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"What would Benjamin Franklin have said?"

February the 2nd. With life, changes occur all the time, some for good, some not so good. Hope, Joy, and Happiness is something we would wish to be passed on to everyone. These words and thoughts, must be built into any foundation where peace and harmony can be built for the greater good of mankind and the planet we live on. On the 31st of January a change took place, where the United Kingdom after 47 years of being part of the European Union parted way on a new path. One can only imagine great changes will occur, but only time will tell. New thoughts and ideas abound all the time, as the majority of such thoughts will always come from the young in every nation, as they are the future. I placed on Facebook due to negative thoughts about the future these words, WHEN YOU NO LONGER THINK YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING, YOU ARE NO LONGER ALIVE, WE CAN ALL ACHIEVE OUR DREAMS BECAUSE WE ARE ALIVE.

On December the 6th 2017, President Trump formally recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and stated that the Americans would move their embassy to Jerusalem. The Americans officially relocated to Jerusalem on May 14th 2018. Upon hearing President Trump declaring he would recognise Jerusalem as Israels capital, it felt to me abhorrent, crass, incoherent, believing he had no knowledge of diplomacy or history of the past and present position between Israel and Palestine. It immediately seemed to me as though someone, being President Trump, had poured a can of petrol on an already burning bonfire of seventy two years of injustice to Palestine and hostility towards each other.

This image, showing a friendship between Jewish boy and Palestinian girl was taken from my big painting called CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE

Having found myself in a unique situation in 2010 of following what I believe to be a DIVINE INTERVENTION VISION AND MESSAGE, I obviously have my own opinions of how peace can be brought about. From the beginning I was given to believe that in the peaceful solution I was shown, Jerusalem would become a state within a state, the same as the Vatican City in Italy. Jerusalem is considered by many to be one of the holiest places in the world. A site of major significance for the three largest monotheistic religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The message I was given said, the three religions would equally rule this holy site, and it would be the first building block that would bring peace between Israel and Palestine. The rest of the Middle East, Iran included would agree this to be the first step. Jerusalem would no longer see bloodshed between religions, as centuries had brought meaningless false dawns and great loss of life to hundreds of thousands. When I have been given to see and hear what I would paint, it was made very clear to me that I would paint equally the same amount of Jewish and Palestinian children. Never once was I given to paint any bias opinion, it was a feeling as though everything was to painted in a way to bring peace to both sides. Each of these children being in this conflict of suffering in their separate situations have seen terrible destruction, particularly for the Palestinians. The painting I’ve said before has a coded message for the young to see. If I would get the opportunity to show this painting in every school of learning in Palestine and Israel, it would be seen by the young who would think differently in how the story was to be told. I was told that peace would be achieved in the following two years after the painting had been shown throughout each country. I was also told of how this peace agreement would be made, and the whole essence of peace would be about giving. This would be about giving to each other of proposals that would see light of a new day for both sides. I was also shown a large auditorium where 500 young students from both Palestine and Israel would view the peace negotiations looking down and listening to how their future would be. Yes, they would have a great say and opinion in their views, for it is their future in how they would like to live together with each other. Albert Einstein once said, the same old thinking cannot be conducted by the same old people who created this appalling stalemate. It will be new enlightened thinking coming from the young. I was given to believe if peace is not found soon the whole world could become drawn into a whirlwind of destruction we cannot even imagine. Time is of the essence not just in the Middle East, but with climate change that effects the whole of our planet. I spent a hour and on Sunday reading through President Trumps proposals of peace and I have to sigh with exasperation, as my next few words suggest. From my perspective of having listened and followed the message I talk of from ten years ago I now arrive trying to pass this message on. Again the right time and place is here. Not one year ago or two or three but now as we see so many things in our world taking a wrong direction. No not a negative message I pass on, as I believe this new generation to be exceptional in their thinking and how great our future can made for everyone. Belief is paramount which will open new doors of thinking to bring about a better future.

The image of Palestinian and Jewish boy, taken from my big painting called CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE

I now hear that Present Trump has formally unveiled his plans for a two sovereign state between Israel and Palestine on January the 28th at the White House. This plan was led by Presidents Trumps son in law Jared Kushner who has shown no diplomacy, no knowledge of the history between Israel and Palestine. The displacement of six million Palestinians which began in 1948, presently live in camps in Jordan and the Lebanon, which for many has been for fifty to sixty years. I can only believe that if Benjamin Franklin was alive today and he was one of the founding fathers of America in 1776, as he was head of foreign diplomacy for the first two years of their government. What would he have said and thought? I believe after reading this terrible proposal he would have crawled back home in disbelief and with deep embarrassment. While President Trump is achieving economic results for America, he is making the possibility of a peace plan between Palestine and Israel worse than can be imagined. In the bigger picture of how things are to be, I must believe new enlightened thinking will appear.

I have to believe how life continues with the messages I’ve received I must try to make my story heard.

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