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"What lies ahead ?"

August 30th

Sunday 3.10pm. I start by saying Wow. I had a viber message from my friend Elena in Banska Bystrica, a place I’ve mentioned before where each morning on my way to the Europa Shopping Mall I would say, Wow it feels like part of heaven. What’s the Wow for now ? Elena has just told me it’s 35 degrees hot there and they are about to have a barbecue. Here, in my part of the world it’s close to freezing unless I have plenty of ghosts sitting with me. I’ve just opened an envelope containing the magazine I have each week, and there’s a picture of Boris on the front cover looking befuddled with a pile of papers waiting for him to make a decision. In large letters it say’s CHAOS AT NO. 10. CAN JOHNSON GET A GRIP? The first paragraph of this article starts by saying, “A CIRCUS RUN BY CLOWNS. The most inept government in LIVING MEMORY.” It follows by saying These are the judgements of some of Boris Johnson’s own MPs said Fraser Nelson in The Daily Telegraph. It’s only 13 months that Boris has been in power. My opinion ... Nothing changes in the U.K in how I’ve said so many times in previous message blogs WE ARE LED BY DONKEYS.

Im now going to say without any hesitation to those who follow my journey that all my predictions come true. This is going to be my mantra because everything I’m suggesting or predicting is coming true. I mentioned before the chancellor Rushi Sunak, where I believe previous famous generals and Air Marshalls would have thought him naive in his battle plans. He’s given money away as though he has won on the lottery. The opposite to the plan I proposed knowing what lay ahead. Those words WHAT LAY AHEAD are very important at this moment in time because vision is needed by those in power of where we are going. Rishi is floating ideas through the treasury to warn what he’s planning to do, to counter this deluge of money he’s allowed to flow out. It’s being said he intends to put taxes up. This in my opinion, and I’m not alone, is sheer madness when companies are seeking metaphorically oxygen to survive, as they don’t want a stroke or a heart attack. THIS GOVERNMENT MUST GO. Sir Ian Duncan Smith warned this week we are in the foothills of an ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON. A few weeks back he was saying we must get people to return to the offices in city centres as many shops and services are going to go bust, because there is no foot flow now. With civil servants in London it’s said, only ten per cent of the workforce have returned to their offices, while in Germany, France and Italy such people have amounted to 70 and 80 per cent who have returned to their office work. In my opinion where many operatives in companies who are in creating ideas or leading a team, everyone must be present at the hub of the engine. It say’s in many Asian countries like Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea and more, they all contained the virus in very low numbers and I will add as I’ve mentioned before so did Slovakia. The U.K. has one of the worst records of virus deaths and probably on the economic front, a position that’s to embarrassing to report.

Before I go forward I mentioned last week in my message blog about proposed affordable houses going to be developed locally. I rung the local authority and obtained the name of the chairman of the housing and planning committee. I had a good conversation with him as he was an affable man and I agreed on many things he said. I told him I would like to express my thoughts on affordability when the meeting arose, and he told me he would keep in touch and navigate me through the loops that will allow me only three minutes to state my case. Once I’m out of the bottle it will be hard to put me back in.

Yesterday, I had one of those predictions that just float into my mind and it was about the Arsenal verses Liverpool football Charity Cup match. I was not consciously thinking about the game, and to see these matches now with no spectators, I’ve lost interest. But the message was clear Arsenal would win and they did. Why am I saying this? In 2017, when I self published my book called THE MESSAGE, yes I sent it to the six biggest publishers in the U.S.A. knowing it would not be published as it would bring great changes for the Catholic Church forever, and bring about a new system for banks and more. Those in power with the media don’t want to see change too, so they stifle such thoughts of oxygen being given to such thinking, where I believe great change is needed soon. I was given a message though to send a copy of my book in 2017 to the U.K.’s top guru of investment Neil Woodford, although he had never passed my mind set, or reading of him. The message given to me said that his rising star would fall and not continue as he had hoped. He’d ventured to start his own investment company at this particular time after reading about him. What was the reason why I was given to do that? I was told, he had far better attributes to do good in this world, rather than to put his talent and energy of making more money for himself. In the back of my mind I thought then after receiving this message could he become a metaphorical Admiral to what will be later a fleet of ships to our KOMPAS SHIP which is the logo to our charity for disadvantaged children . I sent the book for him to read if time permitted, but I did not relate to him what I saw of his future. My prediction came true in 2019, his star had fallen and many of his investors lost money and his name is now stigmatised in the investment world.

