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"Where are we going ... ?

December 15th

Wednesday 2.30 pm. Where are we today? This must be a question thousands are asking for whatever country they are living in, as many governments don’t have the answers, nor do they know the direction everyone is going in. I can only say more about the U.K. as rules and directions are seemly made day in and day out. A main newspaper headline said today, YOU CAN SEE YOUR FAMILY OVER CHRISTMAS ( BUT YOU SHOULD’NT ) Now I’m not alone in this galaxy of the U.K. questioning so many things as I do. There must be this exceptional other extraterrestrial life just like myself, who does not live in a box of having and accepting everything we are told. I’ve mentioned before I like to listen to question time at midday in the U.K. Parliament each Wednesday, for fun or enjoyment, no, but to hope one day you will hear a truthful answer from your Prime Minister. Well I must be optimistic to think you will ever hear a direct question placed by an opposition leader to the Prime Minister answered truthfully. I’m not naive either to believe that this house of democracy means you hear the truth or are even told the truth, because most politicians would die on their sword if they revealed the truth.

A question was put to Prime Minister Boris about his now former Svengali advisor Dominic Cummings, that he had received a 40 percent pay rise. The opposition leader asked, if this was true, and why are other people having their wages held? Of course Boris did not answer, as this is the same trait of all previous Prime Ministers accepting that the general public should not hear the truth. Today, I went to my town centre and it’s supposed to be a market day when people showed there is still life. It was abysmally quiet at 11.30 am and the amount of shops where staff were sitting, waiting for customers. We all have this sixth sense, and we all differ with our views, but you can pick up a feeling where most times you instinctively follow what you feel. I said back in February, things will be worse than the virus, if we don’t go in the right direction, and I don’t get any pleasure in thinking how I do. I do hope and pray things will improve for everyone, but now seeing in most countries, they all face the same difficulties as this invisible enemy will not disappear yet. The virus is spreading again around the world, and the winter is officially beginning on the 21st of December. The vaccine is a window of hope, which with this word hope we must hold onto and believe things will get better. I believe in time circumstances will change, but if someone is on a metaphorical cliff edge financially or with their health we must hope and believe soon the tide will turn.

I’m always positive, and optimistic as that’s been me with how I view life, as I’ve mentioned many times that something unexpectedly can turn up if you can change your outlook on life and have an open mind. I’ve mentioned before your health and more importantly, the direction you take in life, is paramount to your well being, but I have never had a map given to me in a real sense, but I believe I’ve been shown a map if you can follow your feelings. We all have feelings where we would go, at least I’d like to believe many do think like this especially if you have a dream of where you want to go with your life. We are living in troubled times, and to have rich thoughts and dreams is really your salvation.

One wise man once told me in North America that when you have made one dream come true, you must have another because if you don’t you will die. This man was extraordinary, and his age he said cannot be a barrier to your dreams or to finding the the love you want. Remember love comes in many guises. A couple of days ago I heard, one of my daughters and her husband decided to make out of M.D.F. wood, metre high Christmas figures, for their boys junior school. Her husband bought a jigsaw and then together with his wife they painted these figures in bright colours. My son in law has a high powered job, and he’s ambitious and took part in pentathlon sporting events, but amazingly said, Wow, after seeing what they created. He then said jokingly, he would like to be a joiner as apparently he enjoyed what they created, plus had satisfaction knowing these Christmas characters were for a good cause. The moral for this story, we can find happiness, contentment and love in doing something we have not tried before. A career or job does not always provide this stimulus, and always as I say another path unknowingly can be waiting for any of us.

Unfortunate depressing news and circumstances can cling to you like a barnacle to an old ship, and it’s easy to slip into a stream of negativity that can pull you down. You may be surrounded by doubters, and negative people who don’t have a dream, they also perhaps don’t know the colours you love and want in your life. Many times I walk a cliff edge in life, in what I dream and want from life, but if you believe in yourself you must never let go of your aspirations or even finding the love you want from life. So many times you meet people, as I did with this wise man I spoke of, and his dreams were big. The bigger the dream, it is like climbing a mountain your soul has given you to do, and such belief can push you to achieve or create beautiful situations or thoughts you would have never believed possible.

