lady professor pointed out that influenza was more prominent with deaths on a annual basis and she pointed out 162 million children are vulnerable to starvation and death each year. The billionaire pointed out that the amount of money being made to support the lockdowns far out weighed everything if the economy collapsed. He rightly pointed out the amount of cancer deaths. In the U.K. cancer accounts for 28 percent of all deaths, with 165,000 people a year dying, which equals 450 deaths each day. We are not giving a fraction in monetary aid towards the hospitals as we are to the virus epidemic. So how many lives are lost with those not having cancer treatment and not being diagnosed through shortage of staff? In the U.K. there are 36,000 people who die of strokes each year with 110,000 dying from heart failure and vascular dementia. The number of people suffering who have angina is 1.4 million. Such statistics show that we should not have put such panic and fear as we did in the early days where people were going mad and buying toilet rolls, although this virus is serious.

Good leadership could show us the bigger picture, and where we have to accept certain rules but not to go into a spiralling dive like a former spit-fighter plane once did. We hear a common phrase being used regularly, “We want to get back to normal,” that normal saw the world as it was with abhorrent injustices around the world which we can all poke a finger at. I’ve said before, I could have saved lives, and I believe I can save millions of lives just with one vision I’ve mentioned countless times NEW YORK FLOODING IN 2035. I could go on to many future circumstances. I’ve proved before I could have saved investors and companies billions, and proved there is an higher power that can intervene and produce miracles. We have the present U.K. government contemplating spending £100 billion on a new virus testing system. This is panic and firefighting the constant barracking of the public saying they cannot find a virus test centre without travelling to the other end of the country. We hear now of such innocuous sound bites of having a circuit break, where we lock down for two weeks. People have lost confidence in many areas of such promises, but the majority of the British public continue to accept certain doctrines with the virus but not those in business who are losing everything. We hear the word navigation, where although scientists differ and disagree on so many aspects of this virus, we ourselves are having to navigate our own personal canoe with finances and to adapt to the present reality.My belief is we are going to see more changes as we can’t accept what was once yesterday. It’s sad, but frustrating as it appears only after a certain crisis, that the possibility of change might come about. I do believe though there is a growing consensus that most people agree our climate is under threat, and there are ways we can do much to prevent an Armageddon scenario for our children in later years.

At this moment in time I will only talk mostly of the U.K. not that I don’t know more of other countries. For myself it appears as though we are just ploughing on, as the Titanic did, until it hit an iceberg, after having 13 warnings. But my positive belief is that I have been shown a better future and world to live in. A place where the young have thrown away these shackles of negativity and despondency and see clearly into a better light of what could be. The narrow view of life most politicians in both political parties in the U.K. have encourages some people to just stay in bed with the apathy of their thinking. If you want to have your spirit lifted go on google and listen for fifteen minutes to David Lynch, the film director of many well known films, DAVID LYNCH’S TOP 10 RULES FOR SUCCESS. Success is not about Money, it’s about happiness that brings love into all our lives. What would happen if enlightened beings did call and show us a better direction? But as you hear me say so often, I believe there have been many enlightened messengers through the centuries aligned to many faiths, where each have brought a message saying there is a higher life. But this higher life can be lived now on this earth, in this heavenly sphere of great beauty we presently live in. Let’s hope we can all eventually appreciate the beauty and love in this life that is absolutely free. Manmade material items can be helpful, but they cannot feed your soul. Love is only food that nourishes your soul, as do your dreams that can come true, and become your realty.


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