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"Who’s to blame?"

May 17th

Sunday 2.30 pm. In each country the Coronavirus has its own story to tell, and all are tackling their many challenges in their own way. The gifts I’ve been given as I’ve said before are to do good, but in the U.K. if you follow the many reports and aspects you can either read or hear on the radio, anger is beginning to stay with me longer than I want. Anger can be read in two different ways, one to do good or to forcibly do bad. Money motivates people from all parts of society, as I’ve just read an article telling of a robbery in Salford, Manchester, where thieves spent more than two hours cutting through steel shutters and stealing £166,000 of Personal Protective Equipment. These Individuals were prepared to steal valuable equipment from those front line workers trying to save lives. Another article I read an hour earlier mentioned a big company valued in the billions and had so many complaints about them raising their food prices. They are being called profiteers by 21,000 of their customers and they have been reported to the ombudsman, the investigative authority who addresses complaints. How is the moral compass working when companies and individuals try to make gains in times when their country is at war with this invisible enemy the Coronavirus?

I mention anger because this was an instinctive reaction when my eldest daughter was told she had only a 30% chance of living. I did not accept this medical advice and adopted a positive mental attitude in believing there is another way with my spiritual healing powers. The same again happened in 2012 my anger appeared when introduced to a lady of only 42 yrs and she was being told by the hospital, they could do no more for this lady's cancer. This action was repeated in the same year when being introduced to another lady suffering terribly from their chemotherapy treatment. This anger brought the spiritual power I talk of to me that was to defy the medical logic and saw each of these three stories turn the tide and dismiss their cancer. So in my case anger can have a positive action, but events in how many mistakes are being made in my opinion of my country the U.K. is truly making me react in anger. Imagine you tell a friend countless times that their car has a bald tyre and they must change it. They don’t listen, then the consequences you saw, which was a car crash that then happens. What is the feeling that is left with you? I hear stories of how many are being helped after losing their job, then the government gives 80% of their salary. This will continue until October, and many stories are suggesting they have no intention to go back to work while money is being given to them. Some employers have even made the other 20% to their salaries to make it better for them to lose no money. Again, the moral compass is being focused on such thoughts and actions. Every taxpayer and their children will be paying for this great amount of debt for years to come in the U.K. Do I blame them? No. I blame again the poor leadership and government we presently have, who have tried to buy people’s favour and approval with giving such generous conditions.

It was shown on this TV investigative programme I’ve talked of before Panorama, where companies have been allowed to create terribly small accommodation for homeless people who have either lost their job or have lost their homes by debt. These companies have been allowed to convert former office space, or warehousing into places that are terribly small and not right for anyone to live in. Why? Because governments in these past fifty years have not built enough homes for our growing population and the needs of young families. Rents for these rabbit hutches cost the government £750 a month for places that are below any standard of proper living accommodation. This particular firm had over 4,000 such places where the government is being charged millions. Who’s to blame? The governments of past and present. It’s clear the inequalities and underfunding across our society has been ever-present since the Second World War, no proper investment has been made outside London to help other regions. I hate to say this, but it will be seen soon we are to reap a whirlwind, with not planting the seeds for stronger economic growth throughout the whole of our country. In my opinion it’s clear to see we are at this gate in the U.K., where all that has gone before is now raising havoc in so many ways and on different parts of our society.

There are issues that I have been seeing clearly in the past ten years of austerity that have not been made good before. The message I’ve been given these past twenty years shows clearly a new body of thinking and democracy, with a new government which is required now. I can see why I’ve been shown so many things that are prevalent in this world today I have to believe, the philosophy I’ve been given all of these years is correct too. ALL IMPORTANT THINGS IN YOUR LIFE WILL HAPPEN AT THE RIGHT TIME AND PLACE. It was said of Winston Churchill by many of his friends, that it appeared that everything that had gone before in his life was a preparation for him to take charge of Great Britain in their greatest hour of need. This was when Great Britain had no choice but to stand by the promise it made to Poland to help them if an invasion began. I’ve shown an image of my painting before which I created in 2008 that happened in the most unusual circumstances. I did not know it at the time it was a prophecy painting taking place by the spiritual powers I’d been given. The painting showed melting ice caps, the continuing slaughter of Orangutans, the pity-full circumstances of so many neglected children around the world. Scenes showing never-ending wars, the end of materialism, the collapse of the present banking system, the sand of time falling from the hand of Jesus, with his other hand showing lack of grain to feed our world. Then I was given to paint new building blocks, a symbol for a new beginning. The sun was painted showing the birth of two new fetuses being spiritually energised with families walking towards a new beginning. But today something made me look at a print of this painting I had failed to put away for a long time. It showed a small figure in black holding a scythe reaping what our world had sown.


Strange how this moment in time reveals this now. I’ve said many times to my friend Elena I have no idea, what I’m going to write at the moment I begin a message blog. I have no notes, but only a few hours before I’m given thoughts or given to read an article which then proves to be a further piece of this ever-growing picture. I’m metaphorically at times given to paint what this higher power wants to see on canvas or to paint with words. The title I was given twelve years ago for this painting I mention was called TIME FOR CHANGE. We have all been cast as players in this production at this given time. Is it by coincidence or by fate that we are all here now, as each one of us as meaning and purpose to life it’s self?

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