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"What will be ... ?"

April 25 th

Sunday 3.20 pm. Further beautiful skies in April for the U.K., the likes I’ve never seen so consistently before, now lasting over three weeks. Farmers are getting concerned about water, but for the public a change of weather after depressing lockdowns has proved a great psychological boost for many. Just like parents sighing with relief that children have finally got back to school. The constant daily vivid beautiful blue skies attached with never ending sunshine has seen mornings and the rest of the day with weather you’d expect in heaven. I witnessed three of my young grandchildren on a weeks holiday in Devon where with the sky and sea might have belonged to either the South of France or Spain. Climate change has some of the answers, but will our U.K. summer be like Southern Italy? No one can tell what will be, and these few words can be echoed around the world, “WHAT WILL BE?”

We can see in India where some of their big cities are facing an explosion of further Covid infections, where through the country these figures have reached over 350,000 a day. Last September, India thought they had conquered Covid 19 as their death and infection numbers dropped significantly. Consequences followed where their public health measures began to be eased, which then saw large crowds gathered at indoor and outdoor activities increase, as everyone thought no wave could or would occur again. Today, we see nightmarish scenes in their hospitals, lack of oxygen and beds with doctors and nurses facing an impossible task to help everyone as thousands die. The question is, can we watch and just dismiss what’s happening in India with the virus showing it can return? Different circumstances can be said with their populations of 20 million in some of their cities, and only a tenth of their people vaccinated.

No, we don’t want another lockdown, but we cannot adopt a feeling as they did in India, everything is now alright. It’s about most people using common sense, and thinking for themselves, still having a precautionary view until this virus can be eradicated from every country in the world. This must still be the message to avoid crowded spaces for the next few months, as each day will be better than the last as some can all now see. A lot of people will be receiving their estimated electric and gas bills. Estimated because these energy companies have been unable to send their men to read metres. This is a sign not to accept estimated energy bills as energy prices have risen again too.

There were voices being raised about banks as they presently give 0.4 percent interest on savings, and charge 39 percent if you are overdrawn or have a permanent overdraft. Questions again are being asked saying, banks act as a cabal where they each more or less charge basically the same rates which does not let others become rogue with radical ideas. Banks are for big profits and as long ago as in 2005 I was given a prophecy the banks will crash, well they did in 2008. Most economists probably saw what was to come, but how could they voice their concerns without fear of losing their jobs with banks and investment companies? The system is screwing most people when they borrow money, and there are ways to change this unjust system as I’ve previously explained in past message blogs. A new radical change of government lies a head as change is inevitable.

In the U.K. we have seen what has been called the greatest miscarriage of injustice in British history. Over fifteen years ago, several hundred people who ran post offices were charged with fraud. They were all told they were fiddling their accounts. At the time the government and its treasury officials along with those who ran the post office company also knew these were false allegations. People lost their homes, some made bankrupt, all denying such accusations, and some were jailed protesting their innocence. One lady was pregnant at that time as she too with others went to jail as she was not going to admit to what she had not done. All were stigmatised for life, some reduced to suicides, nervous breakdowns, and early deaths and only in the last couple of days 39 people were found innocent. No repayments of money lost can give their former years back, when they all suffered through being innocent. It shows part of our criminal justice system is not fit for purpose. What’s not being shouted loud enough is those who are responsible, and who is going to be accountable, and see themselves serving jail sentences. It goes up a very corrupt ladder, right to the top of government, as they all knew this was their fault with the new computer system that was introduced. They also knew it would cost millions to clear the hundreds who were innocent. Corruption, and injustice is like a cancer in the U.K. that will not be terminated until CHANGE occurs.

I spoke of SLEAZE in my last message blog around this present U.K. government, but it was reported in every newspaper, media channel, and in every barbers shop that is opened now. Today, further sleaze is being revealed with Boris himself as his inept government must be going now through its final death throws. Further stories are emerging just like a pandemic virus. There is no vaccine for this ailment of being dishonest, devious, deceitful, distrust and a whole lot more of labels that will still be found soon. A new name has been given called A GOVERNMENT OF CRONYISM. This is not a new infection it’s always been their by all governments. We are in times when the worm metaphorically turns meaning the public, as this Covid has brought needless deaths to thousands as Boris’s right hand man Dominic Cummings will soon testify on May 26th through a parliamentary enquiry. I will be proved to be correct about Boris as I’ve been on his back this last 15 months because our great country the U.K. deserves better than donkeys leading us. Boris is now having to find answers who has paid for his flat in Downing St. to have it completely refurbished. One of the former leading Conservatives figures called Boris out on the main media’s news channel as being A VACUUM OF INTEGRITY, showing complete in competence. Now questions are being fired from every direction that Boris prevented an earlier lockdown. This action incurred further deaths that should not have happened, says Dominic Cummings, his once champion who got Boris into power. He also suggests against accusations on another issue that he, Cummings leaked information on certain allegations. He then went on to accuse Boris’s fiancé Carrie Symond’s friend, a male advisor, who leaked a damaging phone call to Boris from a great innovator and business man. It’s just like Alice in Wonderland going further and further down the rabbit hole. What can come out of this when a government is tainted with such inept and lack of moral judgement? Throw all this with more sleaze ingredients into a big cooking pot, and everyone will find this very unpalatable to even try and digest such a menu of stomach churning proportions.

A positive note with a meeting of President Biden, and President Xi Jinping a few days ago. They actually caused some surprise when 40 world leaders met on a zoom call, where the two most powerful nations did find some things to agree on with climate change. It was not a step backwards like the previous U.S. President Trump who only ever brought fresh concerns of another world war that could be.

With this continuing sunshine let’s hope it can bring better times to all those who through this pandemic have lost loved ones, businesses and jobs, as we still hear in many countries, change is still a distance away. Hope there is, as I always try to finish on a positive note, as I think of the children who are going and will need great help in the future.

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