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"Who is responsible for this ... ?"

September 27th

Sunday 3.10 pm. Hard to dismiss these often used words, Chaos and Crisis, then throw in the familiar word Shambles. The newspapers and so called media experts are repeating these words as though they are coming from an echo chamber that is not presently in lockdown. The latest reports are that a quarter of the population in the U.K. are under lockdown. Well where I live next to a park it’s sounds as though many are enjoying the return of the sun, as Sunday afternoon sounds good for many people. I feel many are probably ignoring the ever changing laws that appear daily, as I feel we are being brain washed with fear. Who is right or wrong where so many different rules are being given all the time. We have today thousands in Trafalgar Square in London voicing their concern about their liberty being taken away, and at the same time they are breaking mass gatherings rules where police are helpless to enforce the law as so many are present. We have a group of powerful Conservative names who are backing an amendment on the coming Wednesday to vote against the government who are making rules as one commentator said on the back of a fag packet. This reference to the fag packet theory was about why 10 pm closing hours and not 11 pm for pubs and restaurants, as science and medical experts say they where not responsible for this time. It is being said Boris is in his bunker with his kitchen cabinet making rules up as they go along. An exaggeration, but it appears with so many U turns and no forward planning, and further cock-ups every day, all government credibility is disappearing fast.

The situation now with so many students catching the Covid 19 at the Glasgow and Manchester universities was so predictable. I mentioned this a few weeks back saying with each university you had to have a track and trace service when so many people come together. In Manchester 76,000 students attend universities there. Is this now a tipping point of where rebellion appears as everyone can see there’s no one at the helm of this U. K. ship? The government has now boxed themselves in and that includes the Scottish government too as they say they will not allow students home at Christmas. To do otherwise, we will see what little confidence is left and within the next two weeks the U.K. government faces their decision as to whether an agreement is any closer with the E.U. With so many differing opinions from scientists and professors the question must be asked can you ever get a consensus of opinion of what is the best way forward. Probably not, because economists before the financial crash couldn’t see the train coming down the track, as it was observed then by many. These economists did not dare to tell the truth as the banks and investment companies employed them. Scientists are not under that pressure other than their reputations, but all we hear is about modelling, projections, data, and the latest figures. We can see now why politicians need vision and common sense to make the right decisions, but this government is failing. You cannot allow hypothetical questions and figures which are creating fear and concern to the public and businesses. In my last message blog I ended with the former President Roosevelt famous words of fear. I read this weekend three days later a big article saying the U.K. nation had become a bunch of cringing wimps living in fear towards this virus. This government has allowed this fear to poison any right decisions to be made and paralysed everyone into accepting what these so called experts predict. If we had adopted the present strategy of looking at FIGURES AND DATA during the Second World War, showing how many more troops and aircraft Germany had, we would have surrendered. The enormous number of bombers coming to obliterate our cities was frightening, but large numbers of an opposing force has shown throughout history, how wrong it is to view statistics. ALEXANDER THE GREAT COULD QUALIFY THIS THEORY.

I’ve said again from day one there was another way and the only way that would not have seen our economy crashing, and so many unfortunate lives lost. It’s clear the hospitality section is up in arms of why they should close at ten pm and not eleven pm. Now people drink more before ten o’clock appears, then they all go out together which is crazy. We are now in a dangerous place of seeing many businesses close. Many businesses could have been given far more flexibility with times when they could open, but each decision seems to be made on the spur of the moment. The present death rate in the last couple of months is no higher than the flu figures at this time of the year, as I’ve quoted before 450 people are dying each day from cancer. The first figures were high because of the catastrophic mistakes which were made. I’m not making light of this invisible enemy, but adapt we can to the circumstances we are in.

