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"When fiction became reality ..."

February the 26th

This day greeted me as I walked to the gym at 6.50 am with the ground covered in snow. At that time in the morning my footprints only had the company of bird prints. A good feeling of what the day might bring. Very little good news on the radio or TV as everyone hears so much about the Coronavirus breaking out now in Italy in a bigger way, and now hearing of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. I contacted my son last night, as he had booked two weeks there at the Easter school holidays at the end of March. He was stoical in his thoughts, accepting what will be will be. He’d attached to a message earlier in the evening showing a couple of pages from a book written in 1981 called THE EYES OF DARKNESS by Dean Koontz. Ironically this fictitious story told of a dangerous new biological weapon, which had been created where this virus called WUHAN 400 was developed at the RDNA labs outside the city of WUHAN in CHINA. The date set for this story was 2020 and the virus only effected humans. From many fictional stories the future is shown, and it’s not the first story by no means. I remember reading of an author called Morgan Robertson in 1898 writing a fiction novel called FUTILITY about the largest ship ever built hitting an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean on a cold night. The fiction ship was named the TITAN and was similar in every way to the real ship the TITANIC. His novel was 14 years before the Titanic, but similar in design and also did not have enough life boats for the passengers, plus the story FUTILITY said the ship was labelled just like the TITANIC as unsinkable. Another similar story was written by an prominent spiritualist in 1886 named William T. Stead. He was a newspaper editor and an investigative journalist who became a controversial figure in Victorian times. His book was called, “How the Mail Steamer went down in mid Atlantic by a survivor.” It was about a Steamer colliding with another ship, resulting in a high loss of life due to an insufficient ratio of lifeboats for its passengers. He stated this is exactly what might take place through lack of life boats in the future. Another story he wrote was called the Majestic rescuing survivors off another ship that collided with an iceberg. On April the 15th in 1912 he was on the TITANIC having been invited to America by its then President as he was inline for the Noble Prize. William T. Stead didn’t survive, and was last seen helping children into life boats and giving his life belt to women. The last sighting saw him clinging to a raft, but the icy waters saw his own premonition come true by drowning at sea.

We are in changing times as each day shows, and it’s clear many a fictitious story can turn out to be true in the future. I’m sure we have all made a joke about something or someone than to our amazement it occurs. Myself, I’ve made jokes and seen them come true many times. I invited a friend once to ask a woman where I’d go for my daily lunch and see if she would make a foursome going to an hotel disco. I joked to my friend saying she would just be right for you, as I could see you having three children with her. My friend laughed and said, “You must be joking.” Time passed, they married and still are with three children.

When receiving a prophecy in 2006 through watching an event in Trafalgar Square on the TV, then seeing people celebrating the U.K’s acceptance of the 2012 Olympic Games. I then received the image of the Titanic in the Belfast Ship yard in 2012. This instantly showed me an economic disaster coming for the U.K with this event, as I had already been forewarned of the financial crash in 2005 that came in 2008. The TITANIC was a terrible disaster, but in history there has been far worse disasters, as only two years later in 1914 the First World War followed. I have to believe when the spirit world want to communicate, it has to be in the simplest and the fastest way for one to receive their message. I also believe when authors use their imagination they are unconsciously touching and creating part of the future. As the Egyptian used to say, LET IT BE WRITTEN, LET IT BE DONE. I’ve mentioned before that ALBERT EINSTEIN would often say, show me someone with imagination, as he believed it was far greater than knowledge or wisdom. He knew that your mind was its own galaxy where you could explore and find far more than present theories suggest. The best ideas and thoughts come from those who are unafraid to venture where others dare not want to go, and do not keep to the conventions of others. Today, in February the 26th in 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from the island Elba, probably in terrible sea weather, doing and thinking the impossible, having the audacity to start another conquest in Europe. This man was not chained to ordinary thinking or conventions, his ideas came from daring to go with his imagination. Today, we don’t teach children in schools to have imagination. Yet we can encourage children not to be afraid of thinking, what might be impossible to others. Classroom children today are though learning from online software. Teachers step in to help them with the parts they struggle to understand once those have been identified by the app. This new generation of young children are having far greater and quicker access to knowledge, which will undoubtedly unlock new thinking. Positive news, for they will see the wrongs previously made by those elders who cannot correct their mistakes as their thinking cannot go in this new direction. This new generation of young children will be bolder, braver and more confident about tackling the future.

My prophecy will show that CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE and will have that imagination needed by taking new steps on a better path where their dreams will come true.

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