Once I followed a dream that was more than a dream when I reached a certain place, and I was in a canyon I never believed in a million years where my circumstances had brought me. I thought I’ve climbed this dream, but I was wrong. I’ve said before in my opinion, you have this higher spiritual power to help you find the right direction, then when you might think your dream is now over, I can assure you, it’s just beginning.

I once had a circle of women all wanting to know more about life and what it holds. With some women, they know where they want to go, although their partners or husbands didn’t. I would say, judging these ladies on their demeanour or character, I would advise certain ones, to just take a step at a time. In fact I used to say to them, believe you are on a beach and just take a step into the sea, not to plunge in as then you can learn in time you are not afraid and you will have the confidence by the new experiences you can discover. Some of these ladies stayed four years and more in a circle of ten and with their new thinking they were able to look at life in a new way. We cannot expect this metaphorical door to open straight away. Life is for learning and passing what was once a barrier. This is a message for everyone, you can go from dark to light. You can go from being unhappy to laughter. You can find a new direction in life and find these bright colours that feed your soul and change how you would like to live and see more of a different life. We all have an inner power that can be switched on just like a light, and sometimes my gift has actually shown a light bulb above a person’s head, where I can see either a dull 40 watt bulb or a brighter hundred watt bulb.

Once I saw a friend who’d met a man and his bulb showed a dull light, where the woman had a bright light. The out come of this story, I’ve told before, which proved disastrous for the lady, and the consequences provided the situation where she terminated this unwanted current of a dark negative force. Imagine you are in the sea, holding on to some drift wood, which can save your life, if you are beside someone who says constantly hold on, we can make it, and so you will. So many times women have come to me for a reading showing better things to come. I always said and believed these words came from an higher force. If I believed, I could help them I would say, I WILL GET YOU ACROSS THE RIVER. It’s a spiritual thought that says your spirit and soul can make it, and will cross this divine river of life, but you must believe in such thinking. I might add again I’ve never taken money nor will I for this gift which is for helping others.

But it’s clear if you can be confident and adopt this positive thinking CAN DO, OR WHY NOT, OR LET’S DO IT you can change your life. It’s my firm belief if you can take that first step, providence, that higher power is a helping hand which will help you for where you are. We are in times where everyone’s spirit needs lifting, whether it be the virus or not, no one is immune from receiving help. Please don’t think someone with money is your answer, love cannot not be bought, nor happiness. Ask those who’ve had wealth, got wealth, but succumb to purchasing expensive cars, yachts, a delusional idea, that makes them think they will be happy. It’s my belief, for many in the U.K., who wanted to see change in 2016 in how their lives, and their country was almost metaphorically becalmed like a sailing ship as a belief they felt that their country would better off out of Europe. Realisation of this dream is still uncertain, but there is no easy road available to any dream, but if you feel better within yourself and you are prepared to accept an harder road, your dream will materialise. If something feels inspiring uplifting, a need to follow your dream, do not give up. This message I give to all my children, especially my youngest daughter, as her road has been horrendous, but I know she is on the right path, and I can see her future, if her belief as it is continues to grow stronger. We can all see better days if one can believe in the philosophy that we all are this bright light that can sail to better times and places. This sort of thinking might explain a small part of my mindset. But I will always applaud anyone, if they have a dream to start and create a new business, or change in how they want to live their life doing what they love. Do not let others try to drag you down or try to dismantle your dreams. I speak from experience which makes me find greater energy and just roll over if anyone says you can’t do that, but you know such people have a narrow view of life. There is a power of love and a bursting energy that resides within each of us, we just have to make that first step to release it.

Life is not just a beautiful walk in the park, we all realise this as we have all made mistakes, but we can all overcome these times. Our children are always paramount in our lives, and I’ve said many times we can all make sacrifices to help children, and I’m not talking of always providing materials things. The most precious thing we can give our children is our time and love.

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