It was released at a meeting between this advisory group on July 16 th to segregate everyone over 45 yrs of age as being more likely to catch this virus. Such thinking can just make things worse but luckily this crazy plan was not adopted. Again, aren’t talks conducted in secret? One night club owner was asked a straight forward question of why didn’t he close his business for six months. He couldn’t answer this, but the government could have said, your bank over draft and any loans can be frozen until it’s safe to open. We could do this as we are freezing mortgages to those who are losing their income. The same could happen for those in the renting section, but squeezing those who are flagrantly and fraudulently not paying their rent when they’ve been given rent cheques to be handed over to the landlords. We look at Rolls Royce the giant firm in engineering who’ve lost five and half billion pounds through this down turn with their business making aircraft engines. They have a highly skilled workforce where we could set new projects to start with an infrastructure of new buildings that could incorporate those skills into pioneering new ideas in the U.K. I’ve mention before we could set up seven industrial zones in the areas I’ve suggested to go forward with a plan to face future trading prospects around the world. We’ve been pouring billions into useless ideas, as we don’t have a vision or strategy to give hope to anyone. We cannot afford to pay anything out unless we set up a scheme locally and nation wide where everyone can play their part in working on projects that could be easily devised where everyone had a job to do. We did this in those war years where no one was left to idle their time or skills. Women then played an enormous part in this idea. That’s called harnessing the energy the same when we faced life or death during those war years. Our Prime Minister went to the U.N. a couple of days ago and offered half a billion pounds in money to help and aid finding a vaccine. He then voiced his thoughts of countries coming together. But as it was said his words sounded hollow as his perception at home and away, he is not a leader of stature.

In the philosophy I’ve been given throughout my life providence does step forward if you believe in a worthwhile pursuit in your life. This morning I sat painting a picture of Jesus Christ I’ve been on these past couple of days. I’ve asked myself why I’ve been given to feel like this. I’ve shown a scene of Jesus before, which I painted in 2008 and it was instigated by a friend. The synchronicity of events surrounding that moment created a prophesy painting for where we are today. So what is behind this feeling now? Ironically as I sat painting this Sunday morning, I was watching, but more listening to a film showing on Prime Video, it was called The Sinking of the TITANIC. It showed a new perspective of the problems those engineers and men faced, who worked in the engine rooms of that large ship. As the TITANIC set sail they knew, there was a fire burning in the coal storage hold. They burnt 800 tons of coal each day on that large ship, and they knew, they had purchased inferior coal for that first voyage, but believed this fire would not endanger the ship. Later it showed that continuing fire weakened the metal when the ship hit the iceberg and this was one of many factors that saw the ship sink. The film showed a series of design faults on the ship and questions were being asked between different engineers and men. I’ve said before, everything I do, I follow my feelings and the messages I’m given. Through this film my mind was running parallel with the abundance of mistakes we are making with the economy and the virus. Remember, the TITANIC was warned 13 times about an iceberg, but orders were given to set a new record sailing time crossing to New York. I’ve used the TITANIC before as an analogy more than once, and in 2005 I was shown in a vision, the Belfast Ship Yard where the launch of the TITANIC took place. This was synchronised with the disastrous timing of the U.K. having to spend over £14 billion on the Olympic Games, when we didn’t know in 2005 a financial crash was coming. Then, they believed only 2.5 billion pounds was needed. With watching this film on Sunday morning, I felt again, a synchronisation of events happening now with the present position in the U.K., who is facing its biggest economic decline in forty years. Then I think, Why am I given now to paint Jesus? I wrote as I’ve said before the small book of a new democracy, I was given to write in seven hours in 2005, where it’s said, an equal amount of women will sit at every table of decisions to be made. Are we getting closer to this big change? My stories are hard to believe by some, and that’s the cross I’ve had to bare all my life. But after all these years I see a far greater meaning of why I’ve been given this gift. It’s to give hope and belief better times will follow through the great changes we have to make. Everyone must be inclusive in this bigger picture, as everyone has a part to play. There is a meaning and purpose to life where life can be far happier in every way. I’ve mentioned before we all have an indomitable spirit, and everyone should see the film made by Sir David Attenborough called Extinction. It’s a wake up call for the world.

Sir David Attenborough

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