At the time though I did get a courteous reply from his organisation on receiving the book. At that same time a had the same message to send the book to Elon Musk the founder of Tesla the electric car company. Through these past couple of years with his company I heard nothing untoward about him other than they were still not making a profit with their company. It was reported a few days ago that his Automotive Electric Car Company had passed the valuation of the Japanese Toyata car company and was now worth nearly a trillion dollars. I read this afternoon the question that won’t go away and is being asked, Is this company in a bubble that will go bust? Elon Musk keeps raising millions to keep it going has people place their money believing they will have great returns. I did not predict he would go bust, but the message was the same as it was for Neil Woodford. When I get such a message, I do question why to myself, but I cannot contradict it either. I’ve mentioned before when my vision and message took to me to paint a large scene in Banska Bystrica, it was clear, I had to paint this scene of Palestinian and Israeli children together. I had been given a message ten years earlier, showing that a terrible nuclear explosion would occur if the problem of peace is not found shortly. The painting was completed some five years ago and the doors have remained shut to this story being publicly made. I have to believe on this synchronised clock in the higher realms, there will be the right time for this painting and story to emerge. The football result I mentioned was clear and Arsenal were the underdogs. It’s a wait and see why my book was to go to Elon Musk, but we are in a world now that wasn’t predicted by myself, but this is a time when anything can happen.

The big painting called CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE

I’ve predicted about New York being flooded in 2035, and I must create the image I was shown. For the last twenty years I’ve being funding these visions and the journeys Ive had to undertake where there have been times when money has appeared when it was needed. I’ve said to my friend Elena, I know I have to return again to Banska Bystrica because in 2012, I was given the message there would be twelve portals opening in the world where powerful enlightened energy would appear to bring new thinking to so many places in the world today. One was Banska Bystrica in Slovakia, that was how and why I was sent there. The other eleven were Detroit in America, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, St Petersburg in Russia, Bonn, Munich, and Frankfurt in Germany, Reims in France, Johannesburg in South Africa, Darfur in Western Sudan, Gaza in Palestine, and Damascus in Syria.

I’ve mentioned to my friend Elena, for the last two years I’ve had a feeling I’ve to start something on U tube where people can call into me as I talk of my philosophy, experiences and how I see the future. Well, this morning with my conversation with my son in Brighton I did not mention anything about such thinking, but he did, about such an idea. I will have to wait and see, if he can set this connection up for me as I’m capable and confident to talk to thousands, but when it comes to copying and pasting a message to be returned to a friend , I seem to hit a brick wall. I know, I am not alone. My son also said of the previous thoughts I’ve had before that if we could gain a following, I could try crowdfunding for this latest prophecy of New York flooding. This could be an incentive to those who wanted to crowdfund and take part in this venture, where they have a percentage of the ownership to the painting. I’d already discussed this with Elena a while back, where we could have the painting filmed each day with such an audience, who could ask any questions they want. My psychic gifts would be employed to help others also.

I will close with what I´ve said in my previous message blog about President Trump being in power. The prospect with his views on a peace pact between Palestine and Israel, where he suggested by giving the West Bank away to Israel, is a frightening prospect. But I was revealing in the last message blog about a spark that could ignite to a fearful degree in the U.S.A. with continued violence against the African Americans. President Trump is using fear to regain the Presidency by saying, Do you want peace on the streets? He’s already dividing the country, and the rhetoric that is beginning, will be the worst heard and seen in American history, because he’s a man who’s driven not to lose power. We are seeing in the U.S.A., great floods from hurricanes, and fires in California. We are seeing an economic depression that could be worse than what happened after the Wall Street financial collapse in 1929. Combined with the virus where over 100,000 died in the first four months of this Pandemic, these are some of the situations that are all appearing now in the U.S.A. In my mind and I’m not saying this is a prediction I´ve had, but this build up of anger especially with how the African Americans are still being treated shows, they don’t have any equal rights yet. This is the darkest time in the U.S.A. since the civil war of 150 years ago, and the next couple of months will be like watching a raging bull and asking, Is this bull going to break lose? Let’s believe what Scarlett Ohara the heroine star of the famous film Gone With The Wind saying, “TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY” let’s have hope that tomorrow will be a better day for everyone, as news today suggested that a vaccine in the U.K. could be only six weeks away. HOPE WITH LOVE AND HAVING BELIEF IN YOURSELF MUST BE, BECAUSE THERE ARE A LOT OF ENLIGHTENED SOULS ON OUR EARTH PLANE TODAY WHO CAN BRING ABOUT A BETTER FUTURE FOR EVERYONE.

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